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89 When the Dead are Calm

 Day 3: 12:00 A.M

Osaka Streets: Kyosei's base

Duration of the Night Rage: 6 hours left


The scream is so strong that Kyosei can practically hear it. However, it is not enough to penetrate inside his headphones. However, he was too late to reach Laika on time.

"Laika!" Kyosei shouted.

"Woof!" Laika barked and wagged her tail.

"Huh?" Kyosei was stunned. He didn't expect that the scream did not have any particular effect on Laika at all. In fact, she is fine.

"Kyosei! Where is Laika?" Miyuki looked around and saw Kyosei and Laika. Seeing Laika safe and nothing wrong, she was confused.

"Did the scream already done?" Miyuki was about to pull off the ear plugs when Kyosei stopped her from doing so.

"Its not yet done, I can practically hear it in my headphones," Kyosei said.

"Huh? Then how come Laika is fine?" Miyuki asked, clearly confused on why Laika is still doing fine.

"Don't ask me, I have no idea either," Kyosei shrugged.

Laika was clearly fine and was somewhat confused on why did Kyosei and Miyuki are looking for her as she stares at the two with a tilt on her head.

The scream lasted for 60 seconds and as the clock strikes past midnight, the scream disappeared, leaving only the pitter-patter of the rain that is still heavily falling in the sky. After making sure that the scream is no longer threatening them to bleed, they pulled out the Ear Plugs off their ear, before resuming their work. Souichi, Nejima, and Okabe run to the rooftop, checking the events outside the wall, only to see the same events earlier.

"It looks like the rain made the Night Rage end faster than expected," Nejima frowned as he used the scope of the Springfielfd around the area to scan the surroundings only to find the same situation.

Souichi grinned and tap Nejima's shoulder.

"Why are you upset? We should celebrate that the Night Rage is not even that brutal," Souichi grinned.

"We can't be too overconfident on this," Okabe said in serious tone, leaving the two a bit stunned.

"Right, lets just hope that everything is not a facade by the dead," Souichi grinned before becoming serious again.

The rain is still too strong, the yard floor is practically flooded with rain water and even the containers that Ms. Haruna and Risha put in the rooftop are all brimming with water. Since storing the water is necessary, Okabe, Souichi and Nejima did their best on carrying the contents of the water containers to a safe keeping place. Since they are fully exposed into the rain, the three were all wet that they shivered like wet chicks caught up in the storm. The three gritted their teeth due to the cold.

Kyosei did not participate on doing manual labor as he look at the CCTV camera feed that the mansion provides. Seeing no possible attacks incoming, the battle on Night Rage came to an end despite the Night Rage still ongoing.

Kyosei wrote the tasks needed to be accomplished for the next day. Since they lack materials, they are in dire need of wood, nails, tools and other reinforcing materials. In fortifying bases, reinforcing doors, gates and windows are usually needed to be done at first before doing other things.

Also, they needed traps to deal with the undead and also to bade looters and bandits away. They might have lots of strong firearms and lots of capable hands holding them, but with the defense so low? Its basically doing suicidal. Any barbed wires will help to bar off enemies and spikes to kill unwary undead.

He also listed a few necessary items to be looted. The first thing that needed to be looted are the jewelries and precious metals like gold and silver. Silver and Gold might be rare, but jewelries are not. If they accumulate lots of jewelries, trading them for ammunitions to the Bang Gunstore is more appropriate.

The next are the materials and starting tools for starting a mini garden. Having home grown food allows the survivors get tasty and fresh food, not always relying on canned goods.

Last but not the least, are weapons. They might have plenty of guns and melee weapons but they are usually not enough. Sure they have pistols like the Glock 19 and Colt 45, the Taurus Series Magnum Revolver, they also have the Assault Rifles which is only the M4 accompanied by an SMG and also a Winchester Shotgun. In Sniper Rifles, they have the Springfield M14. These might be plenty but bullets are necessities. They can't waste too much on it. Moreover, they are out of gas for making Molotov Cocktails. If the rain didn't arrive, they are surely breached and dead by now.

Kyosei spaced off for a while. If his combat abilities are to be used, it is for scavenging. His usefulness is only limited in combat. However, he still hold back since Leo once told him that everything that happens to us everyday, forges on what we can do in the future. Leo is his emotional support after his parents passed away. He even thought that he is going to last but in the end, he died back at Kirishima High School, trying to save Miyuki and the others. His parent figure is already gone. He needs to rely on himself.

Miyuki noticed him again, this time, its intentional. She is looking for a right time to give the Balisong that Leo entrusted to her to Kyosei. Due to the recent events before settling down, she did get a good time to give it to him. Now that everything has calmed down, she quickly find him to finish what Leo has given to him.

"Kyosei, can I have a minute?" Miyuki looked at Kyosei seriously in which the latter lightly nodded.

Miyuki sits down opposite to the table that Kyosei occupies and pulls out that Balisong before putting it in front of Kyosei. Kyosei recognizes this weapon since he always see this item everytime Leo practices melee combat. As to why Miyuki on why she have it, he actuly don't know.

"Leo-sensei entrusted me to deliver this weapon to you,"Miyuki pushed the Balisong to Kyosei.

"What for?" Kyosei picks up the Balisong on the table. Sure enough, it is Leo's property since his name is engraved on its surface.

"Before he goes to blaze of glory, he said that you know what to do about it once I give it to you. He also said that if you manage to see his wife and son back in the Philippines, he said that you need to show it to them," Miyuki explained.

"I see," Kyosei nodded. He quickly understand what Nanami meant, he is going to be the person that will deliver the bad news to Leo's family that are in the Philippines.

Kyosei gripped the Balisong in his hands. If he is still lucky to last in the harsh world of the the outbreak, he will be sure to sail towards the islands of the Philippines and fulfill Leo's dying wish as soon as he can...


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