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84 Countdown of the Dead Part 1 of 2

 Day 2: 5:32 P.M

Osaka Streets: Kyosei's Base

Time before the Night Rage: 28 minutes left


The Night Rage is almost here but the preparations are still underway and not yet finished. Sweat pours down on every survivor's body as they quickly do all their jobs. Even Kyosei who is leisurely throwing Molotov Cocktails earlier are having trouble with the short supply of bottles to contain the gasoline. What makes the situation worse, the undead are still outside the walls, seemingly waiting for the right time to move out.

"Tch, this is not effing good," Kyosei frowned seeing the hands of the undead beneath him, trying to reach him up in the wall. Kyosei throws off the bottle that he lit up with flame earlier, causing the undead below to burn.

Sena and Souichi are both shooting without stop. However, their progress is quite small as they need to manually load the bullets by themselves since they have no helper to help them do the work. The supply is also getting thinner as time pass by. Despite having a few box of ammunitions for the Springfield M14, it is barely enough to last for two days if used for 24 hours straight. Though it is really plenty, they won't last on it on how low their proficiency on using the guns. Furthermore, if the strong enemies are added in the Night Rage, these amount is nothing.

The Fortification group are struggling to make the platform. With the pressure of the upcoming Night Rage, they have no idea if they will hold off. Nanami gritted her teeth as she returned to her group carrying a few planks in her arms.

"Guys, these are the last planks available. The wood are also out since the last piece is already used out earlier," Nanami reported.

Everyone's face turned grim. The platform is only available for a single person in the meantime. Moreover, it is not easy to move using the platform due to the limited space. Nejima didn't lose any hope and he continued making the platform.

"If we can finish making the platform, we will help the Extermination group defend the fort!" Nejima said with determination in his eyes. This made the others nod and filled their passion to continue. So what if the supplies are out? They are the second line of defense so they will give backup to the Extermination Group.

Th Household Group are also pressured. They are making snacks for the group and are also preparing the ingredients necessary for the food for dinner which will be eaten by everyone once the Night Rage will pass. Dinner is no longer viable to be eaten at night for them.

The clock keeps on ticking and as seconds keeps on going, the difficulty that the Extermination Group feel are slowly growing, making a very heavy burden for the group, especially Kyosei who is in the frontlines.

Kyosei extended his hand on Okabe to retrieve another bottle but nothing is handed to him.

"Tangleweed! Where is the Molotov Cocktail?!" Kyosei fumed.

"F*cking hell man, I'm not a friggin weed! And the last one you just thrown earlier is the last one in our arsenal you know!" Okabe retorted with a frown on his face.

"Dang it!" Kyosei wanted to get angry but he can't. There is no point getting angry since it is useless. He just used up most of the bottles that they amassed on gathering.

"What are we gonna do?!" Okabe is now hopeless.

"F*ck, go with Short-fuse girl and four-eyes in the veranda rooftop. I will stay here and do my work," Kyosei has no choice. Only by sniping enemies can they help for now since the platform is not yet finished.

Okabe nodded and despite hearing the weird nicknames, he already know who they are. He sprinted towards there and do some shooting.

The Springfield M14 guns they have are not that many however, it is enough to arm 7 people at once. Hence, there are still 5 guns left unused and Okabe recently grabbed the third gun leaving only with 4 guns left.

Kyosei was left on the wall, pondering how to take action in time of the Night Rage. The undead at Night Rage seems to have more enhanced senses than the daytime undead. They also move like they are athletes which is terrifying. The only advantage at Night Rage is that, the undead that are killed are being devoured by their kin, making the disposal much easier. However, they still have doubts if these acts that the undead do in the Night Rage might be the cause of the appearance of the mutated at Night.

Kyosei looked at his watch. Time seems to hasten down. Its already 5:50 P.M. 10 more minutes before the Night Rage. It's so short that he can clearly feel the aura of death in the air and not only him felt it, even the others can feel the intense change in the air. It seems like a disaster is silently brewing. They already experienced the Night Rage last night but they clearly did not anticipated it that time. Now that they are expecting it, the heavy pressure it carries in the air made them nervous. If worse comes to worst, they will never know.

Kyosei looks up in the sky. The sun already set and darkness silently creeps on the surroundings. However, he noticed that the dark sky slowly turn crimson red. Its not a supernatural occurrence since you can actually see it whenever the weather is turning bad. The wind also blows over frequently that causes a few skinny undead to fall over due to the strong wind. In the normal days, its quite normal to see this kind of sky, however, now that the circumstances are different, this crimson sky is really bad and it adds more creep in everyone around. The perfect sky for the apocalytpse.

Kyosei rubbed his nose, he can feel the moisture in the air.

"Rain, huh? It's been a while since the rain fell from the sky," Kyosei muttered before looking at the glowing eyes of the undead below him