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106 The Mafia and the Child of the Dead Part 2

 Day 3: 7:43 P.M

Osaka Streets

Duration of the Night Rage: 10 hours and 17 minutes left


Kyosei looked around the area first. The place is still undead infested. Moving around carrying the little girl is just too hard as he also need to kill and do some evasive maneuvers. If he needed to survive along with the girl, he needed to get a vehicle and secure their safety back into the base. Problem is that, his SUV is far from there. The prison bus on the other hand is a bit hard to reach but not impossible. He can try to persuade those people inside but he is not confident on doing so. If he see them as a hostile bunch, he can do some force. He needed to get the girl to safety.

He noticed that the prison bus is getting near his location. He saw that the driver seemed to be gesturing him to go with them. Seeing that he can jump near the prison bus and they seemed to be willing to allow him and the little girl, he didn't think twice and brought the girl along. When he jump off, he secured the girl on his shoulders so that she won't fall off from the bus once they land on its roof.

"Here goes nothing!" Kyosei jump off the platform and fell to the roof of the bus with a loud metallic thud.


The prison bus is sturdy enough and able to hold his fall. Not a single dent was formed when he landed. The undead wailed hard and tried to climb the bus but it seemed like they have no ability to do so. Kyosei just needed to hold on to avoid falling off the bus. Gunshots are still ringing out the prison bus as they keep on shooting the undead that tried to peel off the screen that is stopping their advance.

Kyosei settled himself and the girl into the bus in a comfortable manner. Holding the AR15 on his hands,while securing the unconscious girl on his side, he holds on the prison bus. He can't really help on the battle as he needed to stop the unconscious girl from falling off the speeding bus. Kyosei heard a shout below the bus.

"Hold on boy! We will need to speed up!" a heavy kind of voice was heard by Kyosei.

Kyosei gritted his teeth, holds the girl, secured their area that can be grabbed on and let the bus speed up. The undead trying to attack the prison bus towards the front windshield were all bashed to pieces. The bus was too sturdy for them to hold on. Kyosei just closed his eyes and just hoped for the best that they can survive the Night Rage with the help of these people.


After a few hours of the bus moving on, the bus goes into a halt. Kyosei felt the sudden stop of the prison bus and began to open his eyes. Apparently, they have arrived on a building. He didn't know where he was currently unless he check his map but he suddenly notice the few landmarks in the area. He was here before. He was currently in Shinsaibashi-suji Shopping Street. The Ebisu-bashi building and Ebisu-bashing bridge is currently on sight. It can be said that they were a bit far from his base but not that far. He just needed to travel for a bit two hours, considering the status of the streets that are currently littered with the dead and broken cars that are already beyond recognition.

Kyosei checked the little girl's vital signs. She is still okay but she is still in unconscious mode which made Kyosei worry. The sky is still dark, the Night Rage is still ongoing however the base seems to be in peace and no undead are on sight. e then noticed a few lights glittered in the corner of his eyes. No wonder, there are snipers around. If he did something bad around here to the people, he might as well consider having his death wish. He cannot openly do some conflict unless he assess the situation. He stood up while still carrying the kid when the people inside the prison bus are getting off one by one. Kyosei observed at first if it is safe to go down.

The pirate moustached guy got off first, wielding a sawed-off shogun on his right hand and dragging four girls on his left who are all tied up. From his estimation, the ages of the three girls could be around 23 to 27 ages. He can't be sure if his estimation is correct though. The moustached guy can be considered older. Though he bears a domineering aura, he still bears a formal and disciplined way. Kyosei did not care if the girls are tied up or not. Whatever reason they have is none of his business. A bald man got off next carrying a Remington shotgun with him. He also bears the domineering aura and disciplined way that the moustached guy have, but his built and big body accompanied by his always mad face looks, he looks scary in the eyes of normal people who are not accustomed to them. For Kyosei, he is already accustomed to them, Big Man Joe can be considered similar to this bald man, minus the disciplined and domineering aura, this type of person is not considered scary to Kyosei. The next one to got off is a skinny man that has a twitching face every time. His eyebrows seems thick and it is somewhat not good to look on his ugly face. His teeth is similar to those on the rabbit as even though his mouth is closed, two of his front teeth is still out. His eyes are squinted and he doesn't bear the domineering auras that the two people hold earlier. Kyosei frowned. Usually, this type of person is a dangerous one. They usually portray the dark side of humanity in apocalypse novels and movies and Kyosei is sure that this guy is up to no good. Just seeing him makes Kyosei grit his teeth and clench his fist. He wanted to punch this guy. The last one to got off is the driver who seemed to be on similar age of himself. He is a tall built one and he seemed relaxed. He doesn't bear a domineering aura nor the suspicious one that the skinny man currently exude. This guy bears a relaxed and easygoing way.

The first one to look at him is the skinny guy. When the skinny guy looks at him, he felt shivers on his skin. This guy has some malicious intent. He can't let his guard down on him and if possible, bring him down and send him to grave already. What is worse is that, this guy locked his sights on the little girl on his arms. He licks his lips in a disgusting way like some r*pist usually do when he saw his victim. What is worse, his sight is on a little girl which can be considered a lolicon or a pedophile scum.

"Hey boy, you should go down the roof of the bus, no more freaks are here. The little kid might be heavy, let me get her off from you," the skinny guy said.

Kyosei did not respond but he jump off the bus, while carrying the girl. The skinny guy slowly approached them with his arms wide open to reach out to the girl only to feel a cold and hard muzzle on his forehead.

"Approach further and I won't hesitate to pull the trigger. Touching this kid could be considered your last. Get out of the way," Kyosei said, not hiding his killing intent.

The moustached man and the Bald man saw how his killing intent is overflowing. They nodded in satisfaction on Kyosei as they will also try their best to protect the little girl from this skinny guy. The only thing they seemed confused is the fact that Kyosei can exude such large killing intent. This ability can be considered hard for people who have not killed a person but for a person that have killed, this is nothing. The two were in high guards. He might be a young man in their eyes but they can smell the blood that tainted his hands. This kid have already murdered someone.

The skinny guy seems startled and nervous and began to back away but still, his eyes are locked on the little girl on his arms. What a disgusting piece of sh*t.

"Its alright man, just don't do some violent things here, we can't control those people in the upper management," the driver said to Kyosei.

Kyosei holstered back the Colt 45 but he is still looking at the skinny man in a murderous way.

"Now, now, we can't keep on having that way if we keep on staying here. We might attract a bunch of mosquitoes and Stalkers here" The bald man said.

Kyosei was a bit startled. The stalkers he is saying might be the stalkers he saw earlier.

"You said stalkers?" Kyosei asked.

"Hmm? You have not seen them? They are quite plenty and they are more aggressive at night. Though they are pretty weak, they are too agile than normal infected. They have one weakness though and that is light, they can't stand light and they seemed to be more weaker at morning," the bald man explained.

Kyosei frowned hearing this. The reason he have not seen this monsters is due to his scavenging times. These people might be scavenging at night whereas, he is scavenging in the morning in which the stalkers do not usually appear. This situation is not good. Considering that the dead is getting dangerous, Kyosei hoped that the base is still good. He did not know that he will be entangled to a trouble that he did not expect to occur and a big revelation that might hang the balance of the living and the dead.