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69 Destroying the Cult of the Dead Part 1 of 2

 Day 2: 12:43 P.M

The Dead Federation Base: Dining Room

Time before the Night Rage: 6 hours and 17 minutes left


The broken ornamental vase was of course, destroyed by Kyosei. Using a stone he already pocketed and aiming it precisely into the vase using the slingshot, he was able to lure the two hooded guys off from the door. Of course, he is not willing to let them get off the hook that easily. He is not someone who sneak off instead. He wanted to destroy any possibility of sabotage in his infiltration.

The taller man is the first one who goes first before the other one follow suit. Since there is a bit of delay between the two, Kyosei grabbed this chance. He quickly covered the mouth of the latter one and stabs his heart using the hidden blade which pierces in his back towards his chest. Since Kyosei covered the mouth of the hooded guy, the sound is muffled and the taller man did not notice. Kyosei did not drag the killed guy and silently lay him down after making sure he is no longer breathing. The taller guy was still focused on the vase. Kyosei pulls out the kukri. When the taller guy crouches to inspect the vase, Kyosei tapped the taller guy's shoulder. The taller guy thought it was the other guy who tapped him and as he was about to turn around, a sharp pain pierces through his chest...


After making sure that there are no clues left, Kyosei scanned his surroundings for CCTV cameras and other patrollers and seeing the lack of cameras, Kyosei sighed in relief. He quickly make his way to open the door of the dining room.

He just slightly make the door ajar a bit which is enough for Kyosei to fit in. He can't risk blowing his cover on this. But as he peek inside, he can't believe what is happening.

It was really a huge hall instead of a dining room. There seems to be a party and there are people dressed beautifully like they are attending a ball. In the center is a cage like arena where he can clearly see a few survivors squirming while they are tied up in a rope, hanged above the undead who are currently swarming below.

"F*cking bastards, they are out of their minds!" Kyosei gritted his teeth.

There are many guys and girls being used as bait upstairs. He counted seven of them, four boys and three girls. They are clearly beaten up due to their wounds. Kyosei also noticed the two waitresses who are handcuffed and chained like a dog. Their clothes are tattered and looks like it will tear apart any seconds from now. They are serving food for the guest and being molested by those fat guys.

Soon, someone from the gentleman approaches the center and the background is the cage arena. This guy who wears a black tuxedo who looks like a celebrity is quite handsome but he wore a wicked expression on his face. He raise his microphone and gleefully talked in front of the others.

"Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. Today, our dream has finally arrived! Our time to shine is now within our grasp. Now that our gods, the undead are here, the undying and forever hungry gods are finally here, let us begin the carnival carnage!"

Kyosei did not waste his time and infiltrated the room. And since no one is paying attention on the door, Kyosei successfully breached in. He scanned the area and he saw the ropes attached to the survivors who are hanged. He quickly followed the rope by his eyes and after pinpointing the exact location of the ropes' origin, Kyosei swiftly move his way towards the origin.


There is a fat guy busy molesting a woman in the room where the ropes are originating. He is currently r*ping the woman who is beaten up. Kyosei did not hesitate and unsheathed his kukri and swings it to the fat guy's head, dealing a very lethal blow.

"Aaaaaaahhhhh!!!!" The woman who is r*ped is stunned and screamed in horror seeing blood spurting out of its head.

"Shut up, if you want to live," Kyosei said to the woman and pulls a curtain nearby and covers it to the woman after pulling the fat guy off from her.

The woman seems to be aged between 28 to 30 year old office worker after seeing her tattered clothes.

"Who are you?" The woman asked Kyosei.

"Shut up, don't bother me," Kyosei aims his kukri to her before he look at the levers. The glass can see the entire hall and he can see the gentleman in tuxedo signing something in his direction which is like a sign to make a survivor fall.

Instead of doing what the gentleman in tuxedo wanted, Kyosei instead pushed the retract button which retracted the survivors from their impending doom. The gentleman in tuxedo was stunned and suddenly shows an ugly expression as he rushed towards the room. Kyosei beckons the woman to hide and he quickly hide besides the door holding his kukri.

The gentleman in tuxedo opened the door.

"What the f*ck is happening?! Why did you retract the sacrifices?!" The gentleman in tuxedo shouted to the fat man but was stunned seeing nobody is in the control panel.

"What?" The gentleman decided to check the panel but before he can do so, a dull pain that made him dizzy shakes his consciousness.

Kyosei was the one who did it by punching him squarely in the face. The damage doubled when the brass knuckles made it more stronger than usual.

"F*ck! Who did that?!" The gentleman is trying to gather his bearings but Kyosei did not allow him to recover and followed another punch.

He beat up the guy repeatedly without stopping. The gentleman in tuxedo was not even able to strike back even though he wanted to as he was thrashed to pulp before he can even recover.

"Bas...tard...." the guy in tuxedo groaned and before he can open his eyes once more, a bang echoes in the room before the gentleman breathed his last.

Kyosei shot the guy in the head. The woman is shivering as she witnessed everything the teenager did to the leader of the group that captured her and her other co workers. She was also afraid of this person as this bonnet wearing boy is ruthless that he didn't hesitate to kill. If the boy wanted to, he can kill her if he wanted to. The boy beckons her out of her hiding spot. She hesitantly emerged as she was scared that this guy would get pissed and shoot her.

"I saw two girls outside, are they acquainted to you?" Kyosei asked to her.

"Ah? Oh, they are my friends that got captured alongside with me," The girl said.

Kyosei scratched his throat like he is vocalizing and soon he was now mimicking the voice of the guy he just killed.

"Are there any others out there?" Kyosei asked, this time on the voice of the gentleman in tuxedo.

"N-no. They are the only one and the others are tied up," the woman answered.

"I see," Kyosei nodded and grabs the microphone and talked.

"Those two server girls serving the drinks and food please come here in the panel room please," Kyosei said, still in the same voice of the gentleman in tuxedo.

The two girls were stunned but they hesitantly follow the orders and goes towards the panel room. As they opened the door, they were pulled inside by the woman inside.

"Yuko! Risa!" the woman happily hugged the two.

"Lin! You are alive!" the two women named Yuko and Risa tearfully hugged her.

They were momentarily stunned when they see the gentleman in tuxedo, dead in the floor alongside the fat guy.

"What happened?" Yuko asked.

"This guy did it," Lin pointed to Kyosei who is readying the weapons in his arsenal.

"Huh? Who are you? What are you doing here?" Risa did not expect an outsider is here.

" I will be destroying the cult. Do not go out unless I return. Just look at the glass and once I am done, you can both leave," Kyosei shoulders the Carbine.

Kyosei loaded his Colt 45 that he used to shoot the gentleman in tuxedo and made sure that it is not jammed. He also flicks his kukri before sheathing it back.

"Let's start the reverse carnage party," Kyosei cocked his head before he opened the door by kicking it.


The guests were wondering what's going on and why the event is delayed. They chattered a bit when the door to the panel room opened and a guy unknown to them appeared. And as he look at the guests, he raised his guns and pulled the trigger.


Kyosei began his mass shooting. The guest panicked when they saw the boy and started running on the door but before they can get to the door, Kyosei shoots them.

"Kill the kid!" The others roared.

Kyosei did not flinch and when his guns are no longer loaded, he return all his guns and pull out his kukri. And before anyone can do, blood already trails in the floor...