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93 Kill or you are dead

 Day 3: 8:13 A.M

Osaka Streets

Time before the Night Rage: 9 hours and 47 minutes left


Kyosei made it look like he is taking a long time inside so that those guys are getting excited to pick the loot. However he is already taking his time to prepare.

After an hour of staying put in the convenience store, Kyosei silently detour and move towards the buildings, using the different obstacles in the streets.

Its not that hard to reach the building they are residing however, he will be risking his life if he do so. Snipers are hard to predict and there are plenty of them up there. Walking without cover is just plain suicide.

After reaching the entrance of the building, Kyosei sneak a peek inside. The entrance lack security. It even lack the CCTV cameras that is necessary for avoiding the breach.

"This should be easy," Kyosei snorted before he slowly opened the door glass door only to find it locked.

"I see, so they are expecting that nobody will breach this place without destroying the glass door, how naive," Kyosei pulls out the lockpick on his keys.

So that is why these guys did not bother to put guards. To open the door, they needed to break through the door instead since they lack the key to open. However, they did not anticipate anyone to have the lockpicking skills like Kyosei.

"Done," Kyosei opened the door without a sound successfully. He breach it without even a problem.

"Let's kill, then," Kyosei pulls out his kukri.

The first floor doesn't have any people wandering around. It might be for disguising that the place is abandoned. Kyosei cautiously climbed up the stairs, this might test his abilities.

The second floor this time is guarded, however, the guards are lax. They seem to be too laid back and they are even playing poker nearby. The others are just pacing back and forth like they are surveying the area.

"Tch, too lax, its easy to clear," Kyosei sighed in boredom. This isn't even going to be a workout for him.

Kyosei quickly made his way towards the guy pacing back and forth. When the guy is not facing his direction, Kyosei quickly move towards his back and covers his mouth before releasing the blade hidden in his sleeves, piercing the guy's throat.

"One down," Kyosei dragged the body to the nearby chair and put the lifeless body to the chair.

Kyosei moved towards the guys who are playing poker. There are three people on the table and there is a chance of being seen. However, seeing them so immersed into their game, made Kyosei's have a time to strike.

He quickly move with a nmble feet and silently move to the near one, stabbing him with the hidden blade in his throat.

"What?!" The two guys were startled and before they can grab their weapons, Kyosei grappled the dealer and swings his kukri to the other guy.

The grappled guy tried so hard to move but before he can even try, he felt a sharp pain in his ears before he loses his life. Kyosei used his hidden blade to pierce the ears of the guy, piercing also his brain.

The guy that got caught by the kukri struggled to move. Before he can recover, Kyosei swiftly kick his unbalanced feet and stabbed him while he was knocked down.

"That is four," Kyosei flicks his kukri and his wrists to flick off the blood that stained his weapons.

Kyosei picks up their weapons. Their guns are all Assault Rifle which is an AR15 model. There are bullets supplies in their bodies which totalled into 50 mags.Plenty enough. He quickly put them inside the duffel bag. However, he wondered how they got those high calibered weapons. These models are usually not available in Japan except for military use and smuggled goods.

Kyosei looked around the area and seeing that there are no more enemies, Kyosei move towards the third floor. This time around, it is a dormitory style place. There are plenty of rooms and Kyosei's guess I'd that the place he was in is the place where the residents and other survivors are living right now.

Kyosei is not that brutal but once someone alarms the people, he won't hesitate to silence the person even if he or she is a civilian.

He walked into the hallway since the stairs are on the other side. He didn't bother covering his tracks and just made his way towards the stairs. Before he can even reach the stairs, one of the doors opened and a bitchy girl appeared along with a blonde guy. They seemed to be done by their business.

"Oh, that was awesome, let's do it again later!" the bitchy girl said.

"Sure!" the blonde boy grinned.

Then they noticed Kyosei looking at them. That's when they realize it.


Kyosei gritted his teeth and lunges at them before they can raise the alarms.


Kyosei silenced the dead as quick as he could. Witnesses shall be eliminated. He can't risk to die just like that. For the sake of his silent kill streak and since he is invading them, anyone is a potential target to kill. Its kill or be killed here. To avoid the commotion in the hallway, Kyosei quickly dragged the two bodies to the the room they once came in. Kyosei is not even looking terrified, instead he feel excited since this is something different from he usually do. He just infiltrate, beat up and it's done. He doesn't necessarily need to kill anyone and face anyone with guns. Now, he needs to face the undead, humans who uses guns and bandits who will kill whoever comes their way.

Kyosei stayed inside the room for quite a while, listening for any commotion outside. However, it was literally quiet, like you can hear a pin fall on the floor. Kyosei tried peeking under the door and what he saw are the shadows of two feet. Somebody is standing in front of the door.