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77 Scavenge the Dead Part 1 of 5

 Day 2: 3:00 P.M

Osaka Streets: Outside Kyosei's base

Time before the Night Rage: 4 hours left


The coin container is not really a good weapon that can be used by anyone in the group. It needs extreme mastery and precision, furthermore, the mastery of throwing weapons. Kyosei barely manage to use it. Most likely, he just used this new weapon as a semi-range weapon as he usually use it for bashing heads. The containers may be plastic but the heaviness of the container is enough to incur damage to anything if force is applied. However, this weapon is not that useful for the Night Rage, moreover, it barely helps at all. This item is more likely good for bashing near enemies and for precision in throwing, its much better to use throwing knives instead of these.

Souichi even tried to use it but for the fact that it really lacked the main lethality of it, furthermore, the precision and mastery needed, he failed to use to its full potential. However, this is still a good breakthrough in using the coins for actual battle. Kyosei initially thought and planned to smelt the coins however, practically, nobody from their group knows how to smelt. Also, due to the lack of good facilities, that will be more harder to make.

Since there are only barely three hours remaining for their normal mode before they enter hell once more, Kyosei was forced to scavenge for weapons and supplies as well. Kyosei will use the remaining time left to plunder the surrounding area with loot and possible materials that can benefit their advancement.

Scavenging might be called stealing, however, in this chaos stricken world, scavenging will be the most common job of a survivor now especially those who move from one place to another, making life more harder. Furthermore, as the time passes by, resources will soon plummet and the harvest will sooner or later fall and even a single can of one week expired corn soup will be considered as luck as time pass by.

Scavenging cannot be taken lightly in apocalypse. It might be easy at first, however as the time pass by, the collection rate will also get heavier for a single survivor to take, causing casualties. Moreover, not only the undead poses a danger now but also the living survivors who are also competing for supplies. The competitors will not hesitate to kill if they see anyone trying to get their loot. You can't deal with humans much now with just smart talking, you need to have high persuasion rate and complete control to everything if you want to get a chance to live and see the sun rise again.


Souichi and Kyosei are both holding two sets of empty duffel bag when they returned to the Base. Everyone was a bit confused when they are holding the duffel bags. More than that, Souichi is preparing a few weapons for him and Kyosei to use.

"Where are you two going?" Nanami scanned all of the weapons that her brother is preparing.

"I don't know but according to Kyosei, we will start scavenging the nearby houses for weapons and and supplies," Souichi said as he attached the compensator for the M14.

"But that is downright almost impossible! There are limited households who owned guns, moreover, this is Japan and not America! Do you think guns are plenty like cabbages?!" Nanami protested.

"Hmph, we know our limit. I know it will be hard so we need to hurry. W might be able to find even a single depot of weapons or a rich household that owns a weapon. We can't keep on relying on our weapons that will slowly diminish on Night Rage. We will prepare all of the necessary things to get and we will return safely," Kyosei answered as he look sternly to everyone.

"Then, at least bring a few more people with you!" Miyuki was worried.

"No, This should be enough. Besides, we only have more than three hours left in our safe time. I knew Souichi's capabilities and he can manage just fine. The others here are not yet good to do scavenging as they still have a few injuries in their bodies. I suggest that they will just act as the guards here," Kyosei explained as he pat the head of Laika who is just listening to them.

"Are there any objections?" Kyosei asked to the group.

"..." the group was silent.

"I have no objections. Besides, it will be more beneficial if only a few people go on scavenging," Steven said as he scratched his head.

Everyone then started nodding. Well, they can't help it. Once Kyosei sets that he will do it, he will without anyone to stop him.

After doing the necessary preparations, Kyosei and Souichi departed. Sena kissed Souichi before he was about to go.

"Come back safe," Sena smiled.

"I will," Souichi caressed Sena's hair.

