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88 When the Dead Screams

 Day 2: 11:42 P.M

Osaka Streets: Kyosei's base

Duration of the Night Rage: 6 hours and 18 minutes left


The light rain earlier turns into heavy rainfall and until now, the rain is yet to stop. Kyosei and the rest monitored the outside area and only the carcasses of the dead are left. Not a single undead are around and they seemed to be sheltering against it which makes everyone heave a sigh of relief since they can rest easy for some time while the rain is still pouring from the sky.

Everyone gathered into the living room, holding the bowls of food. Despite having a hearty meal for now, they don't have too much many food to spare and it will not last for a week with the amount of people eating together. They had to find a way to find food soon.

"Right, I forgot, before the Midnight hits, wear these things," Chie interrupted everyone and pulls out a few random ear plugs made of smooth wood. It looks like a cork if anyone tried to inspect it.

"What is this? Earplugs?" Miyuki wondered while looking at the earplugs in her hands.

"I concluded that the Night Rage is always accompanied by a scream by a certain creature we don't know as of yet. However, that scream is ear destroyer since most of our ears bleed that time. Its quite serious and we didn't get to prepare on that. I heard from Snow that Kyosei is unaffected by the said scream. Most of us are inside the bunker that time but we almost get invulnerable by attacks due to that. So I mentally noted this to avoid the same accident and to avoid our ears get damaged. Kyosei can manage since his headphones acts as the earplugs for him, hence the scream is not able to damage him, meanwhile, us who have nothing to cover our ears are all vulnerable on this. I hope everyone can understand what I am trying to do," Chie said.

Everyone nodded. Many of them got victimized by the said scream since their ear are being tortured to the degree of bleeding. Nathalie and Steven also agreed. If not for the blood curdling scream, they wouldn't be crashed and almost got killed, however, they are still thankful to this guys, despite that most of them need to work their English since only Kyosei, Cindy and Ms. Haruna can understand them.

Kyosei is still a bit silent. He already took off his wet beanie, leaving his hair a mess. Many of them were stunned by how cool his hair looked when the beanie was not on, which made Kyosei angry.

"If only I have a spare, I wouldn't need to bother with you all," Kyosei frowned.

He still continued wearing the Mp3 player and the headphones since they are not even wet in the slightest. Everyone began eating their dinner. Despite being a simple curry, it made everyone smile since they don't know when will be the last time they will be able to eat this kind of food.


After eating food, Kyosei look around the area. If they are going to make use of this place for a while, they will need to make sure the area is secure, not penetrable by looters and bandits, moreover, can last for a long time. Sooner or later, the surrounding areas needed to be looted and soon, the area around them would be fully looted, leaving them no choice but to loot the other areas for new supply. If they plan on staying there for long term, they need to establish the place for better.

After nodding, Kyosei quickly looked for any heater area and find out that the mansion, despite being big, lacked the basic chimney which will be a good area for starting heat. If they will be planning to last here, they might reach winter or any cold times, they really need a heating facility. Kyosei listed that they needed materials to build a basic chimney or any fire chamber that will help everyone warm, avoiding themselves from getting sick.

After doing so, he quickly loom at the food supply. There are still plenty of food and vegetables left in the fridge. However, due to the fact that there are plenty of mouths needed to be fed, this won't last for at least two weeks maximum if not being always used much.

One of the most fundamental things that many survivalists tend to do is to learn how to hunt, however, Kyosei is different. Since this is a city, he will use this chance to build a garden. Despite being a slow and tedious work, this will surely bring benefits for them, especially women that might get interested in planting and gardening hobby. Growing plants that bear food is one of the biggest contribution a person can give in this time, however, since it is tedious, not many liked it. They have plenty of abandoned and no longer usable wheels in the area. This will be a good thing to use as a temporary pot to the plants. However, they still needed a hoe and few seed. Since they don't have the materials, they need to put it on hold for now.

After putting the garden in their targets, Kyosei began looking for the beds. The beds in every room are good for three people to sleep and since this is one of basic commodities in items in survivors, the beds shouldn't be underestimated as they are mostly the last place that you are still going to feel the comfort and forget the tiring day against the undead. Seeing the beds are all in good conditions and not lacking, they don't need to build another, unless a new survivor will appear.

Kyosei proceeded to the area where Miyuki, Cindy, Chie and Snow are working. The beds are solely used for wounded people, and since there are no casualties and injuries, the infirmary is practically empty. Kyosei also noticed the operating table that Chie sets up on.

"Where did you get this?" Kyosei asked.

"The operating table? Its not really one, I just modified it a bit so that it would look like one. I guess this is a table used for food and since the Household Group didn't need it, I practically pull it off their hands to be used as our operating table," Chie proudly said.

Kyosei nodded. In reality, having an operating table is much better than letting a patient lay in random floor or table especially if they are wounded. Even though Chie said that the operating table is customized by her, Kyosei knew that she really made it as her personal operational table. Chie is knowledgeable in medicine and chemistry, which is basically what makes her a truly good medic for them.

He also checked the medicine stacks. Kyosei knew a few of the medicines there but most are not and foreign in his eyes. What he usually recognized are the Morphine and painkillers, a paracetamol and a few cure for stomachache. He also saw a penicillin. There are also the gauzes and band-aids he looted last time at Kirishima High School infirmary. However, he noticed that the supply seems few.

"We only have these?" Kyosei's eyebrow furrow. There are only two boxes full of medicine. It might look like they are plentiful but in reality, most of them are for stomachache. There are barely anything for the wounds. You can even count them in your two hands.

"Its all we managed to find. We can't even dispose the stomachache medicines since it cannot even be used as bartering materials for other survivor groups. It will only be useful to people who frequently needs to go to the toilet we don't need too much on these," Cindy answered.

Kyosei sighed and listed it as his next target to find in the city. Before Kyosei can finish his survey, everyone was startled when Nanami activated the intercom and announces something.

"Guys! Its almost midnight! Please put in your plugs!" Nanami said.

Kyosei looked at everyone and they one by one put on the earplugs in their ears. Since Kyosei didn't need to put on one, he just look at everyone before looking at his watch.

"Right, its almost midnight," Kyosei said. Its only 60 seconds left before it will happen.

Everyone braced themselves. Kyosei suddenly realized that they forgot Laika.

Dogs have sensitive hearings and hearing the scream might destroy their hearing abilities.

"F*ck! Laika!" Kyosei frantically dashed off, looking for Laika.

When he found Laika, the time limit is out and a scream rang out throughout the world, destroying the hearing of the people who are not covering their ears...