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97 Contacting the Survivors of the Dead

 Day 3: 11:40 A.M

Osaka Streets: Shinsaibashi Shopping District

Time before the Night Rage: 6 hours and 20 minutes left


Kyosei escorted the father and daughter duo to the car. Its quite a bit hard to do so due to the undead wandering. They needed to hide for a while before Kyosei can do his work. Pastor Shin seems to be amazed on how capable Kyosei is in terminating the dead that seems to be really hard to deal with.

"You seem to be really good at this," Pastor Shin praised Kyosei.

"It's nothing to be proud of. I am just doing this to survive," Kyosei said.

They quickly arrived at the area where the SUV is located. The car is still on the same spot and not surrounded by the dead.

"Let's go," Kyosei nodded and let the two follow.

The three safely arrived on the car without incident. Kyosei made the two comfortable and since Kyosei managed to gain a lot of loot for the day, it is time to return and have some rest.


The two slept in the backseat. It seems that they are too tired due to the sleepless nights they have these past two days and nights. Kyosei didn't bother to wake them up. Its really hard to have no sleep especially those people who are not used on having no sleep at all.

Kyosei drives the streets and from time to time, he can spot a few survivors scavenging around the buildings and as the car passes by, they will sometimes hide or just observe from the safety. In this world where trust is a very valuable currency, people are cautious to make a group with random people.

Kyosei did not bother to pay attention to them. The main thing he needs to think is how to last for the long term. Night Rage is proven to always occur at night and they spawn mutated everytime. However, due to the discovery of the weakness that the Night Rage possess, this is a big breakthrough. Having a rain at night is very necessary now to avoid the wrath of Night Rage. The only downside of this weakness is the probability of rain at night. Chie was still studying why the dead at Night Rage disappears at night.

While deep in thought, the windshield got some raindrop and suddenly, a downpour occurred.

"The weather seems to be really unpredictable now," Kyosei groaned.

Kyosei looked outside. The amount of undead on the streets seems to be not decreasing despite the rain which made Kyosei confused.

"What is going on? I thought the rain makes the dead go away but for some reason, they are still here!" Kyosei's eyes blinked a few times to observe the outside and what he have seen earlier did not change.

"... I need Chie for this..." Kyosei stepped on the gas and speeds through the area.


Day 3: 12:27 P.M

Osaka Streets: Kyosei's base

Time before the Night Rage: 5 hours and 33 minutes left


The SUV arrived the front gate and Souichi and Nejima, both wearing raincoats opened the gate. This time, Pastor Shin and Yumi are both awake.

"Did we arrive?" Pastor Shin asked as he looked at the place.

"Yeah, let's go out now. We are safe here," Kyosei said and opens the door of the SUV and goes out together with Pastor Shin and Yumi. Laika approaches them and sensing the new faces, she smells them first before approaching to Kyosei to get a petting.

Pastor Shin look at the mansion. It can be said that it was an exquisite area to build a base in. Moreover, it was surrounded by walls and the gate was reinforced by metal. He also look at the members of Kyosei's team. He was amazed to see most are teenagers instead of adults and there are only three people he can consider as adults though they are also in their prime.

Nanami immediately approached Pastor Shin and Yumi and extended her hands to receive the backpack that contains their belongings.

"I'm Nanami, I am the hacker of their group and the person who watches the outside area for protection of whoever lingers near our base. Welcome to our base,"Nanami smiled.

"Likewise," Pastor Shin said and declined Nanami's gesture to get the bag.

"You can rest inside the house, Miyuki and Cindy will escort you to your rooms," Nanami said before she bowed and moves towards Kyosei.

"Kyosei, we managed to establish contact with American survivors and Chinese survivors. They seem to know more of the outbreak and I am waiting for you to get the info.

Kyosei scratches his head. For the sake of speaking, he has no ability to do a godly and persuasive speech. What can he do to gain info if his ability to speak freely is too limited? Seems like Nanami sensed his tensed up expression and she tapped his shoulders.

"You are the person who never fear anybody, show your fierceness this time, idiot," Nanami grinned.

Kyosei frowned and flicks away Nanami's hand off of him and proceeded to go inside to deliver the medicine and to also meet these contacts that Nanami mentioned. After handing out the medicines to Chie, Nanami led Kyosei to the living room where the laptop is resting in the table. In the laptop, there seems to be a few people using the webcams to connect to others.

"Hey, Nanami, your back! We just discussed what you just said to be the Night Rage and it coincides with the event that usually happens at night for us," A Chinese man who speaks fluently in english said.

"Yeah, looks like Night Rage is much better to say than Black Night. I guess let's call it that then," an american who looks like he have not seen the sunlight for ages said.

Kyosei looked at Nanami and confusedly asked.

"You speak English?" Kyosei looks really confused since he have not heard Nanami speak that much except for some simple verses like Hello and Good Morning.

"Yeah, I practiced this past days to improve communicating with Steven and Nathalie. Only Cindy and you can speak fluently with them and I also need to improve my English grammar if I want to make conversation with people all around the world.

Kyosei looked at the screen. These guys are hit by the apocalypse but they managed to survive. The outbreak might be serious enough and might be making the end of human history already.