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94 Behind the Deadly Enemy Lines

 Day 3: 8:24 A.M

Osaka Streets: 2nd Floor: Dormitory

Time before the Night Rage: 9 hours and 36 minutes left


Kyosei didn't panic at all. He already have experienced this kind of things when he was breaching areas occupied by thugs. This kind if situation is not his first time encounter. In fact, it's his 12th time that he have encountered this kind of trouble. At first encounter, he trembled but composed himself after. Panicking just makes the matters worse. Though normal people takes a lot of toll to regain composure, its just a matter of time before anyone gets accustomed to it.

Kyosei goes to the side of the door instead where he was in the blindspot once the door open, giving him possible advantage. He leans on the wall, waiting patiently. Patience is a virtue. Those who are too hasty will end up dead in this situation. The kukri was already ready to strike whenever it is needed to. He is just waiting for the right time. With Kyosei's great deal of patience, this kind of things are hard to achieve if one lacks the patience.

He heard a knock on the door soon.

"Rita, Koby, get out of there now. Its already morning," a man's voice said behind the door.

Kyosei did not utter a sound. Its plain stupid to mimic the voice of a person without properly mastering it. Due to to silent response, the man once again knocks on the door.

"Hey, lazy bums, freaking morning already. If you two don't go out, I will pull the two out your beds! Don't make me angry!" The voice behind the door said, clearly getting impatient.

Still no response.

"All right, now you two wanted to get a beating," The voice behind the door said and began unlocking the door using keys.This guy must be someone who is assigned to make sure everyone are okay.

The door opened and a burly teenager wearing the military uniform appeared. The burly teenager was confused seeing the two are still in the bed, not moving at all. He noticed the red spot of the cloth covering the two. Before he can react, Kyosei quickly shuts the door lock and surprises an attack to the guy.


The guy was clearly not expecting an ambush. Kyosei ruthlessly slashed the kukri into the throat of the guy before stabbing him directly into his throat using the hidden blade. Blood splash out from the wound and the guy seems to be not able to move any further due to the fact that his throat got pierced.

Kyosei pulls out his hidden blade and did another hit on the head by stabbing it again using the kukri this time around, breaking his skull. He just let the guy go after he made sure that the guy is dead. Kyosei quickly stripped him off. His clothes are a good armor and can definitely deflect bullets if there is a gunfight. He even didn't make a heart stab to avoid damaging the vest.

He accumulated twelve mags of the Glock 17 and another Glock 17 pistol. He also got a few painkillers and a few cigarettes, moreover, Kyosei also obtained the vest and the camo suit. It is quite a haul.

He didn't bother looting the two that he silenced earlier. It will be too cumbersome to loot their belongings and it will hinder his progress to eliminate the threat.

After doing so, Kyosei checked again if there is somebody on the door and sensing no one is outside, Kyosei quickly made his escape to continue towards the top of the building.

He can't let this dangerous people go that easily.


Day 3: 8:39 A.M

Osaka Streets: Rooftop

Time before the Night Rage:

9 hours and 21 minutes left


The leader of the group had a bad feeling. The feeling of death looming behind him.

"Is he out yet?" he asked the nearby sniper.

"Not yet boss, he looks like he is taking his time!" The sniper answered.

"Maybe the reason he is not coming out is due to the fact that he discovered us already?" the leader was a bit hesitant.

"That's unlikely sir, we are in a vantage point and we cannot be seen clearly in that area where he is located unless he goes out and climb up on the nearby building. Before he can do so, we have already shot him to death by that," the sniper said.

The sniper has a point. However, he can't shake the feeling of the heaviness he felt. It seems like he is somewhere in between life and death today.


Day 3: 8:39 A.M

Osaka Streets: 3rd Floor Dining Area

Time before the Night Rage: 9 hours and 21 minutes left


Meanwhile, Kyosei made his way to the third floor of the building. It was renovated as their canteen and dining room as he can see different people, eating for food. Many of them are teenagers and most of them wear some kind of uniform that Kyosei is familiar of which is the Matsumoto Academy. This academy is bigger than Kirishima High School and much more prestigious. Most of the students studying there are the sons and daughters of rich people with companies interlinked together, making them a one big family. But for some reason, they ended up near the Shinsaibashi Area since Matsumoto Academy is located around the Nakanoshima Area which is a bit further from the Shinsaibashi Area.

That is when the thought came to Kyosei. The reason why these guys have military camo outfits, have AR15 Assault Rifles and many of them holds Glock 17 guns. These people are rich, getting them are not a problem to them. They have lots of arsenal to waste and killing the undead are just as easy as pie for them.

