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87 A Calm in the Deadly Night Rage

 Day 2: 6:30 P.M

Osaka Streets: Kyosei's base

Duration of the Night Rage: 11 hours and 30 minutes left


The explosion seems to be stronger than expected, much stronger than the grenade. However, Kyosei knew that the undead they killed is not a Juggernaut. Nanami wiped off the dust in her clothes as they stand together with Kyosei who noticed that his left elbow got scraped as he used it to support his landing down into the ground resulting to the wound, however he ignored it.

"You okay Kyosei?" Nanami noticed that wound in Kyosei's elbow since the dust in his elbow is a bit tinge with reddish liquid.

"This is nothing. Its not even worth mentioning," Kyosei said as he wipe off the dust in his uniform. However, he wanted to wash the wound now to avoid the infection. In Apocalypse, having an undressed wound would result to complications and with the world being brutal, having an infected wound could cause unfathomable trouble.

Kyosei climbed the wall once again and as expected, the carcass of the "Juggernaut" is broken beyond recognition, being for feasted by the dead. Not just that but also the dead that onc surrounded it got blasted off the area, ripping off to pieces. Kyosei now know that the enemy they have defeated is not a Juggernaut since a normal Juggernaut doesn't have the Sac-like features that the one possess.

"That is not a Juggernaut for sure but another kind of mutated. A bothersome one too," Kyosei said.

"Yeah, it just exploded when a good amount of its sac membrane got destroyed like it is meant to explode the moment it collides our wall," Nanami agreed. She personally saw the Juggernaut and the of features of the undead that exploded has different features, making them doubt if it really is the same Juggernaut or not. Now that it exploded, Kyosei and Nanami are sure that it is another kind of mutated.

"Let's call that new species as the " Grenadier". Let's hope that we won't meet another one today," Kyosei said as he readies the Colt 45 once again.

Once again, gunshots rings around the area of Kyosei's base. Everyone in the rooftop resumed their shooting process. Once more, the dead are still gathering the area. The battle lasted for approximately 4 hours, leaving a carcass of the undead in the area. Everyone are exhausted and even Kyosei who is always having too much stamina in battle seems to be drained out. However, the area is no longer infested by the dead now as all of them are killed once more, leaving them dead for sure.


Day 2: 10:31 P.M

Osaka Streets: Kyosei's base

Duration of the Night Rage: 7 hours and 29 minutes left


Kyosei double checks the area surrounding the mansion and seeing that the area no longer seems to be populated by the dead except for a few stragglers, there seems to be less danger now.

"Am I getting paranoid?" Kyosei scratches his chin.

For some reason, there seems to be few undead this Night Rage. It doesn't seem to have any further enemies except the Grenadier they just met earlier. Moreover, it seems like they didn't feel any effort on slaying the dead. He also feel that there are no more danger approaching but due to the events last night, he is hesitant to say that it is safe since the last Night Rage got them barely alive.

"It is over for now, however, I guess surveying the area seems to be the most probable thing we need to do. Night Rage is not yet over and it is still long ways before the next sunrise," Kyosei looked at Nanami.

"I am not sure either if it is really a facade or a real safe time. We can't let our guard down. Shifting routine should do so that everyone can rest," Nanami said and sighed before going down the wall.

Kyosei remained in the wall, still hesitant to say it is quite safe. The undead at Night Rage are obviously cunning enough that many have fallen to the scheme of these filthy undead. It is quite obvious since the largest cities in Japan almost succumbed to the might of the undead in just a single night.

Just as he was about to keep his guard more, he suddenly felt wet in his hair. It's just a few droplets but soon, it became a torrent, making his clothes wet due to the rain.

"The rain? Is it due to the rain that caused the undead to get diminished in the vicinity?" Kyosei wondered.


Day 2: 10:35 P.M

Osaka Streets: Blue Mansion

Duration of the Night Rage: 7 hours and 25 minutes left


Rain is heavily pouring down the blue mansion and even the few soldiers defending the base got startled since the amount of undead that are huddled outside their base, ready to tear their walls and gate down diminished and they seemed to disappear from the area.

"What is going on?" Haru who is currently sniping the last undead he found suddenly find it odd since he experienced the last Night Rage. The Night Rage won't end yet before 7 hours and 25 minutes have passed!

"Captain! We cleared out most of the stragglers in the area! What happened sir? This is unusual!" One if his subordinates wore a confused look.

"I don't know either, it might be due to the rain?" Haru rubbed his forehead. He is getting a headache seeing all they of them are able to survive.

Matsubara puff off some smoke before he look at the dead bodies of the undead that are stockpiled outside.

Kato pushed the crate of bullets near the wall, which is the last box he needed to secure before going to Matsubara.

"Sir, everything is secured," Kato said without any emotions showing in his face.

"I see, then relax a bit, you have been working so hard," Matsubara puffed up some smoke once again.

Kato was startled before he saluted and bow down to Matsubara as he retreated to the Living Room.

"This is going to be a peaceful night," Matsubara puffed the last part of his tobacco before flicking it away.


Day 2: 10:35 P.M

Osaka Streets: Shinsaibashi area: Old Man Joe's Refitters

Duration of the Night Rage: 7 hours and 25 minutes left


Old Man Joe frowned. After his cars are speeding outside them, the horde mysteriously dissapeared. This even made the other refitters to sigh in relief due to the fact that they don't need to waste any materials to repair the cars they have refitted.

"Old Man! All of the cars returned to the parking lot. Every car doesn't need any repairs either, we just needed to clean off the blood off the car exterior to avoid rusting the exterior," one of the young refitters said.

"I see, then shower it up with water, there are plenty of water since it is raining! Those who wanted to take a bath, go ahead! Don't get yourselves catch a cold though, hahahaha!" Old Man Joe laughed heartily, leaving his young refitters to feel happy. Having a good bath is a good thing and even the simple bath alleviates their stress level.


Day 2: 10: 40 P.M.

Osaka Streets: Kyosei's base

Duration of the Night Rage: 7 hours and 20 minutes left


The people around the base gathered a few water tarps and a few containers to fill in rain water. With the water from the rain, they don't need to keep on looting for water since they have supply. Its actually a blessing.

Kyosei stood in front of the gate without any umbrella, his whole body is wet and even his headphones, beanie and portable Mp3 player are all wet. However, he doesn't need to worry much on the headphones and Portable Mp3 since they are all Waterproof.

Outside the gate, only the carcasses of the dead are left and the water in the ground, were all dyed red, leaving the puddle of water, blood red.

Miyuki appeared carrying an umbrella and covers him from the rain before she throws in a long towel.

"Keep yourself warm, getting sick is bad for the group," Miyuki said.

"I see, then let's go," Kyosei nodded and retreated in front of the gate.

Miyuki smiled as Kyosei is not in the bad mood. She looked at the dark red sky and smiled. This rain is not that bad at all.