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72 Joe of the Dead

 Day 2: 01:25 P.M

Osaka Streets: Shinsaibashi Area

Time before the Night Rage:

5 hours and 35 minutes left


"Where are we now anyway?" Kyosei asked.

"We are in Shinsaibashi area, we just passed Midosoji Museum earlier. We strayed too far from our original destination," Yuko said as she checked outside the window.

"Tch, what's with the undead right now? They seemed to be forming in groups?" Kyosei seems pissed.

They should have been around the Bang Gunstore right now if not due to the horde. Many of the streets are totally full of undead horde and the mini van that Kyosei is driving right now cannot handle the amount of undead horde if he try to collied against them. Fighting seems to be troublesome and using firearms are waste of precious bullets. Their only choice is to evade and escape.

Its been a while since Kyosei strayed too far from his destination and the car seems getting low in gas. He looked at the gas meter and it is almost hitting the red mark.

"Is there any nearby gas station here? We need to gain gas," Kyosei asked.

"I'm not too familiar with the area though, but I guess Risha do, she lives around here before the outbreak," Risa said.

"Is that so?" Kyosei seems to be not caring whoever gives him info.

Risha looks up to Kyosei after she heard her name and she stopped cuddling Laika.

"Is there any problem?" Risha asked.

"We are running low in gas, I need to refuel this vehicle if we need to keep on running around the dead. We can't siphon the gas in broken cars as they take time. We are in a hurry," Kyosei said while looking at the Risha who seems to be similar to those pretty African girls due to their skin color which is a bit dark brown.

"Hmm, there seems to be one nearby but I don't really know if it is still good to go," Risha said.

"Where is it?" Kyosei asked.

"From what I remember, it is further after you pass by Midosoji Museum," Risha answered.

Kyosei nodded. He pressed the accelerator and boost through the area.


Day 2: 01: 26 P.M

Osaka Streets: Shinsaibashi Area: Gas Station

Time before the Night Rage: 5 hours and 34 minutes left


The destination of Kyosei and the rest is the former gas station. Its former due to the occupancy of the thugs from the area. They are being led by Big Man Joe. He is now trying to survive, build his base and live through hell. This world seems to be not his ideal place but he needs to adapt so he needs to keep himself alive. He was busy tinkering a car when one of his lackeys arrive whom he remember to be one of the boys he assigned to be on watch duty.

"Is there something going on?" Big Man Joe asked.

"We saw a mini van roaring through the streets. The others are certain that they are going to come here," The lackey said.

"Can you determine who is inside the car?" Big Man Joe asked with a frown.

"No, boss, the mini van's windshield is tinted. We cannot determine the people inside," The lackey answered.

"I see, prepare your weapons. Do not show hostility unless necessary. We can't make too many enemies here as this world has turned into weak dies and only the strong survive. We need to be making connections instead," Big Man Joe said.

"Copy boss, should we bring out our weapons?" The lackey raises his M14.

"Bring it, but don't use it unless needed to. I will come as well as I seemed to be interested to them," Big Man Joe said.

"Yes sir!"


Kyosei can see the gas atation from afar but he is quite sure that the place seems to be occupied.

"We got company," Kyosei said to the others.

As the mini van reached the vicinity, there are a few guys holding guns stopped them from getting near.

"Stop. State your business," a small built guy said.

Kyosei rolled down the windshield and he peeks outside.

"We need to refuel. I heard there is a fuel station here," Kyosei explained.

"Yes, there is, however, we occupied the area," the lackey said to Kyosei.

"I see, can we get just enough to full tank the mini van? We will leave after that," Kyosei said.

"Sorry boy, but no can do, we need fuel the most. We need it for our cars," the lackey said.

"What if we barter?" Kyosei persuades the guy.

"Whatever you say, we can't do that," The lackey insist.

"What if we use force?" Kyosei reveals his gun.

This alarmed the lackey and raised his gun.

"We won't let you," The lackey gritted his teeth.

"That's enough," A loud voice booms in the area.

"Boss!" The lackey was alerted and look at the location of the voice.

A muscular guy who seems to look like a thug appears, carrying and wrench on his right hand. Kyosei immediately noticed the guy and remembered him though he forgotten the name already.

"We can do a barter. There is no need to keep the hostility. You don't even know who you are talking to," The muscular man said.

"Huh? Is he that famous?" The lackey seems to have no idea who he is talking to earlier.

"That's the Little Devil. Kyosei Ichinose. You did not know him?" The muscular guy explained.

The lackey seems to be stunned and he almost trembled. Who is the thug who doesn't know about Kyosei? He is a brutal teenager who wreck around bases of gangsters and thrashed the enemies without stopping.

"I'm sorry! Please forgive me!" The lackey performed a dogeza immediately.

"I don't care," Kyosei answered and opens the door of the mini van.

The lackey trembles but the muscular man tapped the lackey in the shoulder.

"I will handle this," The muscular man said.

The lackey bows down and obediently backs off.

"Its been a long time, Big Fat Hoe," Kyosei said to the muscular man.

"Its Big Man Joe! Crap, you never change, you never remember my nickname at all!" Big Man Joe groaned.

Kyosei knows this guy. He was one of the thugs he got to know during the delinquent days. This muscular guy showed him the ropes of delinquent life. He might look angry whatever side you loom at but he is a nice guy.

"I didn't expect you to survive the Outbreak, you occupied the gas station now?" Kyosei didn't care what Big Man Joe said.

"I am not that easy to bring down you know," Big Man Joe grinned.

"Straight to the business, I want to full tank this mini van," Kyosei said.

"Straightforward as always. Anyways, as I just said earlier, we accept barter. We can't accept to give it for free and we don't allow you to use force to get it either. We accept barter instead," Big Man Joe said.

"Sure, I don't mind. We have different resources here but its limited to weapons and food," Kyosei explained.

"Weapons are good but we also need food also. Is it alright half are weapons and half amount of food?" Big Man Joe asked.

"Sure, pick what you need, hey open the mini van," Kyosei shouted inside the mini van and the remaining people inside opened the door in the back.

"Get inside first. We can't risk the undead to get attracted here," Big Man Joe said.

"Sure, let's go," Kyosei get inside the gas station. He is quite sure that a new asset is here once more to be available that might help him and the others for the upcoming Night Rage.


These are the two extra chapters! Enjoy!