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73 Refitters of the Dead

 Day 2: 01:29 P.M

Osaka Streets: Shinsaibashi Area: Gas Station

Time before the Night Rage: 5 hours and 31 minutes left


The mini van is parked inside the gas station. Kyosei was amazed how fast this guys build a fence to repel the dead. He quickly asked Big Man Joe to carry out the transaction.

"Let's go inside, you might be interested in our trade," Big Man Joe grinned.

While the Mini Van is being watched by the other since it is refueled, Kyosei goes inside the former repair shop that the gas station have. As he enters inside the repair shop, he saw a few guys tinkering on vehicles. There are a few refitted cars already and it looks good and deadly for the dead. The cars seems to be similar to monster trucks, only a bit smaller than usual.

"Welcome to my refitting shop. If there are any cars that needs refitting, we are your guys," Big Man Joe said.

"Hey, this cars looks amazing," Kyosei approached one of the car that similar to the cars he saw in Death Race.

"You got good taste, boy! That is a modified Lamborghini. I forgot what model it is but I prefer to call it the Ravager. It is fast enough to crash through the dead due to the ram that was installed to it. Moreover, nitro booster is that will help you if you are stuck against a horde. It is a good horde cleaner on the road so if you want bloodshed, this is a good vehicle for you," Big Man Joe said.

"I guess money is not a currency necessary to buy this one," Kyosei said.

"Your right once again, boy. Money is useless for us now and it is garbage id you pay us money. We usually accept materials but food, ammunition and cigarettes are good too," Big Man Joe said.

"Cigarettes?" Kyosei was a bit bewildered.

"You don't understand if you are not a smoker, but since we are smokers, cigarettes is a big treasure dispensable for us," Big Man Joe snickered.

"I see, it is indeed a good vehicle," Kyosei nodded and look around the area and the cars refitted are really awesome to look at and if you drive the car in the streets before the outbreak, your car will look so imposing that you will gather lots of attention.

"However, we lack the resources to barter for now. We only needed to get a full tank in our mini van. We necessarily need a refitted car right now but I am thinking getting one since it looks cool and a bit useful for the horde. I might get one soon once I get enough resources," Kyosei explained.

"I see, too bad then. But its not a problem since it really is quite hard to get necessary things to barter for a single car we have here. But remember us if you wanted to trade. Gasoline is also barterable too so if you needed gas for vehicles, you can get one too," Big Man Joe tapped Kyosei's shoulders.

Lin approaches them and notifies Kyosei.

"The tank is now full. We are ready to carry out the transaction," Lin said solemnly.

"I see, then shall we go carry out the transaction?" Kyosei looks at Big Man Joe.

"Sure! Let's go," Big Man Joe enthusiastically approved.

They move towards the mini van and Big Man Joe was stunned by the weapons and food in the back of the mini van. He also saw a few person who are unconscious.

"Who are these unconscious people?" Big Man Joe curiously asked.

"I rescued them from a cult who worships the dead," Kyosei said.

"Oh! I heard of those people! We meet a few members in the past and fortunately, we fended them off. You attacked those guys?" Big Man Joe rubs his chin.

"Yeah, those guys are needed to die. I destroyed their base and rescued these people," Kyosei answered without any sort of empathy.

"You really didn't change, huh," Big Man Joe shook his head.

Lin was a bit confused. This teenager seems really influential and he seems to be in good terms with thugs. Moreover, he can kill humans without any sense of being shocked in killing human life. He seems to kill beings like they are animals..

"Okay, I will personally take these items for our food," Big Man Joe picks up a sack of rice and a few canned goods.

Is that really enough?" Kyosei asked.

"We also need a few weapons. Guns should suffice and a few of the melee weapons are also good to do to add in our barter pool," Big Man Joe said.

"I see, this gun should suffice," Kyosei takes the carbine off from his shoulders and give it to Big Man Joe. He also pulls out a few M14 guns and a few bullets for it.

"Good. This are great stuffs. We can last for a while, thanks to the supplies," Big Man Joe grinned.

"Pleasure doing business as always," Kyosei shake hands with Big Man Joe.


The mini van speeds off while Big Man Joe is waving his hands. The lackey appears once again.

"Is it alright boss?" The lackey asked.

"What about it?" Big Man Joe looks confused.

"I mean, the diesel and gasoline are necessary for us and you just allowed a barter. We should have extorted on him," The lackey said.

"Stop that thought boy, we won't live if we do so. You haven't tasted the fury of the Little Devil yet," Big Man Joe said, " And besides, he will be a good customer for us in the future."