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82 Group of the Dead

 Day 2: 4:49 P.M

Osaka Streets: Kyosei's base

Time before the Night Rage: 1 hour and 11 minutes left


The streets outside Kyosei's base is filled with undead. After the disappearance of their targets, they are now wandering in the area, hoping to find the food that escaped from their grasp. On the other hand, the two people who are being chased earlier are huffing and trying to catch their breaths. These two are none other than Kyosei and Souichi.

The two lay on the lawn, sprawled out along. with their looted supplies and weapons.

"Yes, we arrived safely!" Souichi smiled as he lay on his back, staring at the sky that is slowly turning into darkness.

"..." Kyosei is not talking. Apparently, he is still trying to catch his breath. He never anticipated the constant pursuit of the enemies. He felt his chest hurt, and his legs trembling. He is never an athletic person nor he is a good runner. One of his very weakness is running.

In the past, he never run around to escape enemies, instead, he uses the advantage of his surroundings against his enemies. He never uses his energy to run away but today, he was forced to do so.This is one of the disadvantages he have since he was a kid. He is easily tired and he usually avoid doing troublesome things. Last night, he keeps on running but he keep it on minimum and he never sprinted at all. Now, however, he used most of his energy to sprint at least 150 meters. Its not that far but that how Kyosei is in terms of running. The first rule of the Zombieland known as Cardio is already not applicable for Kyosei.

The others rushes out of the mansion as they are notified that they arrived. Sena rushes to Souichi while Cindy and Miyuki help Kyosei up. He was pale and he looks like he is in need of blood.

"Kyosei! Are you alright?" Miyuki asked as she helped Kyosei to rise up.

"Can't you see that I am too pale? You think I am okay?!" Kyosei growled.

"Let him rest, Miyuki-san. It's a hard experience for him, we can't force him to speak," Cindy said to Miyuki as she also helped Kyosei up.

Miyuki's lips twitched as she heard this.

'Just you wait! I will conquer his heart and I will soften his behavior! You can't take him away from me!' Miyuki throws a glare at Cindy.

'What are you staring at?! You think that since you have more history with him you can get his yes? In that case, you are wrong and I will prove you that!' Cindy squinted her eyes as she look at the glaring Miyuki.

Kyosei clicked his tongue and break off from the two maiden's hands.

"I will go on my own, if you two are freaking nurses then the patient you are attending are dead now, piss off," Kyosei said, clearly he is pissed as the two are just glaring at each other.

Chie handed Kyosei and Souichi a bottle of water in which the two immediately consumed. Miyuki and Cindy continued doing their glaring contest.


After the two managed to catch their breaths, Nanami showed the group on the situation outside the base.

"The amount of the undead outside our base are getting thicker. We already experienced that during the Night Rage, this will get really worse if left alone. They might breach our gate if the Night Rage occurs. We need to fortify our base for now. We have no more time to waste. As we are speaking, the undead will keep on getting thicker outside, giving us a troublesome and restless Night. I suggest that a few of us should wipe out the undead outside while remaining inside the safe perimeter while the rest will fortify our safe haven. We can't let the undead reach and kill us all this Night," Nanami said.

"However, we have no supplies and materials to use. If we try gathering the supplies, it will cost us a few more hours and we have no more time left for that. How can we do it?" Souichi asked his little sister.

"Earlier, we managed to recover a few wooden planks and nails in the storage. Since we don't need to fortify the windows and doors due to the wall around us, we will use these materials to create a platform in the wall that can help us to attack the enemies without risking our lives,"Nanami said and the other survivors nodded in confirmation.

"I see, I shall participate in extermination then," Kyosei said. He has no talent in making fortifications at all.

"Since Kyosei is participating in extermination, how do we do our extermination job then without using too much resources?" Steven asked.

