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95 The Dead Way Back Home

 Day 3: 9:20 A.M

Osaka Streets: Rooftop

Time before the Night Rage: 8 hours and 40 minutes left


Kyosei stuffed all of the guns and some of the precious belongings that these guys own especially the cigarettes and some painkillers. He also managed to find a sleeping pill from the body of the Camo wearing guy. The request of Miyuki was already resolved. Kyosei also found a compass with him and a card embroidered with eagle. He also managed to find a grappling hook attached to the arm of the guy. Though it is not the same as the grappling hook that was used in Dying Light, he could use it to go down the building without risking on running back to the entrance. After carrying everything, Kyosei can feel the heaviness of the items he is carrying. Its not a wonder since most of the loot he got are guns.

He already attached the grappling hook and proceeded to climb down before anyone can see him escape from the crime scene.


Day 3: 9:25 A.M

Osaka Streets

Time before the Night Rage:8 hours and 35 minutes left


It took him five minutes to climb down the four-stories building which is quite troublesome. There are some undead below but they are not a problem. He saw a nearby car that is still in a good condition and moreover, the keys are also there. However, the driver was still strapped into the driver seat but he was already an undead. Kyosei pulls out the kukri and ended his misery after.

The car is an SUV which has a good backseat that can be used to stuff all of the necessary items he looted therefore, it is really beneficial to him.

Stuffing all of the items on the backseat and pulling off the dead driver to the driver seat, Kyosei begins cranking the car and Kyosei sighed in relief after seeing it work. He can now go back to the base but he needed to fetch a few items in the surrounding construction sites further fortify the base. He was lucky to find one and there are only a few of the undead walking around which makes it easier to deal.


Kyosei made a haul. A few blocks of hollowblocks and a three sacks of cement though he can't carry much anymore due to the heaviness. He also saw an electric powered welding machine and a few welding rods. This will be a good machine that will help them do some metalworks that will help fortifying their base. He also put some planks and some tools like the hammers, saw, sledgehammer, nails, and a gas powered nailgun.

It was a long and tiring work but he was able to get loots like that in just a span of time. After stuffing all of the loot, he quickly return to the SUV and drives it to reach the base.

Just in the way, there are plenty of undead walking and when they noticed the speeding car, they will growl and try to chase it, only to see it gone later. He is quite calm with everything despite killing a lot of people today. Kyosei didn't really feel anything like a guilt or something heavy that might burden and lower his morale. Instead, he feel nothing. Many might say he is a cold, heartless killer but what can he do? Why wanted to feel that burden if it can only break his attitude?

The undead are still plenty in the streets though not that much now unlike yesterday and the first day where chaos made its way to the people, causing the unpredictable outbreak.

Kyosei still has no idea what to do to last for long term. Night Rage is still a problem and even though they found some sort of weakness against the Nigt Rage, it is not always available for them and they can't keep on getting it work since it is a natural phenomenon.

The car speeds through the road and even though there are no more people to see, Kyosei can still feel the atmosphere that the humans left in the area. While speeding on the road, the music that played on his headphones shook his senses. Its the song of Cat Stevens, Father And Son.

Kyosei likes this song and can still remember the happy times of his life when his parents were still alive. His memory about the death of his parents are hazy and he has not remember them much. The only most memorable thing he can remember is Leo's fatherly figure that understands him despite having troubles that usually occurs everyday. He fights a lot of other delinquents and all thugs. However, Leo still keep on understanding him. That's when he told him all of his struggles. That time where he was forced to cut ties with everyone of his friends. To avoid them getting into danger, he purposely cut ties with them. He lived alone all his life and despite that, Leo still kept on understanding him.

However, after he died, Kyosei felt a heavy burden. Having to lose another father figure is difficult for him. Due to this, he felt responsible to everything that might happen to the group. And to avoid them from getting hurt, Kyosei keeps on letting himself go into danger rather than sending them to the dangerous part of the city.

Kyosei did not realize that he finally reach the base without incident. There are no undead horde that follows him this time. The cameras turn to look at the driver and seeing it's Kyosei, Nanami quickly ordered Nejima and her brother to open the gate.

"Brother, Nejima, Kyosei is back with a good haul, please open the gate," Nanami said.

"Sure," Nejima nodded. Souichi also followed suit.

The gate wass big enough and so they allowed the car to get in. Laika barked and circles around the SUV while wagging his tail. She is happy seeing Kyosei is back. Everyone also welcomes Kyosei. The twins rushed towards the SUV. They are excited to see the loot that Kyosei gained.

Kyosei walks out the SUV and pulls out the backpack and the duffel bags containing the loot he obtained from the convenience store and the bandits.

"Hey, that is a good haul, right there!" Steven nodded in satisfaction.

"I managed to find a good place to scavenge with. I also scavenged some materials I managed to salvage in a construction site. We can now proceed on reinforcing our defenses," Kyosei answered in English.

"I see, thanks for the hard work," Nathalie nodded and inspected the duffel bags first, and when she saw the AR15 inside, she was startled by the amount. The two duffel bags all contain guns, with three AR15, 7 Barrett Sniper Rifles, and a Winchester Shotgun.

"Holy sh*t! These are good weapons!" Okabe also examined the guns.

"How godly is your luck, Kyosei!" Yuko grinned, seeing the different supplies of food and consumables inside the backpack.

The food are all different from perishable goods and non-perishable goods. There are also different kinds of non-perishable goods such as noodles, canned food, and a few instant foods that can be consumed immediately.

The water bottles and a few cans of juices are also quite valuable. These canned juices and a few colas will help up lighten the mood of everyone. This kind of things will be one of the luxuries around the world in the future.

Miyuki, Chie and Cindy also check the supplies however when they saw that there are no medicines, they frowned.

"You didn't find any medicines?" Chie asked.

"I will continue on scavenging since it is still early. I can't stop now since we are still lacking supply," Kyosei said.

"What? You are still not done?" Miyuki seems ready to object on this.

"Yeah. If I want to gain enough supplies, we need plenty of it. We can't just rely on our supplies. I will return to the streets and scavenge. I might find new supplies that will be beneficial to us or a potential barter client that will help to barter necessary supplies," Kyosei said.

"In that case, let's take the loot off the SUV. We can't just waste our time," Souichi said.

"Agreed!" The twins approved at the same time.

The group was happy that a huge haul was looted by Kyosei. They just pray for Kyosei once again as the car zooms again back into the streets.