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85 Countdown of the Dead Part 2 of 2

 Day 2: 5:57 P.M

Osaka Streets: Kyosei's Base

Time before the Night Rage: 3 minutes left


Laika's ears perked up, she gets tensed and seems agitated, barking inside the mansion and not daring to come out of the doorway. Miyuki who is carrying a few medicine kits back to the infirmary halted her steps and approached Laika.

Laika is an intelligent dog. She gave a worried look on Miyuki, like she was telling her that something terrible is brewing outside. When Miyuki reached Laika and saw the dog's reaction, she was momentarily stunned. Kyosei just randomly brought the dog back with him when he was destroying the cult earlier, explaining that it's former owner died. The dog is not a nuisance at all and she won't bother to bark on others, also she seems to be more an observer since she keeps on watching everyone inside the mansion doing various choirs.

Siberian Huskies are energetic dogs, usually enjoys pulling heavy objects as they used to be sleigh dogs that pulls carts and sleighs in snowy and ice covered lands. They are good hunters and has keen eyes along with its good sense of smell. The species of Siberian Huskies are a good source of emotional support as they can sense the emotions of their owners. However, they also accumulate stress like humans. To avoid accumulating stress, the dogs need be exercised regularly, they might destroy random things around. Their stress builds up easily, so letting them exercise regularly is a must and the solution to their stress, helping them cope up.

This should be the case to Laika, however, she showed no discomfort even though she is not moving from her spot. After her odd behavior, she immediately lay down the carpet floor, looking at the huge doorway that leads outside the mansion.

However, when it is almost time for the Night Rage, Laika's behavior changes. She seems to be really vigilant and growls lowly while staring outside the door. Miyuki holds Laika and Laika seems to respond to her but she still focused her attention towards the doorway.

"Did Laika sense some danger?" Miyuki pondered.

The behavior of Laika might have a connection on the events outside the mansion.


By now, everyone outside are preparing for the Night Rage. Only a few more minutes left before the Night Rage, and practically, they are not prepared at all. The little scaffolding that Nanami and the others made is slowly being put to the side of the wall near Kyosei.

Kyosei is much more attentive on the undead's behavior. He is ready mentally on what will happen and what sort of sh*t the Night Rage will bring to them. Before the scaffolding gets installed into the wall, dogs suddenly howl together and even the quiet and reserved Laika inside the mansion also performed the eerie howl.

The howl was so creepy, accompanied by the dark sky, the atmosphere around the base is so terrifying. If not for the lights that are installed, the whole mansion will look like a haunted mansion. Kyosei pulls out his Colt 45, ready to shoot. The undead seems to stop still on their corresponding locations, seems to be listening to the creepy howls. Kyosei looks at his watch, and his suspicion was right, it's already 6 in the evening.

The creepy howl lasted for a full one minute without stopping to pause which seems to be quite impossible, however, Laika didn't seemed to breath at all as she performed her howl alongside with the dogs in the neighborhood. It stopped after the full minute timelapse is done. Alongside the abrupt stop of the howl is the beginning of the nightmare.

The undead din't go straight to Kyosei but instead, goes to feast on the mountain of corpses that Kyosei made earlier and are scattered on the ground. This should split the time that the undead are focused on.

"Kyosei!" Nanami shouted.

Kyosei look towards Nanami's location.

"Catch this!" Nanami throws something circle that Kyosei immediately catches.

It's a grenade. Good thing that Kyosei has good reflexes, allowing him to catch the grenade without the risk of it falling over to the ground. He didn't fear that it will fall down since he is confident that he will catch it. Without thinking twice, he pulls off the pin attached on the grenade using his mouth and throws it to the undead not too far from the wall who are currently feasting on their dead brethren.

"Eat this motherf*ckers!" Kyosei howled.

Kyosei immediately backs down by jumping off the wall back to the yard to avoid the strong blast that the grenade made. Not long after he jumped off, the blast occurs and the air around blows hard, causing dust and smoke to rise in the air. The explosion is not that far but not that near either.

Kyosei did not risk throwing the grenade below the wall even though it is cramping with undead due to the big risk that the wall that are protecting them will collapse, causing the breach.

After the explosion, Kyosei once again climbed up to the wall swiftly and began to look for the dead, however just as he was about to shoot, another explosion occurred not that far. It was Nanami, throwing grenades. Undead also fell one by one since Souichi, Okabe, Sena, Nathalie, Nejima, and Steven begins shooting the dead without restraint. The whole mansion is surrounded by the undead but the flames of battle is getting stronger, making it hard to properly attack.

Kyosei did not think twice, he didn't hesitate to waste his bullets on the undead as he still have plenty of bullets that are stored. He can't be stingy this time. Bullets might be precious but life is much more precious, cannot be replaced, and defending the base till the end is a must.

"Kill!" everyone shouted together with their bloods boiling. They did not hesitate to waste any bullets even it is only limited to a few boxes. If this will help them survive, they have no second thoughts to waste it. Soon, what Kyosei and everyone feared the most appeared not that far from them.

"Kyosei! I spotted one Juggernaut at 3 o'clock!"

Kyosei gritted his teeth. The appearance of the mutated is now going to turn bad. Their situation is not in the advantage at all.