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105 The Mafia and the Child of the Dead Part 1

 Day 3: 7:30 P.M

Osaka Streets: Prison Bus

Duration of the Night Rage: 10 hours and 30 minutes left


The prison bus is currently besieged by the undead. They are quite lucky since the dead around are all just the normal undead and there are no mutated versions like the Juggernaut, Mosquitoes and Hurlers. The prison bus is not an ordinary bus and the guys inside managed to find one near the prison where it already got really bad that the prisoners are now eating at each other. The bus is currently barred with a few screen and the door are screen doors helping the people inside barred away by the dead. They modified the bus and made a hole around some of the windows so that they can shoot on them. The people occupied the bus are currently 8 people, 4 tied up teenager girls, one bald man, a thin ugly man, a teenage boy and a pirate moustached man.

"Boss! These guys are too juicy to kill! Hahahaha!" a bald man with a scar that is formed like an X on his bald head grinned as he reloaded his Remington Shotgun.

"Just keep on shooting, these guys are just a little easy to kill. Besides, this Prison Bus is not easy to breach and cannot be toppled down easily," A burly man with a pirate moustache smoked his last cigarette in one inhale before throwing the cigarette butt away.

"Can't wait to taste these girls, they are still pure and nice to feel!" A thin guy with an ugly face that can be compared to a skeleton said as he held his hands to a girl with short brown hair who have a big breast. Her clothes are tattered but still enough to cover her private parts.

"Hiiii!" the girl squealed as she tried to snap the man away from her but due to the handcuffs and restraints on her arms and legs, she can't really move away. Besides, the others are also shivering in fear.

The burly man with a pirate moustache glared at the thin man and aimed his Sawed-off Shotgun to the thin man's face. It was clear that he was pissed.

"You stick, get your ass on the battle. Be ashamed that we are fighting for our lives and you are trying to molest them. If not for the reason that you are a lackey of the mafia boss, then I might have used you as the bait to these hungry bastards," He kicked the thin man into the face and due to the hardness of the combat shoes that the moustached guy wore, the thin man's face bleed ad a few of his teeth are removed.

The thin man was forced to pick his gun and move away from the moustached guy, glaring at him. The moustached guy turned around and look at the four girls shivering.

"Don't worry, we won't hurt you four, we just needed to avoid the wrath of the boss. I will try to find a way to let you four escape," the moustached man whispered before he returned to the battle.

The bald man nodded with the moustached guy. These two are comrades in arms in SDF but after the battle in the quarantine zone wiped the SDF and Osaka Armed Defense Force, the remaining soldiers were forced to escape. That is when they were recruited by a mafia to be scavengers. To survive the calamity, the two of them are forced to be with them but in just this last days, they almost wanted to get away from there. R*pe, murder and torture, they have done it. They can't really turn a blind eye against it but they can't openly kill them either. The enemy is too strong and they have no choice but to stick for them for a while while looking a chance to rescue the girls and a few tortured guys away.

"This stupid undead are all going down!" the bald man shouted as he shot his shotgun to the undead.

The moustached guy is looking at the thin man. This guy is not a friend, in fact, he treated him as enemy and if possible, kill him to escape however, he knew that the mafia boss will try to track then down even in this undead infested world. Just as he was thinking of a good plan to survive the besiege, the bald man spotted something.

"Boss! A young girl is walking in the streets!" He pointed on the six year old wearing a sort of lab gown on her body and a few wires that clearly came from medical apparatus.

"Is that girl alive?" the moustached guy asked.

The bald guy used his binoculars and as expected, he saw that this one is not an undead.

"Affirmative! She is still one of us!" the bald man confirmed.

"Oh, a Loli! I love f*cking children! They are so young and innocent!" the thin man grinned.

"F*ck, you d*mn pedophile! If possible I want to throw you out!" the bald man growled. Apparently, he saw this girl as his daughter who died just before the outbreak.

"She is in danger, we need to rescue her!" The bald man said.

"But the horde is freaking dangerous! We might kill ourselves!" The driver who didn't talk earlier finally gave a few words. He is a bit similar algae of Kyosei, only a bit older.

"Follow my orders. We won't be going home without her!" the moustached man said.

"Sigh... understood," the young man sighed before stepped on the gas to make the bus move.

Before the Prison Bus can move, a figure came dashing and swoop down on the girl.

"Somebody rescued the girl!" the bald man shouted as he was the one to hold the binoculars.

"What?" The moustached man was startled. A person in the time where the undead are too hard to deal with is currently outside? This is just outrageous.


Day 3: 7:30 P.M

Osaka Streets

Duration of the Night Rage: 10 hours and 30 minutes left


Kyosei made sure that the grappling hook is attached firmly on the platform earlier and like a spiderman, he swoop down on the girl who seemed to be dazed. In one fell swoop, Kyosei grabbed her away from the undead.

"Gotcha!" Kyosei safely grabbed the girl and he quickly retracted the grappling hook, pulling him away from the danger. The undead were sure persistent and tried to grab them both. , but to Kyosei, that is just worthless effort for them.

They safely arrived on the area where he leap of earlier and Kyosei discovered that the girl fainted. Kyosei did not care if she were awake or not and he inspected her body for wounds and bites. That is the time when Kyosei noticed the wires attached on her body. Kyosei was quite familiar with this since he have seen it before on his sister before she was dead after the failed operation. He also noticed that her body is to frail. He took off the lab gown she was wearing. There were no malice on this since he has no interest in doing something indescent against this innocent child.

Kyosei was stunned. This girl is very thin and her body seems similar to those kids with malnutrition. What made Kyosei grit his teeth is that the wires on her body were attached by a needle that is clearly similar to injections and dextrose. The needle has a hole on it's tip to allow water or any liquid to pass through. He also noticed that the wires were actually a tube. He also noticed the barcode on her right hand's wrist.


The number was eight zero and four nines. For some reason, he seemed to be a bit familiar on this one. The barcode seems something he just have seen not too long ago but he can't really remember it.

Seeing the little girl is unconscious, he needs to bring the girl to the base as he did not bring any ammonia with him to whiff her with its scent and let her awaken a bit. The SUV car is too far from his current location and he will be having trouble to bring the girl back if he needs to return. He needs another vehicle.

His eyes is fixated into the prison bus. These guys might be easy to reason out. He needs to persuade them to take a lift and send him along with the girl back to the base.