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92 Deadly Hostility

 Day 3: 7:00 A.M

Osaka Streets

Time before the Night Rage: 11 hours left


Kyosei coldly look at Kaido and the rest. The four companions of Kaido were writhing in pain due to the gunshot on their legs. The worst conditions are the two girls. Kyosei hit them hard in the faces and Kyosei's punch was accompanied by the hardness of the brass knuckles. Their noses bleed and a few of their teeth broke off, making it too painful. However, Kyosei made no mercy and directly shoot the the four into their legs.

"Murderer!" Kaido gritted his teeth. He is just hoping this guy will have his humanity left and will let them go.

"That is true, I murdered people. So what? Whoever stands in my way goes down, humans or infected alike," Kyosei kicked Kaido hard into his abdomen causing Kaido from writhing in pain.

"I get it now, raiders huh?" Kyosei struck with the idea immediately. Earlier, they were trying to steal from him, only to get backfired instead.

Raiders will slowly start appearing. During Day 2, the groups finally gathered together and those people with nasty intentions surely became the bandits. Kyosei just met those people.

"Its still early to be a bandit, why not just loot," Kyosei looked at Kaido incredulously.

"F*ck off," Kaido gritted his teeth.

"I see," Well then, I can't let you all live. Many trouble will appear if I let you all go," Kyosei said before he holds bitchy girl#1 in the neck.

"Huh?" Kaido was stunned when bitchy girl #1 struggled at first only to stop. Her uniform got slowly dyed into red from her neck to her chest.

"May the gods forgive me for my deed.." Kyosei said as he quickly grabbed Kaido's neck.


Kyosei finished dealing with the five teenagers. He killed them. Despite doing so, Kyosei felt nothing. However, he still prayed for them, they are human beings trying to survive after all, however, they are just doing the bad things instead of just scavenging them. If he didn't kill them, they might try it again on another survivor which has no chance to retaliate. After doing so, he stabbed their heads, one by one to avoid the risk of making them rise once again. Kyosei seemst to feel like he is stabbing melons at first but he knew that they are human heads. The feel on stabbing the kukri on their heads are not the same feeling when you stab an infected's head.

After doing what he needed to do, he proceeded to loot their dead bodies. The five of them owns smartphone and all of them are still working. He quickly pockets it in and loot once more. He didn't find much things in their bodies except for the few jewelries that he found from the two bitchy girls and a few packets of cigarettes that might be useful for bartering.

He also found 12 rounds worth of bullets for the Glock 17 on Kaido's body.

Seeing that no more items are lootable to them, he covered them with a long cloth he found in the nearby store. Seeing no more threat around, he move towards the convenience store.


Day 3: 7:20 A.M

Osaka Streets: ???

Time before the Night Rage: 10 hours and 40 minutes left


Another delinquent teenager creased his eyebrows. He is carefully looking at the scene below him. The five subordinates he send to kill the youth carrying a travelling bag were killed without second thought. Moreover, they were looted and have not been able to get spared even the girls.

"That kid is trouble, should we kill him?" another bitchy woman asked who is currently relaxing with her other subordinates.

"We will, but we should let him loot first. Why should we do the hard work if we can just have an easy picking later? There is no way he can outnumber and beat us all," the delinquent teenager grinned and looks at his comrades in arms who are also grinning. All of them are holding sniper rifles.


Day 3: 7:20 A.M

Osaka Streets

Time before the Night Rage: 10 hours and 40 minutes left


Kyosei on the other hand, was busy scavenging the convenience store. Despite being looted, there are still plenty of canned goods and bottles of water that are salvageable. There are also vegetables and fruits though most of them are already on the verge of rotting. There are also meat which is available to get to.

Most of the easy to carry supplies are stuffed inside the traveling bag while the other goods are placed inside the duffel bag. There are plenty of liquid soaps, shampoos and some body wash for the girls. He also found a few bandages though most of them are no longer plenty. He also found some cotton and an alcohol. Stuffing most of them, inside the duffel bag.

Since the convenience store is already looted and only a few supplies are left, Kyosei just stuffed most of them in his bag before he silently looked outside the fire exit. Sure enough, he found a few guys up in the building just in front of the convenience store. Moreover, they are aiming their sniper rifles in the entrance.

However, he is not an idiot. He already knew that there are other people around. Its quite impossible to have five random people around the area all of a sudden and weapons too. Japan is known for its firearms ban and only a few individuals have the authority to carry one. Glock 17 is one of the banned guns which makes it puzzling. And he really didn't get wrong. The enemies are trying to take him down after looting the convenience store. Greedy fellows.

He quietly exited the premises using the employees exit door. He won't risk his life by going outside using the fire exit and the main entrance.

Since these guys are willing to kill just to pick the scavenged supplies of his, he will give trouble for provoking him.

"You think you all are hunters? Let's see the hunters getting hunted. After all, this place is a man-eat-man world," Kyosei's face gets serious.

Before he looks process his plan, Kyosei checked his weapons. His firearms are the Colt 45 and the Glock 17. He doesn't have the bullets for the Glock 17 since they have different bullets for the Colt 45 but luckily, he looted 12 rounds of mag for the Glock 17 which is enough.

He checked his hidden blade if it is functional, check. He checked his kukri if it is still fine to use, check. Firearms guy loaded, check. Brass Knuckles firmly attached to his fists, check.

Kyosei nodded in satisfaction. The weapons he have are all ready to roll and despite lacking the necessary armors, that is not a problem. Brawling they want, brawl it will be given.