"No wonder they survive the last two Night Rage," Kyosei muttered.

Kyosei has no time to kill them all, he will just blow the whole building if necessary but he has no device to do so. Killing their leader might help their morale to plummet instead.

Kyosei immediately made his way towards the rooftop. The door is open, the security is too lax making him able to reach the rooftop without too much incident and alarming anyone.

Kyosei took a peek on the rooftop. He can see seven snipers and one guy who is wearing a camo suit and equipped with a Winchester Shotgun. Kyosei quickly calculated and the most dangerous guy he will face today will be the guy wearing camo suit. His vest is going to be hard to beat, moreover, his Winchester Shotgun holds a huge threat to them. The snipers won't be a trouble for him.

Kyosei tries his shoes if it is still good to run and he won't slip and seeing it is not a problem, Kyosei nodded. He put the backpack and the duffel bags near the doorstep to allow him to move freely. Its time to prepare for the operation.

Kyosei sprinted to the first sniper near the door and quickly used the kukri to stab causing the sniper to get startled and let his grip off on his gun. The kukri made a big gash of wound to the first sniper and to finish it, Kyosei made a throat slash, killing him instantly.

"That's one!"

The others got alarmed immediately especially the camo wearing guy.

"F*ck! Intruder!" the snipers immediately made their moves to attack Kyosei. However, Kyosei pulls out his kukri and throws it towards the near sniper. He didn't stop and pulls out the Colt 45 and began shooting the two guys. Since the snipers didn't wear any protective suits, the bullets of the Colt 45 pass through their fragile bodies ending their lives.

"That's four!"

The guy wearing the camo suit and holds the Winchester Shotgun also attacks. Before he can shoot, Kyosei shoots him using the Colt 45. With the main reaction of humans defending in the first sign of danger, before he can use the shotgun, he first defended which Kyosei made a run towards the dead sniper that got killed by the kukri and pulls it out on his body.

"Mother*cker!" the camo guy gritted his teeth as he didn't expect to be outplayed by this intruder.

Kyosei rushes towards the sniper and closed his distance with him. He quickly uses his Colt 45 again and shoot the remaining sniper. Since he was in point blank range, he is in a range of sure hit kill.


He killed the sniper and the remaining three shivered. They are sure that this intruder is specifically targeting them all. Kyosei looked at them with bloodlust.

"That is five," Kyosei flicks the kukri.

Kyosei quickly rolled away sensing danger and he is not wrong since the camo suit wearing guy is aiming his Winchester Shotgun. The shells barely missed Kyosei and a small shrapnel wounded Kyosei on his cheek and his arm though it is just a graze.

Kyosei made a roundhouse kick to the camo suit guy but he was also swift and catches Kyosei's feet, however, it's just a diversion on Kyosei and aimed the camo suit guy with a Colt 45.


He hit the arm holding his feet, causing him to retract his wounded arm.

"Stop moving you sh*t!" the camo guy gripped his bleeding arm. The bullet was buried inside his arm and the bleeding won't stop. He can't hold the Winchester Shotgun properly now.

Since this he is crippled temporarily, Kyosei immediately turn his attention to the three fleeing guys. Kyosei sheathed the kukri back to his sides and pulls out the Colt 45 and Glock 17.

"You can't escape from the grasp of the demon!" Kyosei pulls the trigger and empties the bullets inside. Since the Colt 45 is used earlier, the bullets are fewer than the Glock 17 and its mag got empty first. However, the bullets successfully penetrated the three snipers fleeing, randomly shot in different parts of their bodies and fell over.

Kyosei reloaded the Colt 45 and the Glock 17 to full mag and approached the three before ending their suffering. The guy in camo suit now fully recognized who is the intruder. Its their target that they thought to be inside the convenience store. Now that he get a closer look, he wears a beanie and a horn design headphones. He shivered as he now remembered who he is.

"Kyosei Ichinose!"

Kyosei look at the guy who is still writhing in pain. Kyosei looked grimly at him.

"Hmph, I did not expect you to know me, well, I shall do your plans first. Let's end this immediately," Kyosei move closer to him.

"Wait! I can give you loots and all you needed to survive! We can even work together to survive!" the camo suit guy pleaded.

"I don't need it, I can grab it on my own," Kyosei didn't hesitate and stomp this guy's chest before stabbing his eyes with the kukri.

"Aaaaaaaagggggggghhhhhh!" the scream rang throughout the rooftop.