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96 Pastor of the Dead

 Day 3: 11:12 A.M

Osaka Streets: : Shinsaibashi Shopping District Area:Suomachi-dori Ave.

Time before the Night Rage: 6 hours and 48 minutes left


The former bustling and crowded Shinsaibashi Shopping District can be considered to be an empty area now. Aside from the stalls that got wrecked and different items that are scattered on the streets, there are also different parts of the human body scattered around the area. Intestines hanging on a pole, severed hands under the wooden stalls, severed foot inside a shoe and a few more gruesome things.

The crowd no longer occupies the streets which makes the place really lonely and unfestive unlike its former splendor.

"This outbreak sure have change the former busy areas in the world," Kyosei covered his nose due to the foul stench coming from the rotten dead bodies. But for some reasons, there seems to be no flies flying around the place which is kind of weird since flies gather whenever there was something rotten, however, not a single fly appear to take their food.

"Is this due to the effects that the thing that caused the Outbreak?" Kyosei guessed.

However, whatever he do guessing, it's quite obvious he didn't know the answer. He is also clueless what is the cause of the outbreak either.

Kyosei parked the SUV on a spacious area and pulls out the key. He can't risk someone stealing this. If there is trouble and he needs a gateaway vehicle, this one will be handy. The stores around the streets seems to be ransacked dry by the looters. Not even a bottle of shampoo is left behind.

Walking a bit further, he saw a clothing shop nearby. The place seems to be in chaos but there are no signs of being ransacked. Of course it is logical, who will try to loot a clothing shop this time? Its still pretty early and looting a clothing shop will come later especially during winter where clothes are a luxury.

Kyosei checked his phone and marked it on his map. He will be looting this area sooner or later. Winter is a bit far yet and this should be a good way for everyone to have a step up against others who will be desperate to get a new jacket.

Kyosei passed by the store and walk a bit further. Soon, he saw a drugstore just near the Shimanouchi Church. Though this pharmacy seems to be newly built since he didn't notice this before the outbreak.

He quickly didn't waste his time and breaches the pharmacy. The pharmacy is still brimming with medicines. There are plenty of supplies in the area which is what he need.

Kyosei packs the medicines inside his backpack. He can't risk putting it in the duffel bag where he will be putting it to the chance of breaking. The medicines are all useful and he pick most of the medicines he know and are familiar with and leaves the medicines he has no idea with. The ointments are also a thing and he didn't leave it. Ointments can help ease muscle pains and some bruises which are all not avoidable.

There are some supplies like the Hydrogen Peroxide and Alcohol which will be useful in in wounds. He didn't forget to pack the cotton balls and cotton buds along. Kyosei also noticed that there are some medical tools like the stethoscope and some scalpels. He also found some facemasks and gloves along which is really necessary.

After taking all of the necessary loot for the day, Kyosei looked at the loot he managed to get. Lots of good medicines are there and the expiry dates are still a long way. Seeing his backpack brimming with medicine, Kyosei nodded in satisfaction. A huge help indeed.

As he was about to exit the pharmacy, he saw the Shimanouchi Church. The church did not escape the wrath of the outbreak either as the glasses that once made a good way to block the rain and wind that comes in are now broken and beyond repair. The good and nice church no longer resembles the former glory it had. Kyosei suddenly felt of going inside.

Kyosei is not a person who really believes in God but he is also not a person who believe that there is no God. He is somewhere in between where he is doubting and are still looking for the signs of God. When he arrive, he saw a lot of dead bodies scattered inside. Different people indeed. Some people looks like nobles while some looks like ordinary people or just poor. Man, woman, children, they all are dead and has obvious signs of death, gunshots.

Kyosei looked at the altar and saw a person who looks like a pastor due to his formal clothes. He doesn't look like a priest since he doesn't wear any of those white robes. He seems to be kneeling on the altar and seems to be holding a smaller kid.

Kyosei pulls out his pistol. He can't really trust anyone yet and aims it on the pastor.

"You can pull the trigger. I killed most of this people here. Kill me, however, spare my daughter please. She is innocent," the pastor said.

Kyosei returns the gun back to the holster. He saw a small girl about six years old of age. An innocent girl. So that means that the girl is the pastor's daughter.

"I see, so you killed them," Kyosei approached the two.

The pastor looked at Kyosei and he hugged the girl hard.

"Relax, I won't kill without reason. Is it true that you killed these guys?" Kyosei asked.

"Yes," the pastor did not hesitate.

"I see, state what happened," Kyosei nodded.

"Alright. It started two days ago when the infected started appearing around the streets. During that time, we are having a mass. Seeing the chaos, everyone closed the door of the church and the priest calmed everyone. Yesterday, someone got infected and started infecting everyone except us. I know it was a sin to kill but I have no choice but to do it. If not, my daughter will die. So I used the pistol that the priest owned and kept in his chamber. He didn't get to use the gun

since he was also infected however he allowed me to use it to avoid the infection from spreading. However, I was too late and the infection caused almost the life of everyone," the pastor revealed.

"I see, that is not a sin, I already committed the fifth commandment of the ten commandments. You have done what you can," Kyosei revealed.

"I see, so the world has gone insane now huh," The pastor hugged his daughter harder.

"Papa, are we going to die?" the little girl asked.

"No, we won't die, I will protect you," The pastor said.

Kyosei scratched his head.

"Did you get bitten by the infected?" Kyosei inquired.

"No, in fact I managed to stay safe," the pastor answered truthfully.

"Alright then, I have a proposal for you. If you want to protect your daughter, then come with me, your wisdom will be a good asset to us," Kyosei said. A pastor will raise the spirits of everyone and he is willing to recruit him to the group.

"Come... with you? Are we going to be safe?" the pastor asked. Apparently, he is desperate.

"I can't be sure but for now, it is quite safe. We have enough firearms to use and beat the infected. I don't have much to offer but having you will definitely give us some edge," Kyosei said. He is not trying at all and also, he has no talent in this area. Talk smarts are not his forte.

"..." the pastor was silent.

"Father, are we going with this big brother here?" the little girl asked.

The pastor sighed. He is not sure to trust this teen yet. And besides, he even told him that he have killed before. This kid is someone who have commited murder already and they have no time to know what he is really capable.

"Alright, guess I am in. However, I have no skills except being a counselor and a priest. I have no actual use in this situation at all," the pastor said.

"No, you have shown your prowess already by killing this many infected using pistols. Its not an easy feat and you have done so while protecting your daughter which is marvelous," Kyosei said.

"Then thank you. I shall go fetch for the bag of supplies I had with me. Our belongings are also there," The pastor said.

"Go ahead, oh wait, what is your name?" Kyosei asked. He can't keep on saying pastor or hey to him.

"Ah, yeah. I almost forgot. I'm Pastor Shin Yamamoto and this is my daughter, Yumi Yamamoto," the pastor said, introducing himself.

"I'm Kyosei Ichonose, glad to make your acquaintances," Kyosei said shaking Shin's hand.