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98 Hackers of the Dead

 Day 3: 12:29 P.M

Osaka Streets: Kyosei's base

Food Supply lasts for: 2 weeks

Water Supply: Lasts for 5 weeks

Fuel supply: Too Small

Medicine Supply: Plenty

Ammunition list:

SMG bullets: 15 boxes

Assault Rifle: 21 boxes

Shotgun: 250 shells

Sniper Rifle: 40 boxes

Pistol: 50 boxes

Revolver: 2 boxes

Grenades: 25 pieces left

Time before the Night Rage: 5 hours and 31 minutes left


The survivors seems to be discussing about the Night Rage. It seems like they have also experienced the event and this kind of phenomenon is not limited to Japan only.

"Now that I think about it, Nanami brought someone. Is this your leader?" The Chinese man pointed at Kyosei on the screen.

"Ah, yeah, this guy is our leader for now. There seems to be no person to be most capable than him though he keeps on saying he doesn't want to be the leader," Nanami rolled her eyes.

"..." Kyosei did not even bother arguing.

"We wanted to discuss with you on your plans to survive the outbreak. It seems going to get harder and harder as time pass by," the American Guy seems to be really calm on this.

"Yeah, those mutated zombies seems to be too dangerous and I have seen them some those guys. What do you call about the big guy again?" the Chinese man scratched his head.

"Juggernaut," Kyosei said.

"Oh, that!" This Chinese man is annoying.

"Let's introduce ourselves. Call me Zecker, that Chinese man is Zhao Fang the others are not yet online. The blank screen next to me is Maverick. She is currently the leader of these hackers around the world and we only got to connect with each other today. We planned to get a detailed plan later soon. Maverick is currently hacking the government secret files for the sake of us knowing what is going on," the American man who is named Zecker said.

"Those names are just codenames except for Zhao Fang, then call me Akuma," Kyosei said.

"Sure, it looks fitting to you due to your headphones," Zecker said.

"I see. I have been thinking. If the internet connection will sooner collapse, than expected, how can we communicate then?" Kyosei asked.

"That is a good question. Actually, Zhao Fang made a prototype version of a private network. I am not sure when he will be able to finish the final work," Zecker answered.

"Yo, I heard my name and my work alright, dont worry. The work is progressing properly and I can ensure you it will be working! The only thing is that we need someone to capable to build it and someone capable putting it on a place where it is easy to get access of or a place good to be hidden from looters," Zhao Feng inserted on the conversation.

"A person good at building techies? As long as we have the blueprint to make it and the materials, I can get them to work! And Akuma here can do the installing job done since he is a scavenger," Nanami said proudly.

"..." Kyosei.

Then the feed where it was empty earlier, functioned again and this time, a blonde teenager who seems to be the same age as them also send a link to everyone to see and she also attached a message.

This must be Maverick.

"I managed to crack the security past on a secret file that the government is hiding to the public and it turns out to be some sort of epidemic that cannot be stopped too easily. You can watch the video and the read the files I sent," Maverick said.

"Hey, thanks a lot, you saved us a lot of time from cracking that stupid firewall and security they have. Too much gates too pass through," the Zhao Fang said and laughed wryly.

Nanami clicked the file open and there is a single video and at least 20 files inside the folder file that the blonde woman have sent. Nanami first clicked the files first.

"Log 7342- 08/21/20XX

Status: Failed

Researcher: Dr. Cameron

Restricted to the Public Information

Location of Research: Osaka Underground Laboratory

Event Log:

Personnel No.7342 was introduced by the Virus Galea by injecting a sample through his veins. Personnel No. 7342 did not experience much on him until approximately 10 minutes have passed by. Several Symptoms of the Virus Galea infection shows after 10 minutes and the list below are the symptoms that slowly appear before Personnel No.7342 was terminated after turning into a hostile creature.


-Skin Darkening- 10 minutes and 21 seconds passed

-Veins bulging on the skin- 10 minutes and 39 seconds passed

-Droopy Eyes accompanied by tears- 10 minutes and 40 seconds passed

-Skin began to peel off and appears to rot- 11 minutes

-Extreme headache(the personnel personally mentioned his headache)- 11 minutes

-Death- 11 minutes and 20 seconds passed

-Extremely fast decomposition- 11 minutes and 26 seconds passed

-Rises up and turns into hostile creature(It was confirmed that he was deceased after the extreme headache symptom)

Personnel No. 7342 managed to bite a guard that is protecting Dr. Cameron before termination. The said guard was immediately quarantined and observed. Personnel No.7342 was checked for further info but never got a new info. Body was incinerated to avoid possible aerial infection spreading.

