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75 Funeral of the Dead

 Day 2: 2:14 P.M

Osaka Streets: Kyosei's Base

Time before the Night Rage: 4 hours and 46 minutes left


The body clearing operation takes too long but due to the amount of people finishing the job, it is fast enough to keep the bodies along. Due to the lack of equipment and time, Kyosei decided to burn the bodies of the dead people. They didn't need to mourn for them but a prayer is still needed to part their bodies to this world. Kyosei believe that despite the lack of faith in this sick world, it is still appropriate to have one.

The survivors gathered around the burning bodies saying a silent prayer. Its not really needed to do, but Kyosei insisted. It is even more contradicting since Kyosei is the one who take their lives away and now he is the one who proposes to pray for them. The bodies takes a lot of time to burn so the flames and smokes rises higher, making it a bit dangerous to attract a horde. Due to this, a few of them were tasked to guard the vicinity and inform anyone in case of the horde inbound.

The bodies being burned seems to expel bad smell so Kyosei made everyone to wear masks to lessen the smell being inhaled.

After the fire died down and the remains are left in the yard with a few ashes and burnt flesh left.

"Kyosei, this is going to be trouble. We might have disposed most of the bodies and burned them, however, the remains of the burned bodies still remained in the yard. What should we do about it?" Okabe asked.

"This is definitely a problem. However, the remains left are easy to bury now since a few of the bodies can now be broken to ashes and pieces. I suggest to bury it now. We can't risk it to keep on the yard as it may cause pneumonia or allergy reaction to the nose. This is what I have been thinking so far," Kyosei said.

"I see, we will get to dig a hole in the yard, deep enough to bury the remaining ashes. I suggest you to help us too," Okabe said to Kyosei.

Kyosei sighed. He suggested it so he needed to also help on digging.

"...Alright," Kyosei scratched his head before heading to fetch the shovels.


Kyosei, Okabe, Souichi, Nejima, and Steven all held shovels and began digging for the hole to use. The girls were tasked to cook food for the tired guys using the remaining food available in the kitchen.

"Its only the second day but a lot of sh*t happened already," Steven said in English. Kyosei translated it to them and after knowing the meaning, they all nodded in agreement.

"For sure, we should make sure that we survive and Osaka will not fall," Souichi said.

"Impossible," Kyosei groaned as he strikes the soil with the shovel.

"Huh?" Everyone seems confused.

"We cannot ensure if we can still survive the next Night Rage. If our theories are true, at six in the afternoon, the Night Rage will take effect and the appearance of the mutated freaks will appear. We only saw three kinds, the Juggernaut, Mosquitoes and Hurlers. If we add that monster in the school in which I named as the Behemoth, destruction is eminent. We barely survive the last Night Rage. The bigger cities of Japan already fell and no news what the government is planning. If there is a new mutated enemy this Night Rage, we might not survive this time," Kyosei explained.

Everyone was quiet. What Kyosei said is plausible. They barely survived the last Night Rage and they were saved when they evacuated on Yao Lei's underground bunker. Now that they have no more underground bunker to hide at night, defending the base is the one left for them to do. The problem is the appearance of new freaks. They still have no idea what caused the infection and how the Night Rage works.

After digging for a few minutes, they have dug enough to put all of the ashes in the pit. The boys helped each other to put all the ashes and burnt bodies but due to the difficulty of doing so, it takes a bit of time to finish the job.

"Will we turn into like this if we die?" Nejima trembled.

"We won't and we will never be. We will survive. If we survive last night, we will survive today," Souichi tapped Nejima's shoulder.

"..." Kyosei coldly look at them.


The burying process takes a bit of time but it was eventually done. The girls also finished cooking. The boys hurriedly go to the dining room since they are starving. Only Kyosei was left on the site. Cindy noticed Kyosei standing in the yard, not doing anything.

"What's wrong?" Cindy approached Kyosei but she was startled to see Kyosei crying while staring to the sky.

"F*ck this. I just wanted to be alone to avoid attachment but now, I'm forced to do this. Even the person I look up as a father figure after my parents died also perished," Kyosei said while his tears still flowing from his eyes.

"Kyosei..." Cindy wanted to calm Kyosei down but she too is speechless.

"I know that death is inevitable but I never wanted anyone to die. I prefer to let myself tired than to let anyone experience death..." Kyosei gritted his teeth.

Cindy doesn't know how to calm him down so she decided to hug him at his back.

"We are still here, you can lean on us," Cindy said while still hugging his back.

Kyosei wipes his tears and escape on Cindy's embrace before clasping his hands and prayed.

"Goodbye, Leo, I promise to be strong, I won't let your students die in vain..." Kyosei whispered before he look at Cindy.

"Forget what happened here and if you tell anyone that I cried, you won't get away from this. And by the way... Thanks," Kyosei patted her head before he walks away leaving Cindy who is blushing.

"What did I just do?!" Cindy was embarrassed and panic.

Cindy calmed down after a few while while touching her head and she smiled.

"Now I know that he is still in need of a shoulder to lean on. He might be strong but he is still a human. He still need to stress it out. I guess its our secret between us..." after muttering that, Cindy began to feel flustered again.

On the other hand, Kyosei finished his last rites to say goodbye to Leo. Now it is time to prepare for the eminent Night Rage...