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90 When the Deadly Night Rage are not that deadly

 Day 3: 5:00 A.M

Osaka Streets: Kyosei's Base

Duration of the Night Rage: 1 hour left


Its been a long time and its almost morning. Only a single hour left and the rain didn't even halt. This made the whole yard full of water. Nanami checked the online news that works in Africa where the Outbreak didnt spread that far yet. Apparently, a Low Pressure Area formed not too far from Osaka causing the rain. If it is in the past, many people grumble for having to deal with the water and mud that usually sticks in their shoes, but now people will tend to appreciate the kindness of mother Earth that it rains during the Night Rage, causing the chaotic battle to end abruptly. The sky occasionally made a few thunder and lightning strikes which disturbs the sleeping Laika once in a while.

The household group and the fortification group goes into rest for a while. They have a hard time doing jobs. Kyosei and the rest of the extermination group did not sleep and instead made a guard for the rest of the time that everyone are sleeping. Sena, did not sleep even though she wanted to. Its kind of unfair to her teammates that she is the one sleeping while everyone did not even get a wink of sleep, though nobody mind that she sleeps.

Kyosei looked outside the window as he watches the dark red sky slowly brightens up slowly. Now that Kyosei think about it, he remembered a few of his bruises being not so painful. He removed his shirt before he looked at the bruises he got after beating the Juggernaut before.

There are still obvious marks of the bruises as some are still dark and some even made a few scars. Might be due to the fact that he kept on falling down the ground and he was even punched hard by the Juggernaut.

What made him relieved is the fact that the Night Rage did not really caused too much damage though they wasted a few amount of bullets against the dead. He was also relieved that during the Night Rage, the mosquitoes did not appear at all. It must be due to the fact that they destroyed the nest and breeding ground of the mosquitoes yesterday. However, Kyosei is very sure that the mosquitoes spawns are still around since they are not possibly going to disappear without a trace right?

The discovery of the Night Rage weakness made a huge breakthrough to everyone who suffers but survived the wrath. After knowing that the Night Rage can be forcibly stop by the rain, many of the people are now trying to find a good way to utilize it to their advantage. Even Kyosei is thinking of a good way to minimize the trouble of the Night Rage everyday.


Day 3: 6:00 A.M

Osaka Streets: Kyosei's base

Night Rage officially ended without a hitch


The sun rises once more, welcoming a new day. The rain stopped a while ago before the clock strikes 6. Due to the fact that the Night Rage officially ended for the day, Kyosei and the rest are truly in a groggy state. Despite having to endure the battle against the undead, they needed to suffer the coldness of the weather today. The air seems freezing and anyone can feel the cold.

Kyosei is disciplined and can't feel much the cold. However, this cold weather is something thst he can't truly ignore. He begins his usual routine of shadow boxing and pushups. He also did some pull ups around the poles nearby, however, due to the cold weather, his progress stagnated.

The others woke up one by one, despite wanting to sleep longer. They can't do so especially if their tasks are still underway. Cindy and Miyuki woke up the same time and walk towards the kitchen to start cooking only to see Kyosei doing the food chore.

"Hey, Kyosei! Why are you cooking the food?" Miyuki asked.

"Everyone are exhausted. I can't keep on making everyone work to their limits if necessary and since I am bored, I will just cook," Kyosei answered nonchalantly.

Cindy didn't mutter anything and helped Kyosei on cooking by grabbing the chopping board and peeling the potatoes on the table.

"That is for the mashed potatoes. Peel it carefully," Kyosei said.

Miyuki was startled since Cindy got the upperhand so she quickly get the pitcher and fill it with drinking water.

"We should have some beverage, President you make one using the powdered juice nearby. Make it enough for all of us," Kyosei ordered once again.

"Okay!" Miyuki nodded.

The food did not take too long to prepare and when Kyosei is done cooking, Cindy is finished on her work and now putting all the potatoes on the casserole, while Miyuki just finished putting some ice cubes inside the pitcher filled with Orange juice.

Kyosei grabbed the casserole and put it on the stove after the potatoes and a bit of water is added inside.

Everyone relaxes while waiting for the potatoes to boil.

"What are your plans now?" Cindy asked to Kyosei.

Kyosei closed his eyes before he deeply sighed.

"I will scavenge alone this time. Everyone should just focus on fortifying the place. I will try scavenging for some weapons, food and materials. I will also try finding a better vehicle as our getaway plan if worse comes to worst," Kyosei answered.

"I see, then please, if you are going to search for meds, be sure to get a sleeping pills," Miyuki answered.

"Sleeping pills?" Kyosei was confused.

"Ms. Haruna is having trouble sleeping last night. She is reluctant to drink her last sleeping pill since she always have an insomnia. Before, it can be relieved by drinking a mug of milk but since we don't have the luxury to have one right now, she asked me if there is an extra supply of sleeping pills. Of course we don't have one so if you are planning to loot a pharmacy or a house with medicine, please look for a sleeping pill," Miyuki said.

"I see, well, I will try to find one," Kyosei scratched his head.

There are certainly different circumstances that the others have right now. One of those are the health problems. He needed to take action so that they will have no trouble in terms of health soon. He was also pondering how to bring lots of loot back. This is going to get hard for him.

When the potatoes are ready to be smashed, most of the survivors have woken up and made their way to the kitchen. Kyosei allowed Sena, Souichi and Okabe to grab their chow first which they did not decline. They are totally hungry and they are also tired from guarding the place. The three gobbled up the food in their plates before rushing to the bed to sleep. Cindy look at Kyosei with a strange look.

"Are you not tired at all? Are you taking some steroids or something? You didn't sleep at all last night and you are still planning to scavenge?" Cindy scratched her head.

"This is nothing, a single night of not sleeping is bearable enough for me," Kyosei said without saying anything else again, making Cindy speechless.

"You are overworking yourself, Kyosei," Cindy squinted her eyes while Kyosei did not respond and instead glares at her.

Third day is here, another day to survive, another day for danger.