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68 The Cult of the Dead

 Day 2: 12:21 P.M

Osaka Streets

Time before the Night Rage: 6 hours and 39 minutes left


Only the sound of the mini van is roaring throughout the empty streets. There seems to be less undead for the entire day that Kyosei has been able to see in the streets. Just like usual, since it is not a horde, Kyosei did not bother to kill them.

He already passed the alley where the BANG gunstore is located and currently looking for the base of the Cult. Kyosei wanted to find where the heck are those psycho guys and just end their reign of terror in the area.


After driving a bit, he soon found a small shrine. It can only be said that the place is already abandoned since the shrine grounds seems to be unattended for how many years and even the foundation of the shrine building is already crumbling. Kyosei disregarded the area since it is not his point of interest. His point of interest is located almost beside the shrine.

The information he got is real. Just as he peek, he already saw a few patrols running around the place, there are a few hooded guys roaming, holding what seems to be Assault Rifle. He can also see a sniper in the window just in the right side of the mansion. The mansion is not that big but it is large enough to fit in a few people. The fortifications are good and stable too. He also spotted a few survivors tied up in poles, seems to be like they are going to be used as offerings or something.

The defense is great but it's not a problem for Kyosei to infiltrate. Its a puny defense for him. He circled around, he spotted a few CCTV cameras located on the gates and around the perimeter of the mansion. Kyosei tapped his headphones and contacted Nanami.

"What's up?" Nanami sounded.

"There are a few CCTV cameras around the place I am infiltrating. Can you disable them?" Kyosei whispered.

"I can, however, I need you to be near enough for me to hack it. Fetch your phone near and I can hack it. Can you do what I just said?" Nanami asked.

"Roger, commencing operation," Kyosei answered and begin his infiltration.

In the past, he doesn't need to hack the CCTV cameras just to infiltrate. He just destroy them, causing panic to his enemies. Now that there are hostages present, he can't let the group to kill anyone of the hostages. Kyosei approached a bit on the CCTV and pointed his phone to the camera. The camera's light is green but when Nanami hacked the camera, the light became red.

Kyosei repeated this process and after double checking that all of the video cameras are hacked, Kyosei began his infiltration inside. He climbed up the wall that is unguarded, and successfully breached the place. He seems to be harmless but Kyosei is ready to kill whenever the chance is present. But for now, he needs to fully understand the layout of the mansion and its possible hiding spots. He first hide around the bushes. There are no patrolling guards nearby but he still needed to be totally vigilant or it will cost his own life. After securing that no guards are present in his location, Kyosei move his body swiftly and silently to avoid detection. His footsteps seems to be nonexistent since there is no sound whenever he took a step.

The mansion opened all of their windows and it is easy for anyone to enter it. Kyosei chooses a window randomly and has chosen the last window. He listened carefully for possible threat before he decided to break in.


Day 2: 12:24 P.M

The Dead Federation Base: Ground Floor Room

Time before the Night Rage: 6 hours and 36 minutes left


Kyosei arrived on the empty room. There seems to be no people in the vicinity. He quickly scanned the room for CCTV cameras but luckily, there seems to have no cameras installed. But he noticed that there are banners on the wall with a symbol that looked like a hand emerging from the grave and the name of the cult.

"The Dead Federation"

"What a lame name," Kyosei thought.

There seems to be nothing more in the room except for a normal size bed and a few bookshelves that has no books and the lame flag in the wall. Kyosei did not spent his remaining time and quickly moves toward the door. He didn't open it first and lean his ears on the door or to be precise, his headphones is leaning the door.

After doing so, he quickly opened the door and saw the hallway empty. This might be a room of a cult member. And since it is lunchtime, there seems to be less hooded guys around the hallways.

Kyosei grabbed this rare chance and walk through the hallway as fast as he could. The interior of the Cult Base is not that confusing and easy to remember compared to some mansions that is really confusing.

He arriver on the grand stairs area and there is only one hooded guy guarding the area, only carrying a pistol in his possession. Kyosei blend himself on the surroundings and due to his high technique of Stealth, approaching the enemy without making them startled is quite easy. The hooded guy has no idea that the doom he is guarding for is already behind him, with a sinister look in his eyes.



Kyosei did not stab him but he just snap his neck. He still killed him but only using brute force rather than making the surroundings messy. He quickly drag the body on a blind spot and dumped it there.

"That makes it easier," Kyosei said as he proceed the to navigate the mansion.

He didn't take the hooded cloak that the killed member wore since he isn't a person who uses dead people's clothes and use them for reconnaissance. In his entire life of doing this, he never used it this tactic to blend in to the surroundings. Kyosei can blend in just fine on his uniform.

Kyosei already know why the mansion is quite lax in security. The security is more focused around the dining area where it is really the most biggest area in the mansion. This mansion might be owned by a connoisseur or a gourmet that enjoys good food. Now, the mansion is ruined by the cult.

Kyosei approached quietly and reached through the corner, almost near the hooded guards near the door. Looking around, the place is full of ornamental vases that looks expensive. These vases may look extravagant but they are very easy to break. Just a single stone will destroy the vase. That's when Kyosei have thought a good way to lure the two guards away.


The two guards that are guarding the door is so bored that they feel so sluggish.

"Man, why are we doing this. There is no point in guarding this place since there shouldn't be any intruders who dare mess with us," The taller guard said with a yawn.

"Well, what can we do? This is the life we wished for. Now that an apocalypse has broken out, we can now flaunt our skills and rule this apocalyptic world!" the other hooded guy said with a hint of proudness in his voice.

"Tch, I just wanted to be safe during the apocypse. Oh well, what can I do. This is still much better than out there," the taller guard said.

Just as they were talking, a vase from the far side, near the open window fell and broke to pieces.

"Huh? What happened?" the taller guy was startled by the sound.

"Something made the vase fell over. I dunno if its something or someone," the other guy said.

"Let's check it out then," the taller guy beckons the other not knowing the killer eyes silently watching their every move...