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104 Caught In A Deadly Night Rage

 Day 3: 6:00 P.M

Osaka Streets

Duration of the Night Rage: 12 hours left


The same howl of the dogs rang throughout the neighborhood. Kyosei gripped his kukri harder. He also began to sprint to the next floor and reach the top floor to use his momentum to reach the next building.

As usual, their are a few undead rushing through Kyosei and did not bat an eyelid to others. Kyosei lifts the kukri and begins his slashings. Its quite troublesome but as he run through the place, their are quite a few obstacles. Kyosei tried to slide through the obstacles and succeeded. Reaching the next floor, he spotted the window next to the building adjacent. There was a platform for him to stand. The only problem is that, many of the undead are now all near on the window!

"F*cking sh*ts, making the world harder!" Kyosei pulled out he Colt 45. It only has six bullets in one mag, he needed calculated kills and accurate shots to perform it flawlessly.

Huffing a mouthful of air, Kyosei sprinted and aimed at the first undead that blocks his way and with a bang, the head exploded and Kyosei continued to attack. The undead continues to attack and Kyosei never stopped running. He lunges the kukri and used his own weight did a kill, but Kyosei did not stop and aimed at the gun and let's out the next bullet from his gun, splattering the brain on its head.

Kyosei did a few maneuvers and did another somersault and strikes the kukri down to the undead. One step near the window, Kyosei sheathed all of his weapons. Finally, Kyosei reached the window and did a leap.

"Sh*t!" Kyosei barely reached the suspending platform and Kyosei clutched on the edge.

Kyosei did not let himself stay hanging and pull himself up. Despite the difficulty, Kyosei managed to do so due to the rush of adrenalin. After standing there, Kyosei moved in and crouches on the table to catch his breath. Fighting and sprinting is a bit hard for him.

After a few minutes, he finally catches back his regular breathing. Kyosei look around and seeing the surroundings silent, Kyosei heightened his senses. This place is not that simple. Enemies might be attacking in the dark.

Kyosei made his body nimble but silent. He can't let anything know his presence in the area. Luckily, the place is not infested by the undead. Kyosei made way to the next building.

This time around, after landing, he saw a few stalkers caught in the light as he landed to the next platform. They squeaked before scampering away from the lights. Kyosei pulls out the kukri once again. If these guys are ready to kill, so will he.

He move around and soon noticed that he was in a showroom of Jewelries. Jewelries are needed to earn a few equipments from the Bang Gun store so Kyosei did not hesitate to break the glasses and take the jewelries. He swiftly took it and after taking it off, he made his way again to the next building.

Just as he was about to jump on the building, a stalker lunges towards him, making him startled.

"F*cking hell!" Kyosei groaned and used his kukri to block the sharp teeth that tried to eat him.

Those saw-like shaped teeth are too dangerous and once he will get to bite him, everything is over. Kyosei kicked it's stomach which caused it to release the kukri. Kyosei did a good attack and before the stalker can attack him, Kyosei made a strong stab by the use of the kukri. Green blood gushes out and before the blood splatters to him, Kyosei rolls away and stands up to jump to another building.

Kyosei can see that the building he stood on is the last building in the area and the place is next to a bridge. Countless of undead are around the bridge and he also saw a prison bus used as a fortress. Countless of the dead seems to be approaching the prison bus and a few burst of gunshots which from the sound is coming from a shotgun.

The prison bus seems to be holding fine but the dead seems to be more aggressive and dangerous. He can actually feel that they might be able to rip the walls of he bus apart.

"Looks like it is my time to escape," Kyosei mumbled. The prison bus can hold longer and its defenses are still fine, however, being out in the streets are much more dangerous against enemies who runs like athletes from an Olympic marathon.

Pulling out the kukri and the gun, he stared on it and he nodded. This will be just fine. Kyosei looked at the situation in the streets, this is hell. Kyosei remembered his grappling hook. To avoid risking himself from below, Kyosei used his grappling hook to scale the wall instead. The building he was in has a lot of areas that a hook can attach itself.

Kyosei has no problem scaling high buildings. Its just a bit higher, and if possible and easy to do, he might even do a leap of faith. There are a few undead below, but this is not really a problem. Kyosei retracted his hook and leap down the undead below that did not notice him with the kukri, pointed directly to the head.


The fall is strong, causing the undead that got victimized by the fall of Kyosei to die without difficulty. The other undead sprinted towards Kyosei and opened their filthy mouths. Kyosei was not afraid and pull out the AR15 and began shooting the undead. He already knew that the dead will get attracted to the gunshot so after wiping out the attackers, Kyosei made a mad dash to the nearby emergency ladder and leap into the wall and made a wall eject to the emergency ladder in time. With the help of the Motocross gloves, his grip is strong, and helped him grab it without even having difficult experience.

The undead below tried to grab his leg but Kyosei is swift and climbed up the ladder without having to rely on his own arms. His nimble body and how squiggly he can do allowed him to reach the platform immediately.

As he reached the top of the platform, he then noticed a girl below where the undead are. She was about 5-6 years old of age, has a white hair which is pretty rare and only Snow has that kind of hair though a bit darker unlike this girl, which has a snow white hair, not even tainted by the darkness of the night.

This is ridiculous! Kyosei thought. Even he knew the danger, Kyosei did not need to be a dick this time. He can remember this kid to his sister. Before he knew it, he already made a leap, while focusing all his attention to the little girl on his eyes.


Yay! A new character. Many of you might speculate it but she will be someone that will make the world into chaos.