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78 Scavenge the Dead Part 2 of 5

 Day 2: 3:18 P.M

Osaka Streets: Shinsaibashi Area: Random Pawnshop

Time before the Night Rage: 3 hours and 43 minutes left


The Winchester Shotgun is an automatic shotgun that can be loaded up to five shells. It has mid range and can be used to kill enemies without aiming for the head. However, this is rare in Japan and most common in America and only rich people in Japan really use money to get a hold of a licensed Shotgun. That is why Kyosei is stunned to see a shotgun in a locker of the pawnshop. The shotgun is loaded with five shells and there are spare shells left inside the locker, totalling into 60 shells.

"F*ck, are my eyes tricking me?" Souichi rubbed his eyes seeing the small bag containing the shotgun shells.

Kyosei unloaded the gun just to be safe and put it inside the empty duffel bag.

"Four-eyes, stay on lookout here below. I will look around in the second floor," Kyosei ordered.

Souichi nodded as he continued packing up the jewelries inside a small briefcase. Meanwhile, Kyosei goes to the second floor. Its another area but mainly for appliances and a few gadgets. Compared to the chaotic bottom floor, the second floor seems to be more peaceful. There are no broken glass displays and there seems to be no signs of blood and struggles around. However, Kyosei is a cautious person. He doesn't believe any silence and better environment to be safe. Most likely, he usually use his vigilance and scans for dangers usually.

Just as he expected that is why it is silent because the undead there seems busy eating a fellow who is unlucky.

"Tch, as expected," Kyosei smashes the glass display nearby, catching the attention of the dead.

The dead quickly noticed Kyosei and slowly walked towards him with saliva and bloody flesh, sticking in their mouth.

"Stay down, motherf*ckers!" Kyosei waves his kukri and smashes the brains of the dead. He didn't stop moving as he strikes quickly against the slow moving undead. Besides, only a few undead are present in the second floor and it did not exceed the amount of undead below.

After clearing the dead, Kyosei breaks the glasses containing the gadgets like smartphones and laptops. This is beneficial for Nanami and for the development of the technology that Nanami loves to do. Kyosei stuffed most of them in the duffel bag. He didn't touch the other appliances and the other gadgets there. It is useless for him.

"This place is done," Kyosei sighed and returned back to the ground floor.

Going down the stairs, Kyosei saw Souichi crouching on one of the displays. Kyosei looks outside and saw a few undead moving. Basically, it is a horde. When Souichi noticed Kyosei, Kyosei is telling him to go to the second floor. Souichi slowly creep towards the stairs silently, without having the dead notice him. Just as he was about to reach the stairs, he stepped on a shattered glass. causing a sharp sound.

"F*ck!" Souichi cursed.

Kyosei pulls Souichi up, and let him climb the second floor. Kyosei looks back to the door and as expected, the undead crowded on the close door and only several banging are left on the before it will crash down.

Kyosei grunted and returns to the second floor. Souichi is panicking and he is already drenched in sweat.

"Sh*t, it's my fault! What are we going to do?!" Souichi is looking at the second floor, frantically looking for an escape route.

Kyosei is not on panic and instead, he scanned the windows. There are only a few more windows that are located just beside the next building. The window is large enough for them to squeeze in. Due to this, Kyosei picks up a heavy television and forcefully throws it to the window, breaking the glass.

Kyosei looks at the building beside them. Luckily, it is a veranda and not a straight building without any chance of escaping.

"Souichi, we need to jump," Kyosei said without any emotions.

"What?!" Souichi paled.

Just as they were discussing, a shattering sound resounded below and a series of gruntled and moaning sounds came in. The undead arrived.

"Hurry, I will hold them," Kyosei said while still calm on it.

Souichi is not that good in jumping. Below, there are a few undead wandering there. If Souichi fell down, he is literally going to be food for the dead. The distance he needed to jump isn't too far from the second floor of the pawnshop, however, he has no courage.

"Four-eyes! Jump!" Kyosei is now gritting his teeth. The undead are all now on the stairs.

Souichi has no choice but to jump, for some reason, he was able to reach the next area, though he landed on his body, causing a few bruises on his arms. Kyosei followed suit and jump with ease, landing just beside him.

"Scaredy-cat, you won't survive if you keep getting afraid," Kyosei said.

Souichi sighed in relief. Kyosei helped him stand up and look once more the pawnshop brimming with undead.

"Let's go. We have no time to dawdle around here. The dead are quite getting bothersome now," Kyosei wiped the dust off from his uniform before opening the door.

"Hey, I never expected that you are so calm despite the dead invading the pawnshop, are you not afraid to die?" Souichi wiped off his sweat.

"No, death is not that scary. Its not even something that we can evade. It always follow us without making a sound but once it gets to move in time, we don't know when. I'm always prepared and I don't really care about it," Kyosei said.

Souichi is speechless. A person like Kyosei is just too hard to predict.

They quickly traverses the building next to the pawnshop. And since the undead are still flocking the streets, Kyosei and Souichi needed to be really careful and has to be vigilant in their every action. One wrong move will result to dispose their fragile life out in this rotten world.

The building next to the pawnshop is a normal cafe with a veranda on its second floor. The place used to be really amazing and many couples flock here to do their dates here bit now, only the undead are here along with Kyosei and Souichi who are desperately looking for supplies.

Since they are in the cafe, all they managed to loot are condiments and a few ingredients for making sweets like sweetener and flour. Kyosei and Souichi did not dawdle too long in the cafe and will need to escape instead. The cafe is not that precious. They only managed to get a few container of sugar and coffee yet this already big help.

After a long while, they needed to pass by using the window again before circling around to return to the base. Though Souichi is not courageous enough to jump, he has no choice. He can only choose to die or to jump. Kyosei on the other hand has no difficulties passing from one building to another. He throws his supplies first into the next building before performing a long jump. Its quite hard and frightening especially if you look below where countless of undead are wandering in the streets. One wrong grip or one short jump means instant death.