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103 The Deadly Darkness

 Day 3: 4:50P.M

Osaka Streets

Time before the Night Rage: 1 hour and 10 minutes left


The darkness of the area is illuminated by the flashlight but due to its limited range, the area illuminated is only a few spaces in front of him.

Kyosei heightened his senses. He can clearly feel that he is not alone in the area. What is more difficult for him is the expanse of darkness around and it seems like he was being watched. Kyosei shuts down the music in his MP3 player as he can't really trust his surroundings just yet. Just as he was about to proceed, he suddenly heard a running steps. It cannot be said as footsteps since it feels more like flippers due to the "plak-plak" sound it was making. The sound came from behind him.

This time, Kyosei felt the strong killing intent once more. Kyosei felt danger this time, his senses tells him to do one thing, run.

Kyosei speeds up his running speed but not to the excessive way since he will ran out of breath later on and he will get nauseous afterwards which will be troublesome. Kyosei maneuvers around the area and even the darkness sometimes hinders his movement, Kyosei can calculate where he should go. He did a zigzag mode running style to confuse the pursuer.

He can slightly feel the enemy chasing him. It looks like the monsters in Silent Hill that usually walks on fours. The hallway spreads out and when Kyosei hits the end of it, Kyosei has no choice. Kill!

Pulling out the Kukri and Colt 45, Kyosei made a sudden turn, he didn't flinch even on the face against the enemy. The creature lunges to Kyosei. If Kyosei is not prepared, he will be a goner but he did a mental preparation. Only one thing is in his mind and that is to kill.

As the creature lunges, Kyosei aimed on the creature using the Colt 45 and pulled the trigger a few times. The recoil is strong as Kyosei can feel his hand go numb after shooting in a not proper posture. The creature wailed as it was sent back a few meters apart but still moves. Kyosei spits out his saliva and lunges towards it.

Kyosei used the kukri and with a stab, he attacked the monster repeatedly. He even rides on it while continues on stabbing it. The creature wailed for a while before it shriek its last and went limp.

This time, Kyosei can finally take a close look on it. It looks like a skeleton with skin and a few rotten flesh on it. It has sharp fangs but for some reasons, it doesn't have any eyes. Kyosei looked at it for a few while, looking for some of its optical nerves but it seems to be lacking. The one thing he can see is the two holes on its head where an ear should have been. Its teeth was also saw-sharp one due to the shape. Being bitten by one proves to be really dangerous. Kyosei stabbed its head one last time, splatting a blue liquid on its head.

This enemy is clearly infected. Kyosei look at his watch. It just hit 5:00 P.M and the Night Rage is still an hour more. Its quite impossible to say this was the variant that came from Night Rage. There are still no mutated appearing at day except for the spawns of the Mosquitoes which is Kyosei's target.

Kyosei did not linger long in the area. He can't risk attracting the dead around him and the Night Rage is almost here. Kyosei proceeded to exit the building. The place is not infested by the spawns.

The streets are getting dimmer and since Kyosei is using a flashlight, the problem of the darkness did not really stop him, it just gave off a somewhat creepy feeling. There are also a few undead around the place though not to many to count. Kyosei did not engage in battle. He needs to be more cautious on his surroundings. Kyosei looked up the sky up ahead. The dark orange clouds is slowly turning black as the suns sets.

"Sh*t, why so early?" Kyosei frowned. This is too hard for him and he didn't calculated this.

He tapped his headphones and the intercom of Nanami was heard.

"What is up, leader?" Nanami asked.

"What is the situation in the base?" Kyosei asked.

"Its peaceful. We have not spotted a single undead though we sometimes see a few figures of somewhat a creature walking in all fours," Nanami said.

"Is it a creature that looked like bones and skin that came out from the Silent Hill game?" Kyosei asked.

"Yeah, for some reason they do resemble. We tried to shine them with flashlights due to the dark area and we can't confirm them but as they reach the range of the beam of the flashlight, they immediately flee without second thought and sometimes squeal like howling monkeys," Nanami said.

"They to shine them with light as much as possible. I killed one earlier after it attacked me. As soon as they get hostile, do not hesitate to kill!" Kyosei firmly said.

"You won't be returning?" Nanami asked.

"I'm not sure. I am stranded on the streets, and I can't go there too soon. I hope that you all can survive there while I am still out here," Kyosei said.

"Alright, may you return safely," Nanami said before she cut off contact.

He sighed in relief. He already knew how fast those monsters run. He is not a good runner and mostly rely on his stealth to move around. So now that he was faced with enemy that can run in the dark, Kyosei felt cold. This is hard. Luckily, the weakness of this monster is found. Light.

