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76 Coins of the Dead

 Day 2: 2:50 P.M

Osaka Streets: Blue Mansion: Kato's base

Time before the Night Rage: 4 hours and 10 minutes left


"Did you establish a contact with the higher ups?" Matsubara asked as he drink the whiskey in his glass.

"No sir, in fact, I can't make any good contact with them. No responses have been received even though I send them the coordinates of our location and the possibility of rescue," Haru said to Matsubara.

"I see, this is getting hard to do. We can't even ensure if they are still alive," Matsubara touched his chin.

"Alpha 5 reporting," A soldier barges in.

"Report," Haru said in response.

"We get a response in our radio from fellow soldiers," Alpha 5 said.

"What division?" Haru asked.

"Tokyo division sir. They successfully contained a few infected and won the threat due to the night. They are currently in the connection right now," Alpha 5 said.

"I see, you are now in need to report back to your assigned area," Haru ordered.

"Yes sir," Alpha 5 returns to his post earlier.

"The Tokyo Division huh? The security there is pretty light but they seemed to be holding off more than us," Matsubara said.

"This event is sure to be written in human history," Haru said.


Day 2: 2:50 P.M

Osaka Streets: Kyosei's base

Time before the Night Rage: 4 hours and 10 minutes left


Kyosei surveys the weapons in their arsenal. There are a few M14 guns but it lacks of bullets. There are a few pistols like Desert Eagle in the inventory after sweeping the armory of the mansion.

"This isn't enough," Kyosei shook his head.

Despite having strong firearms and a few people to use it, Kyosei calculated that it is not enough to last a few hours of the Night Rage. It might be good if the dead will get busy eating their own kind but since the dead will still get aggressive to them, Kyosei shook his head.

"Is there anything we can do?" Kyosei is in his wits end.

Kyosei can order to the Bang Gunstore but the bullets cost a lot of points and if he wanted to get every bullets for the guns he have, the points he have might not be enough.

"What are we going to do?" Sena asked as she saw Kyosei being troubled.

"I don't know. This is hard. We have not yet made this base fortified to last an attack. We just need to hope to have the second Night Rage to be a bit lighter and easier to deal with," Kyosei said.

"What if we make improvised weapons?" Nejima asked.

"It might be good but we don't have any knowledge on making one," Souichi said.

Nanami and Cindy are carrying a few containers containing yen coins.

"Uwaah, this is heavy as hell," Nanami wipes her forehead.

"What are we going to do with these anyway? We can't spend them anymore," Cindy scratched her head.

That's when Kyosei's mind seems to run wild seeing the coins.

"Hey, are there any coins here left?" Kyosei asked.

"Huh? I guess there are but we don't know yet," Cindy was startled when Kyosei suddenly asked him that.

"Are you planning something Kyosei?" Souichi seems confused.

"Let's try this as a weapon," Kyosei scooped a handful of coins.

"Huh?" Everyone was baffled.


What Kyosei said is true. He converted the coins as a weapon. Or to be exact, he uses it to make an improvised weapon. He put a handful of coins on a plastic container used as a container for medicine. He put it with coins that it was overflowing with coins. It is actually heavy that if anyone tried to bash it to anybody around, a serious injury will occur.

"Kyosei, are you sure that this will work?" Souichi asked, seemingly reluctant to use it.

"From my experience yesterday in the outbreak, the head of the undead are too soft than the normal head of the human. It might be useless against normal humans but this one is lethal. Bashing this containers to their head will deal a killing blow to them, we can test it of you like," Kyosei picks up one.

"I am not sure about this," Souichi wipes his sweat.

"Hmph, I even used my house keys yesterday so I know how soft an undead skull is. We can use this to deal significant damage," Kyosei said.


In the streets, Kyosei is holding a few of those containers filled with coins. Souichi followed him, bringing a few of those containers. He was not sure how it will be useful for them this Night Rage.

They did not need to search far to look for an undead. Not too far, Kyosei spotted one woman wearing an office worker outfit. Its already torn and a few of her flesh are already ripped off.

"This one will do," Kyosei said as he holds the container tightly.

"I am still not sure this will work," Souichi said.

"Me either. Its not like it will really work but let's just try," Kyosei slowly go to the stance and the range to throw the container.

"Here we go!" Kyosei throws the container hard enough.

Its not a perfect throw but due to the heaviness of the container and the force of Kyosei's throw, it was stabilized and hits the head of the undead.


Blood and brain matter exploded. The soft cranial part of the skull did not hold enough due to the impact of the container. If the undead they are against is similar to those undead in games, this might not work, but with this, a new weapon is born.


Hey guys! I am sure that the coins won't work in real life apocalypse, but I am sure that it is really a good weapon to use against thugs, give them a surprise! It really hurts like hell. Hahaha