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81 Scavenge the Dead Part 5 of 5

 Day 2: 4:21 P.M

Osaka Streets

Time Before the Night Rage: 1 hour and 39 minutes left


What Kyosei felt earlier is true. It was calm at first but then, chaos descends. The undead suddenly became too violent. They didn't just stand in the streets, waiting for the car to smash them to smithereens but instead, they jump into the sides of the car, trying to take it down.

"F*ckers! They are everywhere!" Souichi is trying his hard to get rid of the undead that are holding the sides of the car by using the method of slamming the car door against the adversaries.

Kyosei also did the same and he sometimes lead the undead to the wreckage. Despite the undead to be fragile and rotten, they still possess inhuman strength, enough to topple the car that they are riding. Kyosei steps on the accelerator once again, speeding through the dead that leaps towards the speeding car. There are unlucky ones that leaps through the car but misses, landing instead into the hard asphalt, killing them. The lucky ones that got to hold into the sides of the car are trying their hardest to breach their defense, only to be slammed off by Kyosei and Souichi, leaving them to smithereens.

One of the undead became clever and punches through the windshield.

"Don't let that undead destroy one of our windshields!" Kyosei shouted.

Souichi goes to the back of the car and like the usual, he opens the car door in a surprise manner, causing the dead to fall.

"Fall just like that, suckers!" Souichi laughed heartily.

"Don't think its over! We are still in danger!" Kyosei steers the car hard, giving the tires a screeching sound.

Kyosei maneuvers the car to a narrow street thst only a single car can pass through. Kyosei doesn't know where they are right now due to the trouble that the undead caused him, straying away from the track intended for going home.

"At this rate, our gas won't last enough for us to reach back to the base!" Kyosei muttered seeing the meter of the gas almost reaching the low level.

Souichi opened his phone, apparently, his phone was also installed with the map with an indicator where they are already.

"No, we are almost there, around 3000 meters from here Northeast!" Souichi said confirming their distance from their base.

"Good, let's ditch these bastards off the car!" Kyosei said, agitated by the actions of the undead. The dead kept on going to topple their car but due to Kyosei and Souichi is efforts to get rid of them, the car did not topple down though they almost crashed on a wreckage.

"That was a close one!" Souichi wiped off his sweat after they almost crash.

Kyosei did not speak, he just focused his eyes on the road, and sometimes, he uses the door to crash the undead trying to disrupt their momentum.

"Sh*threads! You think we will fall down?! You all need to die!" Kyosei shouted as he push the accelerator, speeding through the horde.

"We are almost there!" Souichi said as he look at his phone. The phone shoes that their distance are almost below 1000 meters already, however, their gas hits the critical levels.

"Go on, go on!" Kyosei kept muttering as he steps on the accelerator more as he wanted to speed through the base. The undead are still in pursuit. And even the undead that leaps to their car are also on pursuit however, Kyosei kept on steering the car to avoid the undead from getting to hold on the car.

500 meters... 400 meters... 300 meters... 200 meters...

At long last, Kyosei and Souichi saw the mansion not far from their location. However, the car stopped running, the car is out of gas.

"F*ck! No!" Kyosei cursed. Why now that they are almost there?! Kyosei and Souichi gets off the car, brushing off the undead on pursuit. Now that Kyosei thinks about it, the undead seems swifter than the normal one. Perhaps they are mutated?

Souichi holds the Assault Rifle and shoots the on pursuit undead.

"Let's just run!" Kyosei begins on sprinting.

Souichi also goes on sprint. If they are caught up, they will die. They don't care if they are out of breath, as long as they can arrive to the car safe. The undead's abnormal movements seems to be much faster than the usual one. However, its not the speed that the undead can move during Night Rage. The sky is getting darker than usual 4 in the afternoon.

"Is this an advance Night Rage?" Kyosei frowned.

According to Chie, the Night Rage occurs at 6 in the evening where the sun mostly sets. However, this might not be the case since its not yet fully dark and the time is not yet 6 in the evening.

Kyosei shook his head. He can't think much on it for now. His thought is focused on reaching the base and allowing themselves safe at the base. With the adrenaline rush from the danger they are within, Kyosei did not feel tired despite sprinting for over 150 meters. They finally reach the gate of the mansion, but since it is close, the two needed to climb it.

"This gate is high! Ho can we climb it?!" Souichi sweats.

"Idiot, we don't have to climb the gate, we need to climb the wall, besides, its too high if we try to climb the gate, are you insane?" Kyosei frowned.

Souichi is speechless. Since he panicked, he didn't get to think rationally of his own decision and only saw the towering gate of the mansion, forgetting about the wall which is a bit lower than the gate.

Kyosei climbed the wall faster with his parkour skills, he can climb any walls as long as it can be climbed, he knew how to do parkour on the wall without any difficulty. On the other hand, Souichi is not that good in parkour. It is evident in his movements back in Shinsaibashi Boutique Area. However, when his life is on the line, he will need to get through the fear and do it.

The two successfully reached the top of the wall, safely reaching through the mansion while still carrying the loot they obtained. Souichi thought that he will never ever do a scavenging job like this again...