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80 Scavenge the Dead Part 4 of 5

 Day 2: 3:58 P.M

Osaka Streets: Shinsaibashi Boutique Street

Time before the Night Rage: 3 hours and 2 minutes left


Kyosei repeated his actions. Aim, shoot, reload. But now, Kyosei is in guard on how much he will shoot. He only have three magazines of bullets left in his bag and he cannot do a full burst. Sooner or later, he will need to use all of the bullets he have. Souichi is still hotwiring the car.

"You done yet?!" Kyosei gritted his teeth.

"Not yet! Give me a few more minutes!" Souichi said, also having trouble on doing his job.

"Make it fast! I'm running out of bullets!" Kyosei said.

If worse comes to worse, Kyosei has to do melee attacks. This is too troublesome whatever aspect he look at.

The undead just keep on advancing. If the corpses littered on the ground is already plenty, then the undead that are currently making their way towards the two are no longer enough to be called plenty. It's like the entire city is here in the streets.

At long last, after having a hard time doing so, Souichi revealed a sigh of relief after he successfully done hotwiring the car.

"Kyosei get in! I have for finished the preparations!" Souichi said, giving the driver seat vacant.

"Just in time!" Kyosei sighed in relief. The M14 last mag is already intact inside the gun. Kyosei opened the car and quickly gets in to the driver seat.

Their loots are already in the backseat. The undead are almost near the car's windshield.

"Let's go!" Kyosei steps the gas and controls the car immediately.

Despite the amount of undead present currently, the car just ran past through them, coating the car in blood and flesh. The windshield is getting stained but Kyosei already used the wipers to do its job. In just a few struggles and slow progress escaping the area, the car managed to pass through the horde leaving the remaining undead without giving any chance to catch up...


Day 2: 4:00 P.M

Osaka Streets: Kyosei's base

Time before the Night Rage: 3 hours left


Nanami is focused in the monitor of the screen, even the others who are just watching everything are getting shivers like they are watching a movie. The footage they are currently watching is Kyosei and Souichi is escape. Nanami silently added a hidden camera in Kyosei's uniform after he passed out. This is good for observing where they are now. Since Nanami put it on Kyosei's collar, he didn't noticed that there is a hidden camera attached.

The hidden camera is created by Nanami using scrap materials from phones that Kyosei previously looted last night. He managed to create a hidden camera, capable of capturing the video they are watching. Also, Nanami is observing their location and where the possible horde are currently. Since it is the case, she was helping Kyosei warn if there is an enemy however, that help is limited.

For the others watching the footage, they can't have the same composure that Kyosei can do. Its practically impossible for them to remain calm even though the dangers surrounded them.

"This going out of hand. We can't even properly get a can of beans and this is what will happen to us? Its practically suicidal!" Okabe clenched his fist.

"We have no choice much. We don't have much time to spare and death is hard to evade in situations like this. We can't avoid doing what Kyosei is doing," Snow said.

The pandemic already spread throughout Osaka and other parts of Japan. Not only Japan but also the other parts of the world. They have no idea where is the safe place now.

"Sooner or later, humans will go extinct in this planet," Miss Haruna said with a grim face.


Day 2: 4:03 P.M

Osaka Streets

Time before the Night Rage: 2 hours and 57 minutes left


The sky is now dyed with tinge of orange due to the setting sun. Though it is still early and not that late for the Night Rage to officially begin, the dead lingering the streets are too many to count. The car that Kyosei and Souichi using is currently showing a few dents, moreover, the blood and flesh splattering on its exterior is made the normal color blue of the car, tainted with blood.

"There are too many undead! Sooner or later, our car will get outbalanced due to the bodies of the undead! What are we going to do?" Souichi is already panicking.

Kyosei gritted his teeth again. He did not plan this enough. He underestimated the amount of undead that will appear in the streets. Moreover, they are too strong to begin with, they can topple the car if not due to the fast acceleration of the car. Kyosei easily made the car maneuver around the wreckage and the undead. Despite the blurry windshield, Kyosei still managed to pinpoint their location and the wreckage that are scattered in the streets.

"We need to outrun them and evade them. The dead won't be that much many in the streets," Kyosei said.

The car continues speeding through the streets despite the obstacles. The undead shows no decrease and the amount is still the same, whichever streets they pass by. Kyosei already don't know how many undead he killed using the car. He is getting impatient seeing how many times he have changed the streets he is moving and see not a single change.

"If this goes on, our car will get out of fuel and the dead will be surrounding us!" Souichi said.

Kyosei looked at the meter that corresponds on the amount of gas left.

"We still have a bit of half tank. This is enough for us to reach the base!" Kyosei said as he steps the accelerator once more.

The car made a few turns and before they knew it, the undead that the car bumps is slowly decreasing.

"All right! The undead in this area are not that many, we have chance to outrun them!" Souichi said after sensing that the undead in the streets are decreasing and not that much plentiful unlike earlier.

Kyosei did not relax. The situation is still grim. Its not yet on their own favor. With Kyosei doing the maneuver, he is still not confident that the dead has no more chance increasing. In fact, he is still thinking that the escape is not yet within their grasp. His instincts is kicking in and he is quite sure that he is not wrong. This might be "The calm before the storm".