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83 Preparations against the Dead

 Day 2: 4:49 P.M

Osaka Streets: Kyosei's Base

Time before the Night Rage: 1 hour and 11 minutes left


Kyosei already used a dozen of bottles of Molotov Cocktail. The strategy is effective somehow however, the undead are still flocking around the area. Kyosei can even see a few burly undead in the group. If the Night Rage begins, he is quite sure that those fat undead will mutate into Hurlers or Juggernauts. He is not sure though.

Okabe quickly filled a few bottles already and he is the one using the old clothes that is easily flammable to put into the bottles as the necessary part to burn. He hands the Molotov cocktails to Kyosei and he is the one who will light it up so that the cloth will be preserved before it will be thrown.

Sena and Souichi also did their best by sniping up in the veranda by using the Springfield M14. Souichi is still getting the hang of it while Sena is already an expert. She can burst the heads without too much problem in aiming unlike the newbie Souichi.

"D*mm it! I am just wasting bullets!" Souichi frowned seeing all of the bullets he shoot earlier missed their marks.

Sena sighed and goes towards Souichi before she properly teaches Souichi again.

"You dumb*ss, that is not how you aim properly. Also, stabilize your breathing when aiming, if possible, hold it to focus on your target. Do not rely much on the scope and use angles first that will properly enhance your shooting and avoid missing!" Sena explained.

Souichi smiled and kissed Sena in the cheeks.

"Thank you," Souichi grinned.

Sena punches Souichi lightly in the shoulder like she was just bumping.

"Heh, just do.what you need to do now or you will face Kyosei's anger," Sena chuckled before she returns to her shooting targets.


On the other hand, the fortifications group finally progressed fast and they are able to build the first platform that will be attached to the wall later. They have easy time making it since Steven and Nathalie are with them, making Nejima and Nanami amazed by their trick. However, this is not enough and still not that stable to stand on. They still needed more supportive pillars on the platform to avoid accidents like sudden collapse which is really bad.

They will not finish the project soon and they still needed time to finish their task, they even needed to work while the Night Rage is here.

"We can't finish this platform in our intended time," Steven said, wiping his sweat.

"Of course we won't finish this today. Do you think we are some professional builders who can make things like in just a snap?" Nathalie frowned while holding the hammer.

Nanami only understood a bit of their conversation about professional builders and some sort of hammer. Nejima also wear a confused look, leaving the two on pondering the conversation of the two. They need to fix the language barrier sooner or later...


The Household Group made the most progress. Chie's group already converted the few rooms in the second floor to be a patient room. They don't need to worry about the resting lounge due to the amount of rooms available. Also, they will are not sure how long will they be able to keep on staying here anyway. Miyuki gathered enough bandages and a few medicines that is necessary for treating wounds. Cindy and Snow also gathered the medicines for sickness like fever, cough and cold. Being sick in the apocalypse is really hard and whenever possible, they needed to be healthy all the time.

Chie is busy looking at the specimens she have gathered. She still have no idea if the cause of the undead outbreak might be due to virus, bacteria or fungal infections. She also don't know if it is airborne or waterborne kind one or it is a virus that is only applicable to certain creatures.

Haruna's group made most progress as they finished cleaning the bloodshed on the floor. Risha and Yuki began taking off the curtains and a few bedsheets that have been tainted with blood to wash off. Haruna and Risa begins on organizing the supplies necessary for now and the supplies that needed to be stored. They kept the ammunitions, the guns, the arsenal and a few lethal weapons in the lounge for easy access whenever needed.


Day 2: 5:10 P.M

Osaka Streets: Kyosei's Base

Time before the Night Rage: 50 minutes left


Minutes pass by and Kyosei's wasted lots of bottles in supplies. Apparently, their bottle supply is diminishing that is why, Kyosei decided to lure in a few mobs before throwing the Molotov to increase the kill count. His only problem now is how to dispose the burnt corpses. The undead might eat them when the Night Rage comes but he is unsure of the evolution system that these undead possess during Night Rage.

The burnt flesh clearly emanated in the air and any people with low stomach endurance will vomit due to the smell, however, Kyosei is not that weak smelling anything like this. He just covered his nose and mouth with the facemask he usually use to infiltrate bases to avoid being known and to avoid traps like sleeping gas.

Kyosei's worry is that the cause of the infection might be airborne. He have seen many in movies that the virus are airborne and humans who unluckily smelled the virus will turn into one. However, he quickly dismissed the idea. They have been smelling this things since last night and nothing happened to them. It only means that the cause of infection is not something that is airborne. The only three more plausible causes and that should be waterborne, transmitted by body fluid or a carrier cause it.

It might be waterborne due to the fact that the water in the country lately have been polluted. However, there are many advocates that lessens the water pollution by now so he is still not sure. Transmitted to bodily fluid is one of the biggest point that made the outbreak. It is true since there are many people exchanging salivas everyday due to kissing and other lecherous actions. The sweat and urine also might be one but he is unsure about it. The last one is also plausible which is having a carrier. Examples are the mosquitoes. The appearance of the mosquitoes and their trait to turn normal humans into skeletons in a few seconds is really frightening, however, these people never remained dead and will also rise up with the dead again. Kyosei's head hurts thinking about it.

The undead pile outside the wall are still slowly rising up. Kyosei frowned. He never expected that this is really bad for everyone's health after all. He needed to find a way to clear it or wait until Night Rage and let the dead consume their fallen brethren.