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70 Destroying the Cult of the Dead Part 2 or 2

 Day 2: 12:55 P.M

The Dead Federation Base: Dining Room

Time before the Night Rage: 6 hours and 5 minutes left


Kyosei was brutal in killing. He didn't spare anyone. Men and women are all victim of Kyosei's assault. There are a few of the hooded guys tried shooting him but Kyosei is quick and use the dead bodies as human shield instead which makes him survive the gunfight. Once they empty a clip on him, Kyosei will strike and with a dash, he will strike them down before being able to reload. He just repeated his movements without problem and survive the initial onslaught. Kyosei began slaughtering them once more, leaving terror to the rest. They tried attacking him down but they are the one that got striked down instead. They did their best but it is not the very best that can destroy Kyosei.

Kyosei picked up the Assault Rifle on the floor and finished loading them. He quickly put the lever to semi automatic to full automatic. He aim and fire towards the panic stricken people around the hall.


The gunshots rang continuously until the magazine is emptied. There are still plenty of them in the area and Kyosei did not plan on sparing anyone of them. He unsheathed his bloddy kukri once more and started slashing to the people. Many tried to attack Kyosei using blunt weapons but due to the extreme vigilance, good reflex, and master of full counter, anyone who tried to attack him using melees are sure to die. Anyone who tried using firearms cannot penetrate Kyosei due to his quick reflex and using corpses as meat shields. In the eyes of cult, the teenager doing the killing is similar to a demon. He was accompanied by a murderous aura and doom filled looks, moreover, the headphones with a horn shape style makes him more terrifying.

"That's a demon!"

"We are doomed"

The other guy near the arena has no choice but to open the cage arena and release the undead inside before running away.

"You think you can make me die by this technique?" Kyosei cocks his head and slashed the person who freed the dead.

The person plop down before he faced the slow, dimwitted undead. Due to their slow movements, Kyosei used his swift strikes to destroy their soft heads. Kyosei also used his punches without holding back on them. With the punch, Kyosei saved a few strikes using the kukri and much dealt more power using his brass knuckles.

The remaining members of the cult who did not managed to get out the door, stares in horror as they witnessed how Kyosei did the slaughter all by himself. With a slight movement, blood follow suit. Death is always on Kyosei's strike and nobody can really take Kyosei, one on one in combat. Even in underhanded methods, they can't beat him up. The cult's future is forever erased in the history due to Kyosei's interference.


After killing the final cult member, the once beautiful and elegant dining room was now filled with blood and dead bodies. Its very sorrowful that anyone who witnessed the event is going to feel the doom and heaviness in their bodies. The different mangled bodies and their expressions of shock is totally imprinted in their faces and you can feel how they still regretted that they did not get to kill the person who killed them.

Kyosei flicks his kukri, reloaded his Revolver and Colt 45 and throws away the Assault Rifle he just "borrowed" earlier. After seeing all of the dead bodies, he quickly approach the small stage and pick the flag on its pole, tearing it away.

"Tch, this is just a small piece of cloth. Why do I have to risk my life on this?!" Kyosei groaned as he folded the flag and put it on a small bag.

After scanning the area for any possible survivors of his onslaught, he goes back to the door. After sensing that there are no signs of the door opening in panic, Kyosei returned to the panel room.


The three girls were stunned due to the events that unfolded. They saw all of the actions that the teenager did earlier which seems to be not the work of a normal teenager. His attacks all hit the kills, tearing the lives of the cult like he is reaping rice plants for harvest.

"That kid is a terrifying fellow..." Yuko shivered.

"Anyways, we need to help the others that are tied up earlier," Lin said.

"Yeah, I agree. Those guys won't be able to last if they are injured," Risa said in agreement.

Kyosei opened the door and the three girls raised their guard even though they knew that it is Kyosei.

"Hmph, save the hostility. I need to know where those guys tied up earlier is going to end up," Kyosei said in a normal tone.

"Ah?" Risa was a bit startled.

"You mean those guys tied up?" Lin asked.

"No, those freaks outside, are there any tied up people here?" Kyosei answered in a sarcastic remark.

"You don't have to be that sarcastic. Anyways, the others are going to end up on the rooftop. They are tied up in there and they are being beaten up so I guess they are too tired to move," Yuki answered.

"I see," Kyosei nodded before leaving them again.

"..." Yuko.

"..." Risa.

"...I think that kid is a psychopath. I don't feel he is having any remorse after killing that much of humans out there," Lin frowned.


What Lin said is true. Kyosei didn't particularly feel any remorse on killing them. He just thought of slaughtering pigs and he never treated them as humans. For him, those kinds of people are the worst kind of humans he encountered in his own life and they are the cause why the world is now rotting.

He didn't go straight on the rooftop and first destroyed the snipers and the guards outside by sniping them using the guns used by the former snipers that Kyosei just killed. After disposing the guys that might be a burden in his progress, Kyosei quickly go to the rooftop where there is no padlock and he is good to reach the house's rooftop. There, he saw the eight unconscious people that are tied up along with two hooded guys who are inspecting them.

Kyosei slowly crept near them and reaching them slowly. As he was able to reach them without even making them panic, Kyosei pulls out his kukri and sliced off the first guy. The other one was startled and pulls out the gun and tried to shoot Kyosei but Kyosei is nimble enough to roundhouse kick off the gun in his hands. After doing so, he pulls out his Colt 45 and pull the trigger, shooting him down. The hooded guy fell after fatally receiving bullet wound in his chest.

After doing the deed, Kyosei inspects the eight guys and sensing that they are not dead, Kyosei untied them from their ropes and tapped his headphones.

"What's up?" Nanami's voice resounded.

"Tell those two store owners that I have accomplished the mission and I am going back there for a few minutes. I will be bringing the survivors I managed to rescue from the cult," Kyosei explained.

"I see, I shall pass the message. Return safe," Nanami answered.

"Mm," Kyosei nodded before he cut transmission.

He quickly returned to the panel room and allowed the three women to help him carry the unconscious people to the van. Lin approached him.

"Why did you save us?" Lin asked to Kyosei.

"I didn't save you, its one of the mission that I undertaken from the store owners of the Bang Gunstore," Kyosei answered..

"Bang gun store? You mean the store of Kota and Shoko?" Lin was startled.

"Yes, do you know them?" Kyosei asked.

"Mm. They are my students before until I became one of the employers in the company. I visited the school I once teaches on before the sh*t happened," Lin said.

"I see, anyways, you all are going to be safe. They wanted to rescue you all but since they lack manpower, they have not done so," Kyosei answered.

Lin's face twitched. Is it really true that they lack manpower? This kid is enough to destroy a dangerous cult all by himself!