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101 The Dead and the Living

 Day 3: 4:00 P.m

Osaka Streets: Blood Battalion's Base

Food Supply lasts for: 2 weeks

Water Supply lasts for : 5 weeks

Fuel Supply: Too small

Medicine Supply: Plenty

Ammunition List:

SMG bullets: 15 boxes

Assault Rifle: 21 boxes

Shotgun 250 shells

Sniper Rifle: 40 boxes

Pistol: 50 boxes

Revolver: 2 boxes

Grenades: 25 Pieces Left

Time Before The Night Rage: 2 hours left


After the announcement, everyone are eager to get stronger. They did not even stop the plan of Kyosei to do a daily training for everyone regarding melee weapon combat and hand to hand combat. Besides, Kyosei, Steven was quite knowledgeable in close combats and Souichi is a black-belt bearer in taekwondo which can also be considered good in combat. However, Kyosei instructed them that do not treat close combat lightly.

In a zombie apocalypse like what is happening to them, having a melee weapon but did not know how to properly utilize it is similar to a monkey swinging a banana to a tree. Firearms are also a limited commodity and if possible, they have to stop relying on guns unless the situation is dire. Having the knowledge of close combat is quite nice as they can actually get healthy, fit and more outstanding in combat if everything is combined together.

Many nodded as they already witnessed the prowess of Kyosei in fighting in close range and he rarely use guns in battle unless it is beyond his ability to eliminate the threat by melee combat. Kyosei suggested that they will properly do some training tomorrow and just use the remaining two hours to prepare for the third Night Rage. Many are hoping that it will rain but it was a fat chance seeing the cloudless skies spreading in the horizon.

Kyosei is drinking a glass of cold water in the mug and stares into the sky. He did not expect that he can handle that sort of thing. His leadership might be there but Kyosei is sure that it is close to nonexistent but for some reason, he didn't feel much anymore and feel the pride of doing something. He said embarrassing things in front of the group, leading them to elect him as the leader of the group.

As he was thinking, Souichi appeared and tapped his shoulder. Kyosei looks at him and saw him holding a can of coffee.

"That coffee is not for you," Kyosei said without blinking.

"Oh, come on, I have my spare work and I feel sleepy if I don't drink caffeine. I can't drink cola as it as a rare commodity. Besides, you are the leader now, you can have a lot of this if you want!" Souichi grinned.

"Bullsh*t, supplies are not easy and I can't monopolize it by myself. It is too bothersome to have them anyway and they might just get bad instead of becoming useful to me," Kyosei explained.

Souichi grinned.

"Relax for a while, Ichi, don't worry, this coffee is almost reaching it's expiry date and before it get spoiled, I shall do the honor to drink it's contents," Souichi said.

"..." Kyosei frowned but he stayed silent.

"Anyways, what made you decide to become a leader? We quite knew that you hate doing leader things. What has gotten to you?" Souichi sips the coffee.

"It's none of your business," Kyosei said to Souichi.

"Oh, come on, we have history becoming friends, just share your thoughts to me instead! You are still glum despite proclaiming to be a leader! No leader should hide secrets to his subordinates!" Souichi persuaded.

"F*ck off, Whatever persuasion you wanted to say to me, it is not going to work on me, it is quite a bullcrap. If there is no leader who is secretive then I will be one," Kyosei said. Laika dashes towards Kyosei and sat beside him and Kyosei pats her head.

Souichi scratches his head. He can't make his persuasion skills work on Kyosei. As they were relaxing, Sena shouted who is in charge of the watcher job.

"Hostiles spotted North East from our base! A horde! I counted 20 figures!" Sena said.

Everyone's ears perked up and they immediately picked up their weapons. Kyosei stood up and raised his hands.

"Stop, do not engage in battle unless the dead do so. We can't risk making too much noise. You, um... short-fused girl, just observe and once they are near the distance where they can practically hear us, you hide and everyone should stop doing anything," Kyosei ordered.

"It's Sena!" Sena pouted.

Everyone nodded. Needless battle can lead to difficult situation and might disrupt the preparation for the Night Rage. Everyone retreated away from the walls and Sena is holding her sniper rifle for a while before she confirmed that they are nearing the location, she retreated away from the wall and rushes to the veranda.

Kyosei also readies his weapon. In case that this won't work, he will personally do the battle alone. Everyone was quiet. Even Laika seems to understand what Kyosei meant and she didn't bark at all. Souichi nodded and pats Laika for being obedient before tossing a piece of biscuit to her.

Twenty minutes later, the silence that is filling the whole area is hard to bear by everyone. Kyosei is much more patient but he doesn't want to disrupt what is going on the area. He decided to wait patiently or it might cause bloodshed that everyone is not ready on engaging yet. They are too inexperienced with real battles.

Five minutes more passed by before Sena sighed in relief and said to everyone.

"Alright, the horde passed by. We are safe for now!" Sena said.

Everyone celebrates silently though they didn't dare shout since it might attract the dead back to them. Kyosei sighed in relief. This is too hard for him but he didn't expect to successfully commanded them and avoided unnecessary trouble.

Pastor Shin patted Kyosei's shoulder.

"Well, you are a good leader, good thing I also agreed. You seemed to know much of your stuff. Glad to have someone who knows their stuff," Pastor Shin said.

"Right, Pastor Shin is right on that point to you Kyosei, you are a born leader but you don't realize it yet and due to your anti social attitude, your leadership diminish a lot, however it is till much better that you led us. No one is much more suitable to be the leader," Souichi said.

Everyone nearby nodded in confirmation. If they have not met Kyosei, nobody knows what might be their fate is already.