Kyosei scratched his head impatiently before walking off. Miyuki and Cindy was about to say goodbye to him but due to the fact that Kyosei is impatient and just not in the mood, they refrained in doing so.

"I will track both of your locations and will help you what is up ahead of the maps, just keep your headphones with juice so that we can contact you!" Nanami shouted to the departing Kyosei and Souichi.

Kyosei raises his hand and waves it around like he didn't care. The scavengers has departed and now will try to find weapons for the group.


Day 2: 3:15 P.M

Osaka Streets: Shinsaibashi area

Time before the Night Rage: 3 hours and 45 minutes left


From time to time, Kyosei and Souichi meet a few undead in the streets. Kyosei also managed to collect a few rings and earrings from the undead they killed. The bigger stones the ring has, the better and the better the quality of the gold in the earrings, much more better.

"The streets are a bit empty now. It no longer bear the same vibe in the past," Souichi look around the place, seeing only the wreckage of cars and abandoned looted buildings. Moreover, there are a few littered corpses that are no longer moving.

"That's normal, besides, its much better to have lesser people now," Kyosei answered, still scanning for a building to enter.

They keep on walking until they saw a good location that seems to be not affected yet.

"This one should be a good location," Kyosei looks at the entirety of the building.

"Will there be any weapons here?" Souichi scratched his head.

"I don't know, it not like I can see the inside of the building. If there are no guns, there are likely materials and a few melee weapons good for us to use," Kyosei said as he pulls out his kukri.

They slowly approached the entrance. The building looks like a normal establishment with two floors. It looks like a store of some sorts that Kyosei seems to forgot the term.

"Hmm, this building seems to be a pawnshop," Souichi said as he scanned the area.

Besides the displays from a glass box, there are a few jewelries scattered in the ground and there are a few broken glasses.

"The people here might be too frantic and destroyed the glasses for a few jewelries. However, due to the panic, they did not have all of those jewelries taken," Souichi said as he can see the struggle in the place.

"Shh, we are not alone here," Kyosei readies both his hands and the kukri.

Souichi also felt that somebody or something is watching their every action.

"Prepare to shoot whenever necessary," Kyosei said.

Souichi nodded, aiming his M14, slowly shifting around the area to look for enemies.

"This guys sure are cunning," Kyosei grumbled and picks a broken glass on the floor then dropping it again.

When the shattering sound of the broken glass rang in the place,a few figures appeared behind the counters.

"Infected!" Souichi raises his M14 but he didn't shoot. He can't risk to waste bullets furthermore, it will attract unnecessary attention.

"I count seven, Four-eyes, remain there. Do not shoot but don't let any of the dead that get past me go outside," Kyosei said.

Souichi nodded and instead of aiming the M14, he instead readies the pocket knife in his arsenal. Kyosei quickly move, he strikes down the nearest one before kicking its body to block the advancement of the other undead. As the undead appears to be really vicious, Kyosei slices up the soft head of the dead and bashes them with a strong punch as a finishing move, destroying their brains.

"Kyosei, left!" Souichi shouted and throws his pocket knife like a throwing knife, piercing the head of the dead.

Kyosei took this chance to destroy the last undead. With another stab, directly in the face, the danger inside the house no longer resides.

"We did it," Souichi breathed a sigh of relief.

Kyosei looks around the area. The area is liberated from the undead and from the looks of it, there seems to be no reinforcements.

"Alright, let's gather the remaining jewelries, hopefully, we can exchange them for points in the gunshop.

The two nodded and gathered the remaining jewelries. The amount no longer reached fifty, around only 43 jewelries were looted in the area. Kyosei seems to be vigilant and really good at finding items as he opened the locker and saw a shotgun.

"Hey, Souichi, it seems we found a good weapon," Kyosei picks out the shotgun.

"A Winchester shotgun huh? Its a good weapon though it has short range," Souichi said.

"Guess this is a luck?" Kyosei nodded. He never expected to find a gun in the pawnshop.