Kyosei move to the streets in fast but silent steps. He can feel something is following him in the dark.

"Let's call this guys as the stalkers," Kyosei murmured.

Kyosei is still cautious. Having the kukri on his hand, his vigilance is doubled. His target of spawn killing is interrupted by this. He can't return to the car either due to the distance covered by his escape against the stalkers. His only chance to survive is to lay low,and survive the Night Rage.

The stalkers seems too cautious to approach him. They might be afraid of the flashlight as they don't really approach if the light is on the way. They stay away from them as long as possible. Kyosei hoped that the flashlight will last. If he is going to survive the Night Rage, he will experience the Purge feeling now.

The darkness engulfed the streets and the only source of light in the area is the flashlight that Kyosei had. This is a troublesome time for him, he needs to reach the end of this place and go to a much more open place where he can freely move and avoid being cornered. Much to Kyosei's delight, the streets gets a bit lighter due to the sodium light lampposts. They still work though he doubt that they will last for a few more weeks. Electricity will soon run out and power outage will be a huge problem.

Kyosei can see the stalkers lurk further into the darkness, no longer daring to approach Kyosei. He looked at his watch. It's already 5:40 P.M. He didn't realize that he have walked for quite a while and its almost an hour since he departed from the base. Also, the Night Rage is already 20 minutes away. Kyosei sighed. Escaping is not a choice here, he needs to outlive the dead once more, in which Kyosei knew that he has a very low chance to survive.

Kyosei outlived them once during the first day of the outbreak. He even fought a Juggernaut that time and was able to survive without proper equipment. Though he still have no proper equipment to defend himself, he can now attack fiercely without problem.

Kyosei looked around and sensing no undead nearby, Kyosei looked up on the buildings. The buildings are all beside each other and there are mostly rooftops and top floors with windows adjacent to the other buildings. Parkour is a good way to outlive the dead here and if he want to reach the open space area easily, traversing the high rise buildings will be the most easiest course.

He quickly run inside the building, armed with the kukri and the flashlight on his head helping him illuminate the darkness, he is confident to take on enemies. The building he entered looks like some sort of disco club and the lights are still flashing about in the area. Reaching what is left in the dancefloor, Kyosei almost shivered. There should be a dozen or more of the undead standing idly in the dancefloor, currently staring at the disco ball, still emitting the different lights that attracted them to it.

Kyosei stares at the grenade in his belt. Its a waste to use it but if he wanted to escape without risking the Night Rage incoming to take a toll to him, he needs to wipe the dead. He shook his head. Killing them is the only way, it is also a good way to put them out of the deadly misery.

Kyosei looked around the dancefloor. He already turned the flashlight off since he can see the surroundings this time though a bit blurry since the lights are flashing and the colors violet, blue, green and red alternately changes every time, making someone's eyes not accustomed to this sight, dizzy and confused.

The dead are all clumped in the center and no undead are separated from them, blasting them all is a good way of ridding them all out without too much effort. Kyosei sighed and pull the grenade out, pull the trigger and rolls it towards the group.

The grenade falls short but it stopped almost near their vicinity. Kyosei did not waste time and hide to avoid catching the blast. Just a few seconds after he took cover...


The area shook for quite a while, smoke and a few debris scattered in the air, and some sort of splashing sound can be heard in which might be the cause of the dead exploding. However, Kyosei can still hear some moaning in the bombarded dancefloor.

Armed with the kukri and Colt 45, Kyosei waited for the smoke to dissipate before he slowly proceeded. Sure enough, there are still a few undead alive in the area, the only thing is that their heads might be intact but a dew parts of their bodies are clearly not intact in their bodies. The area might be gruesome but to Kyosei who kept on seeing this scenes since day 1 of the Outbreak, this is nothing to him.

The few stragglers that are crawling are finished off by Kyosei. He did it without remorse. They are no longer living anyway and they needed to die.

Seeing everything clear, Kyosei look around the wrecked dancefloor. There are bound to have a good chance to find a few items in the area and it will be quite useful for him later on especially if it is mechanical and electrical parts which will be helpful for Nanami to recreate a network to contact survivors.

After Kyosei gained contact from the hackers, he decided to get a good way to survive and keep himself updated from the experiments. Since Maverick is a master hacker which Nanami cannot compare, she is a good asset to gain information.

After scrounging around, Kyosei found a few parts that can be useful and he also found an intact flash drive attached to a sound box system which is not caught by the explosion. Apart from those things, the others are already broken beyond repair.

Kyosei did not linger in the area. There is a large chance that the dead will arrive again. Kyosei looked at his watch.

"Holy sh*t..." Kyosei swore. Only 10 seconds before the Night Rage.

Time: 5:49 P.M