"We will use the gasoline we have in our arsenal. The gasoline can be converted into Molotov Cocktails to deal wide area damage. We can also use those coin containers to deal a few undead though it is still not that good, it can still deal a damage to them. We will keep our limited ammunition for now unless we are breached," Kyosei said.

"Okay, we will divide our tasks then," Nanami said as she pulls out a small pocket notebook and a pen in her pocket.

"We will divide our tasks into three. The Extermination team, Fortification team and Household team. I will explain these groups. Obvious on its name, Extermination team will deal with the undead. They will also act as the watchers and first line of defensive for our group. Kyosei will be the leader on this team since he is now sure on this task," Nanami said and look towards Kyosei.

"I don't care, as long as everything is already good," Kyosei said, disregarding the gazes of everyone.

"Okay, moving on, the second one is the Fortification team. They will be in charge of building fortifications and defenses in this area. They will be the second line of defense and will provide backup to the Extermination group if necessary. I will be the leader on this group as I know quite a few designs for our base fortifications. The last one will be the Household Group. This is the easiest but the most meticulous of the three tasks. The people in this group should be good in cooking and household choirs. They will also be the one who will be cataloging our supplies and weapons supplies. They will be the one who will be in task making our base healthy and free from disease. These group will be our personal doctors and nurses, and these people will be the medics that will deal with the injuries. There are two leaders in this group in which will deal with the choirs and medicine staff, however, it is still the same group," Nanami said.

"Then, let me be the one to lead the medicine area in the Household Group. I have the knowledge and expertise in this area," Chie said.

"I see, then you will be the one then," Nanami nodded and scribbled on the paper.

"Then, I will volunteer as the leader of the Household Group," Haruna said, as she resolutely move forward.

"I have no objection on that, in fact I will be glad to nominate her," Risha nodded, even her friends Risa and Yuko did not complain.

"Alright, since there is no more trouble, then we should begin on the member allocation then," Nanami said.

Everyone nodded. Just in a span of minutes, everyone are divided into three groups. The Extermination Group consists of Kyosei, Souichi, Okabe and Sena. It might be weird since Sena is the only woman in the group but Kyosei acknowledges her to be worthy to be a fighter which make her nod in satisfaction. The Fortification Group consists of Nanami, Nejima, Steven, and Nathalie. Nobody complains as the two presidential son and daughter both experienced boot camps and survival training, making them good for the group. The Household Group Nursing are consisted of Chie, Cindy, Miyuki and Snow.They have the knowledge to do the medications and they have first hand experience on doing so. The Household Group Cooking and Cataloguers consists of Miss Haruna, Risha, Yuko and Risa. The group is now properly divided.

"All is good now, we have no time to waste, let's go do our work before the Night Rage begins!" Nanami said.

Everyone nodded. This is now going to be their new job in the world of apocalypse.

Since the platforms are not yet ready or precisely not going to be ready in the for the Night, Kyosei ordered Souichi and Sena to go to the veranda rooftop of the mansion. They will be tasked to snipe the undead that passes through the safe perimeter of the base. Kyosei on the other hand is quite confident in his balancing and can use the wall as his platform, therefore, he didn't need to snipe in the platform. Armed with the Colt 45 and with Okabe supplying him with the Molotov Cocktails, he is getting his game on.

The Fortification Group gathers the necessary materials. The planks are all necessary. Nanami even demanded that even the smallest plank is needed in this project. Nejima and Nathalie gathered the necessary tools. They have a few hammers and a good to use saw. There are nails too. Nanami refrained using the nailgun's nails due to its necessity and it is considered as an ammo supply. Therefore, only the nails without the proper casing can be used as a supply for building things.

The Household Group begins their choirs. Chie's group are now gathering a few materials always necessary for a laboratory and for a small infirmary. Haruna's group are tidying up the place. They began mopping the floor which are stained with blood earlier. They did not complain as this job is much easier to do than the others are doing.

Everyone are now filled with hopes that they will survive. For the first time, they accepted the world of the dead as they synchronize to each other...