Status on Nurturing the Virus Galea: Failed"


Kyosei and Nanami could not believe what they have read. It's actually the log of experimentation of a real person on this Virus Galea. Nanami immediately typed sending the message to the girl who sent the info.

"Is this Virus Galea that is currently infesting the world and turning humans into mindless cannibals?" Nanami typed.

"Yes, apparently, one of the sample they have breached out the security and got to infect outside the vicinity of safe zone causing the outbreak," Maverick said in the video feed directly.

"Holy mother of... this is a real live human experimentation?! This is pretty cruel! Why are they doing this?!" Zhao Fang frowned, gritting his teeth.

"Calm down, we can't help it. It looks like they are trying to culture the virus to their own priority. They are planning to use it to their advantage," the Zecker said calmly

Nanami looked at Kyosei due to this.

"Are you thinking what I am thinking?" Nanami raised her eyebrow.

"Nope, we don't have the same mind," Kyosei answered truthfully which made Nanami frown.

"Tch, you can't even take a hint, fetch Chie, Cindy and Miyuki here," Nanami scratched her head.

Since Kyosei can't avoid Nanami's scoldings if he doesn't do what she wanted to, he decided to fetch the three. Arriving at the area where they usually hang out, he saw the three doing a few sorting of the medicines.

"Hey, Lab gown, blonde cheerleader and annoying, laptop girl is asking me to fetch you three to go with me," Kyosei said in a serious tone.

"What the f*ck? Lab gown? That nickname sucks," Chie snickered.

"Because you wear a lab gown? I forgot your name," Kyosei answered.

"..." Chie.

"Why the hell did you call me blonde cheerleader!?" Cindy seems depressed

"Because your hair is blonde? And you are also a cheerleader, besides, I forgot your name also," Kyosei answered.

"..." Cindy.

"Kyosei! Why annoying? It didn't even describe me! Did you also forgot my name?!" Miyuki asked.

"Uh... no, you are just annoying. Don't worry, I didn't forget your name, you are just too annoying and your name is too bothersome to say," Kyosei answered.

"..." Miyuki.


After the awkward encounter, the four goes to the living room where Nanami is.

Nanami is still having a conversation with Zecker, Zhao Fang and Maverick.

"Oh, welcome back Akuma! Oh hey! You brought some beauties!" Zhao Fang seems excited.

"Shut it, Old Fang, we need every hand we can get this time. Nanami is quite lucky since there are many people who are with her and she can focus on her work unlike us who needs to rely on ourselves to loot and defend ourselves," Zecker said.

"Stop your libido from berserking Zhao Fang. Focus on survival. I won't be surprised that you got infected," Maverick said.

"Ouch, that hurts you know?" Zhao Fang smiled wryly.

"So, is these the people?" Maverick asked.

"Yeah, this is Chie. Our lead researcher of the samples retrieved by Akuma and her companions are Miyuki and Cindy," Nanami said.

"Cindy, has a photographic memory so if there is anything that has a limited time to read and we needed to get notes, she can be useful,"Miyuki said.

" Oh? I didn't know that," Kyosei looked at them.

"Of course, she just revealed it to us yesterday," Miyuki said.

"I don't care anyway," Kyosei said indifferently.

"..." Miyuki.

"Oh? That is handy! Apparently, there is a data that has only two minute time before it will get forcibly closed. It was a recent data and whatever cracking I do, I can't seem to access it longer than that," Maverick said.

"Can't you take a screenshot or something?" Nanami asked.

"Can't. For some reason, the screenshot won't work since I tried it. Not a single time it succeeded. I even tried printing it but it won't get printed at all," Maverick said.

"This file must be too important, they made it too secure," Nanami frowned.

Kyosei contemplated. A recent entry. So that means, despite the breach, they still continue to experiment. If possible, this is needed to be stopped.

There must be a reason why they put the security on this file. This is precious data that cannot be leaked into the public.