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74 Mansion of the Dead

 Day 2: 01:47 P.M

Osaka Streets: Residential Area: Bang Gunstore

Time before the Night Rage: 5 hours and 13 minutes left


At long last, they arrived in the alley where the gunstore is located. The other people who were unconscious before are now conscious and are heaving a sigh of relief after knowing that they survive the inevitable death earlier.

Lin and the others are wondering where they are.

"I though we are going to the store of Kota and Shoko?" Lin asked.

"You didn't know?" Kyosei asked.

"No, I heard they have a store but I have no idea where it is located," Lin answered.

"I see," Kyosei nodded and proceeds towards the trapdoor. He knocked the door three times before saying the magic word.


With that, the trapdoor opened without difficulty revealing the same staircase.

"Wow! That was awesome!" Yuko seems enthusiastic and interested to the trapdoor.

"Its just a simple door," Risa snorted.

The group descends the stairs and arrive in the same gunstore. Kyosei saw his companions currently eating lunch.

"Hey! You are all back! I just finished cooking food for lunch though its pretty late already to call as lunch, you should eat to replenish the energy you expended!" Miyuki serves a hearty chicken curry for Kyosei.

"..." Kyosei.

Kyosei silently took his bonnet off, revealing his shaggy hair that covers his eyes.

"Wow, I did not really notice it in the past but you look cooler if you don't wear the bonnet," Miyuki commented.

"Hmm, yeah, he looks more docile looking than when he wear the bonnet," Sena said in agreement.

"...Ugh," Kyosei has no way to retaliate. He is not in the mood to do anything much as he is quite hungry.

Lin and the rest all look around and are trying to determine the better equipments in the area. Kota and Shoko are also eating silently so they silently browse around.

"Kyosei-san, will you finish the quest you just taken and give us the report?" Shoko wipe off the grease from the food she just ate from her mouth and smiled.

"Not now, I'm starving. I needed to eat first," Kyosei said.

"I see, if you wanted to finish the quest, please go to the counter and give the proof that you did the task," Shoko bowed before she continue eating her meal.

Kyosei did not care whatever they said. He is starving and this is necessary for him to replenish the energy he just expended. This time, he didn't really do so hard to finish the task and just relied on his skills. The difference between daytime and Night Time is really comparable due to its difficulty setting.

Kyosei silently eat his food like a hungry beast, devouring the chicken curry without muttering a single word of disgust. Miyuki smiled looking at Kyosei eating the food she cooked for him while Cindy puffed her cheeks since she was beaten by Miyuki this time.

After a few minutes of devouring the food, Kyosei satisfyingly rub his stomach after eating lots of food. He didn't waste time seeing that its almost two in the afternoon and he quickly goes to the counter as he pulls out the flag of the Cult.

Shoko confirms the flag and seeing the authenticity of the flag, Shoko smiled and typed on the computer.

"Your quest is complete, as per usual of the job well done, you will be rewarded with points. You are now able to use this points to buy and exchange it for weapons," Shoko said.

"May I ask something?" Kyosei asked.

"Ask away!" Shoko still keep her smile.

"I wanted to know if we can take the mansion that used to be the base of the cult as our base instead? The way the mansion is designed, matches my preferences," Kyosei asked.

"We don't own that area so if you wanted to occupy that place, we won't interfere. We will support you instead. After knowing the location of the base, it is really a good location so that our store and your base is in contact together," Shoko said.

"I see, then I will be taking that mansion as ours. What will you do with the other people we rescued?" Kyosei asked.

"We will be taking care of them for the meantime since we noticed that you don't like groups much," Shoko nodded.

"Much appreciated," Kyosei said. Like what Shoko said, having a group with many members is totally troublesome.

Kyosei move towards those people he was with to inform them.

"Everyone, I found a good place to be our temporary base for the meantime and it might be our safe haven against the Night Rage that we always hated the most. It is a good location since we can access to different resources and locations that are point of interest. Is there anyone objecting my decision?" Kyosei looks at everyone.

He saw Lin, Yuko, Risa and Risha appear and join the group.

"If you don't mind, we wanted to come along. We have no group to do much and we can't keep ourselves holed up here. Can we come along with your group?" Lin asked.

Kyosei looked at them seriously.

"You can come if you are useful-" Kyosei did not finished what he was about to say due to the interruption of Miyuki.

"Of course! Its a pleasure to have a new face in the group, though we are mostly consist of students, our abilities varies so we are in your care. And also, don't mind what Kyosei just said," Miyuki smiled while covering Kyosei's mouth.

"Oh no, we should be in your care instead. You all seems to be younger than us but your abilities seems to be beyond ours. We already saw what your leader can do, what's more to his subordinates?" Lin smiled.

Kyosei has no choice but to let them in. If he didn't, Miyuki will keep on babbling pointless things to him.

After securing everything, Kyosei and the rest boarded the Mini Van. The girls in his group flocked on Laika and seems to be enjoying this furry companion. Kyosei sighed in relief. This is really hard for him and he needed to manage this ragtag group. Now their destination is to go to the mansion.


Day 2: 1:59 P.M

Osaka Streets: The Dead Federation Former Base

Time before the Night Rage: 5 hours and 1 minute left


Its almost two in the afternoon when they arrive in the mansion. The mansion still looks the same, minus the guards moving around. Instead, dead bodies are scattered mostly due to Kyosei.

"This mansion is really big. I thought we are going to a traditional mansion but we instead go to a mansion that most rich people have!" Souichi said as he look at the area.

"This will be our base for now. I guess our first task is to clear out the dead bodies here. Wear protective gears like gloves and stab the head for making sure that they won't rise again," Kyosei said.

"Alright, let's get to business!"

The second day of the Outbreak seems to be a lot of work, however, the trouble has only just begun as the Night Rage looms just around the corner...