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79 Scavenge the Dead Part 3 of 5

 Day 2: 3:41 P.M

Osaka Streets: : Shinsaibashi Boutique Area

Time before the Night Rage: 3 hours and 19 minutes left


Time passed by and Kyosei and Souichi didn't even know that they have ventured far from their base and already reached the Shinsaibashi Boutique Area. After meeting lots of horde, they keep running without stopping. They sometimes go on a loot but they have no time to loot all of the items in the area.

Right now, they are currently running away from the dead. The undead might be slow but they quickly occupy what remaining space there is, what's more, the head count of the undead cannot be tallied easily jut by looking in the eye. For some reason, the undead keeps on seeing them. They can't rest in just a minute and they just keep on seeing these annoying corpses.

"F*ck! They don't really stop!" Souichi pants as he leans on the wall. He just keep on running without stopping when they arrive on a small mini mall. The undead inside are also plentiful so they have to fight back.

Kyosei is also not in the better situation. He is sweating profusely and he is catching his breath. Apparently, he is getting tired as time passes by. With the loot getting heavier, their movements are getting slower too which is not good for them who are on the run.

Encumberment means getting slowed down due to the items they are carrying, slowing their movements. This is what is currently happening to the two of them. The loot is getting heavier and getting precious too. However, Kyosei can only bitterly shook their head in disappointment. They can't carry what is excessive for them. They keep on running so if they do loot it and run while carrying heavy load, they will easily tire down.

Their loot composed of different materials. Only the Winchester Shotgun is the very precious loot they have as they have not seen or looted a single gun from their venture.

"Should we still loot?" Souichi asked as he opens a bottle of water and drank its cold contents.

"No, if we keep on letting our baggage getting heavier, we won't be able to go back at all. That means we need to stop looting and find a good way to transport back," Kyosei answered as he wipe his sweat.

"I see, so should we get a car?" Souichi scratches his head.

"I guess. I planned to walk back to the base but after the horde is now following us, we have no choice but to use a car. We can fend off there is a car against the horde, moreover, we will reach back there before the Night Rage strikes," Kyosei answered. Its one of his logical reasons.

Nanami keeps on telling them to return earlier but they have not listened much due to their busy loot but now that they are on this situation, they have to put more strain to themselves this time. Souichi and Kyosei looks for a car. Since they have no key for the car, they have to hotwire the cars that they wanted to use. Its hard and will cost a lot of time but what can they even do?

They started looking for a good condition car in the wreckage in the streets by looking down on the windows. They have outrun the undead for a while so the streets are a bit empty except for a few undead wandering around the narrow street.

"There is a car around East from our location. Its in a good condition and easy to maneuver out of the wreckage. However, it is near the horde. Should we go for it?" Souichi asked.

Kyosei looked around but he didn't spot any good car. The only car he found is the car that Souichi spotted first. Not far ahead, the dead is far from the car. They can reach the car but they will need a few more time to hotwire the car, which means, they need to defend the car to finish hotwiring it.

"We have no choice! Let's go!" Kyosei quickly go on his feet.


In the streets, they arrived in the car's location faster than they expected.

"Do you know how to hotwire a car?" Kyosei asked. Apparently, he doesn't know how to hotwire one.

"I know quite a bit but I don't know how fast I can do it. It might take some time," Souichi opens the bottom of the steering wheel revealing a few wires.

"Okay, I will defend. You go ahead and do your job!" Kyosei said and retrieved the M14 in Souichi's shoulder.

Kyosei is not experienced using a high caliber firearm like the M14. However, he played games like this and the gun he is holding now is very similar. Souichi know's how to use it and Kyosei already have seen him use it last time. He uses the posture usually being used when carrying the heavy M14 and with his fast adaptability, he quickly learned how to use it.

He quickly aimed the gun towards the dead. A few of the undead already have their eyes on them and are already making their way to get them.

"Come, you rotten bastards!" Kyosei holds the gun hard enough to avoid the strong recoil.

Souichi already begin his job while Kyosei did not use the gun yet. Kyosei is having a hard time, the enemies are present in both sides. His gun is also limited with bullets and the amount is not going to last to wipe every hostiles around.

When the undead are around 3 meters away from them, Kyosei begins to open fire.


The M14 is releasing countless of bullets. The strong recoil shakes his shoulders however, Kyosei can endure this kind of beating. With a barrage of bullets like that, lots of the dead are down. But some are not dead after being hit in the body only. Kyosei picks another magazine of bullets and replaced the empty mag.

"Die! Bastards!"