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86 Deadly Mutated

 Day 2: 6:10 P.M

Osaka Streets: Kyosei's Base

Duration of the Night Rage: 11 hours and 50 minutes left


Spotting the Juggernaut not too far from their base, Kyosei grunted as he stretch his body. He still remembered how tired and battered he was after killing the Juggernaut version of Kaze. Now, they needed to face another one with low probability of surviving. Weapon-wise, they lacked on that department. However, Kyosei and most of his subordinates during the outbreak in Kirishima High School knew how dangerous and hard to bring down a single juggernaut.

Now they are going to have another face-off.

"Hold your horses! Focus on the Juggernaut!" Kyosei shouted as he focused his assault on the nearby undead using the Colt 45.

Nanami didn't throw the grenades much since it is one of their weapons that are packed up with power. Instead, she is using the Glock 19 that was previously looted from the last owner of Laika. Since Kyosei ordered a few boxes of ammunition for this which they acquired after the mission of destroying the cult, they have plenty of supply of bullets. She is a good shooter and can precisely hit an undead a few meters away from her. If you compare Kyosei and Nanami's hit rate, Nanami is more precise than Kyosei. However, he is also faring fine despite missing sometimes. It's not something that anyone gets shocked into, he is more trained in melee combats rather than ranged combat. Moreover, he also have no gun training to properly use on shooting.

What the group needed to do is to last until 6 o'clock in the morning and clear the remaining undead. They just needed to last long enough until the Night Rage ended. They don't need to wipe every undead invading though they still need to kill them to avoid further damage.

The Juggernaut is getting closer. Kyosei frowned. This Juggernaut seems to be different than the Juggernaut he defeated last night. It's body structure seems to be different too. The arms on the one he fought last time is full of muscles but this one is much more firm and hard. It also look like it has some rocks growing on it's elbow and much more packed with firm flesh rather than pure muscle. It's back also have a few sacs of weird blobs on it's back and shoulders making him look like he will explode if barraged by bullets.

"That is not a normal Juggernaut!" Nanami shouted, also noticing the weird appearance of the Juggernaut.

The others used the scope of their sniper rifles and the ones who have personally seen the appearance of a Juggernaut nodded while the others who have not seen the appearance of the Juggernaut and have only seen it just now were shivering.

"What the hell is that humongous thing?!" Steven shook his head, trying to see if the Juggernaut were just his imagination but when he looked again, the juggernaut is still there.

"..." Nathalie was speechless. She did not get to shoot at all since she was shocked to see the Juggernaut.

Okabe have seen it in the past though only its corpse. Now, he have seen the real deal.

"Is this the undead that Kyosei defeated last time? That's dangerous!" Okabe shivered.

Kyosei was unfazed. He is more calm than anyone. He quickly assessed the situation before giving out an order.

"Nanami! Throw a grenade to the Juggernaut's location! Delay it's progress!" Kyosei ordered.

Nanami nodded and pulls out one of her grenades, pulls out the pin before she throws it towards the Juggernaut that is slowly treading towards their base. Due to the humongous size of the Juggernaut, the smaller undead are crushed to meat paste whenever the Juggernaut move and steps into the ground.

When the grenade landed into the ground, it bounces for a while before bumping into the nearby undead. Since the undead has no intelligence, it totally ignored what hit on it's body. However, it is quite opposite to the Juggernaut since it crossed both of it's arms like it was defending before the blast of the grenade occurred. The blast instead destroyed most of the nearby undead, killing the running undead reducing them to meat paste and blood. However, the Juggernaut that they are intending to get blasted remained unscathed. This odd movements of the Juggernaut did not escape Kyosei's sharp eyes.

"That Juggernaut still retains it's intelligence! We need to revise the strategy to take it down!" Kyosei shouted to Nanami who is facing to the Juggernaut.

Nanami also noticed it. Kyosei cannot make a mistake on this since he personally fought against one of those creatures. The last Juggernaut he killed did not perform much intelligent movements and only attacks against him though it can also talk when it howled in anger. This one did not show any of those traits and only show calm and composed enemy. It's imposing movements seems to give an aura of invulnerability. Kyosei gritted his teeth to know if there is a good way to learn it's weakness and exploit it.

Sena, Souichi, Okabe, Nejima, Nathalie and Steven did their best to shoot down the Juggernaut, ignoring the little undead that are struggling to scale the wall. However, their efforts seems futile since the bullets that are meant to pierce through flesh only bounced back and cannot even leave a scratch or penetrate it's hard body. They reloaded and kept on firing against it however due to it's impenetrable defense, it seems killing this Juggernaut is not going to be easy.

Then Kyosei suddenly remembered a similar monster he have seen in zombie games with similar sac like back. He quickly shouted, enough for everyone in the rooftop veranda to hear.

"Hey! Shoot it's sacs that are emerging on it's back!"Kyosei also move by walking into the wall, joining Nanami.

"What's the deal?" Nanami was confused.

"I'm not sure if it will work," Kyosei scratched his head as he continue shooting the undead below that are trying to grab their shoes down.

The people in the rooftop veranda heard what Kyosei said and immediately aimed their guns on the target. The juggernaut is almost there into the wall, and a single swing on it's humongous arm will kill Kyosei and Nanami on the spot. Everyone looked at each other and nodded as they return each other's gazes. Sena is the one who is focusing and going to signal to fire.

"Fire at will!" Sena shouted in English before she pulls the trigger. The others also did the same, causing a barrage of bullets to fly.

The juggernaut seems caught off guard and before anything else happens, Kyosei pulls Nanami off the wall before a strong explosion occurred like a grenade exploded in their vicinity.