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91 Meeting the Scavengers of the Dead

 Day 3: 6:30 A.M

Osaka Streets: Kyosei's base

Food Supply lasts for: 2 weeks

Water Supply: Lasts for 5 weeks

Fuel supply: Not available

Ammunition list:

SMG bullets: 15 boxes

Assault Rifle: 21 boxes

Shotgun: 250 shells

Sniper Rifle: 40 boxes

Pistol: 50 boxes

Revolver: 2 boxes

Grenades: 25 pieces left


Kyosei prepared his weapons. Traveling light, he only carried the Colt 45 pistol and three boxes of bullets with him. He also carried the kukri and also equipped the Hidden blade since it is a good way for melee combat. He wear the usual uniform of the Kirishima High School and wear the gloves and brass knuckles.

Kyosei contemplated that he needed to find a good armor for him and everyone that won't limit their mobility in terms of sneaking but not reducing their defense. Many other scavengers are armed with guns, which will be their competition in loot, moreover, there are some people that might try raiding the base, which is very hard to avoid. Kyosei made a mental note to look for those kinds of things later. After packing up, Kyosei bring 2duffel bags stuffed inside a camper's backpack. He is unsure what time he will return but he will keep on contact with Nanami.

Risha made a sandwich for him to bring and eat on the road which Kyosei quickly pockets in without hasitation.

"Are you sure that you don't need company to bring along?" Miyuki asked.

Kyosei shook his head.

"You all will slow me down, I can handle it on my own. Just do what is needed to do and guard this place while I'm not here. If there are people looking for trouble don't necessarily engage them into battle without proper tactics," Kyosei said before he departed.

Risha whispered to Miyuki who stood just beside her.

"Is Kyosei like this? Just plain rude?" Risha asked.

Miyuki scratches her head and smiled wryly. How can she say that his attitude is a dick especially if Kyosei gets angry?


Day 3: 6:49 A.M

Osaka Streets

Time before the Night Rage: 11 hours and 11 minutes left


As usual, the streets of Osaka are crowded by people... former people to be exact. There are too many of them around. Kyosei was cautious enough earlier so before he reaches an area crowded by the dead, he quickly climbed up on a roof and traverses the houses via rooftop.

He didn't bother looting on small houses. Most of them are overrun by the dead and most of the time, they are already looted or they have bad loot to begin with. He looked around looking for a pharmacy or a hardware store. Places like that are totally full of loot.

The streets are still overrun by the dead and most of them are bloody mangled, which is very nasty to look at. Kyosei just keep on traversing the roof without difficulty. He is quite agile in parkour stunts. There are several houses that is right beside some apartments with only walls to scale which is difficult to use as a traversing point. However, this is what Kyosei liked, the idea of having difficult areas to traverse makes his adrenaline rush into his veins.

Jumping up to the wall, he used his own momentum to grab a nearby ledge and swings towards another pole to another pole. He looks like a monkey but it was proven effective. He safely landed to another area where a nearby convenience store is located.

The convenience store is clearly looted and there are only a few random things left to loot. However, there is no risk there and an emergency exit seems to be available to be accessed. Also, there are only five undead strolling around the area, making it easy to be to clear out.

Kyosei quickly climbed down the roof of the house he was in and slowly crept on towards the undead. He also pulled out his kukri and slowly move towards the near undead. Before the undead can even react, Kyosei already grab its collar and strikes the kukri deep into its soft skull. Before the blood splatters to Kyosei, he quickly evaded it by slamming the dead body into the ground and proceeded to the next undead. Before he can get near to the next undead. A group of teenagers clearly from another school shoots the undead that Kyosei is targeting. The remaining undead are also killed by the same guy who shoot Kyosei's target.

Seeing that his target is dead, Kyosei stood up and quickly move towards the convenience store. However, he was stopped by this group on teenagers.

"Hey dude, why are you not respecting and even saying thanks to your savior?" A cocky grin appears to the guy who holds the gun.

"F*ck off," Kyosei disregarded him and continue to tread forward. However, two bitchy types of girls blocks his way and two other guys who held spiked baseball bats blocks his back.

"We won't let you go just so easily, heh beanie boy, just say the word thanks to us. Also we would like you to fetch us some supplies if possible," the guy with the gun grinned and looks down on Kyosei.

Kyosei remained indifferent and he already feel them as a trash.

"Get it yourself, you all look capable unless you all are crippled as f*ck," Kyosei said.

"Wow, this kiddo thinks he is better than us, Kaido, why don't you show him who is boss?" bitchy girl #1 looked at Kyosei incredulously.

"Kaido! I wan't his headphones and Mp3 player!" the bitchy girl#2 said with a flirting look.

"Sure! I don't mind! He surely needs a beating!" the guy with a gun who was named Kaido said and point his gun to Kyosei.

"Give the headphones boy or I will pull the trigger!" Kaido grinned.

Kyosei remained silent. Before anyone can react, Kyosei punched the two girls direct into the face and performed a somersault kick to the two guys behind him. Kaido was startled and before he can even shoot, Kyosei kicks the gun off on Kaido's hand and catches it.

"Glock 17? This is a pretty bullsh*t gun I must say," Kyosei said and pulls out the Colt 45 on his waist and shoots the legs of the four people who are writhing in pain before he aims the two muzzles to Kaido who is shivering and with a grim look on his face.

"Like to try and feel how to die? I shall count one to five then," Kyosei said as he looked at him without any sort of guilt and emotion of fear. Kaido's legs tremble. He is actually trying to provoke a demon.