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67 Worshippers of the Dead

 Day 2: 12:00 P.M

Osaka Streets: "BANG" Gun store

Time before the Night Rage: 7 hours left


"Thank you for accepting the quest. There is no time limit and you have no competition in completing the task. To complete the task, you need to get any proof that bears their insignia. A necklace of them will suffice but if you destroyed their base, you can bring their flag instead," Shoko bowed down and typed something in the computer.

After the transaction, Miyuki immediately protested and even Cindy and Ms. Haruna came to block Kyosei.

"Hey! You are so impulsive, you accepted the request without our consent!" Miyuki protested.

"That request might be good but its not worth it! We can't risk to go and attack enemies!" Cindy also rebuked.

"Kyosei, what are you thinking? If we attack a base that we don't even know how strong are, we are just a walking target!" Ms. Haruna said in response to the two girls.

"Kyosei is still quite serious and look at them.

"Who said I will be bringing anyone? You all stay here. I will go alone. That's all," Kyosei said before brushing the three off.

This time, the others were stunned on what Kyosei said. Cindy translated what they are talking to Steven and Nathalie and they also got stunned.

"Kyosei! That is suicide!" Steven tried to stop Kyosei but all he get is a cold glare.

"Kyosei, do not act so harshly! Its a group where people kills! That is not something you can handle alone!" Okabe persuaded Kyosei.

Kyosei shot a glare to everyone.

"Shut up, humans. If I said I will go, I will go. Stay here and recuperate instead. You all are just a burden to me if you all tried to follow me there," Kyosei walked on the shelf where all of the blades and other items are. Then, he suddenly found something that he is very fond of ever since he played the game.

"You have good eyes, the hidden blade made by my brother. Its the only successful hidden blade made by my brother after getting inspired by the weapon used in the game, Assassin's Creed by Ubisoft. Its functioning like the real hidden blade from the game, however it is only good for silent attacks and not for fencing like the modified one. Do you want to exchange for your points? It may help you more in your quest," Shoko smiled.

Kyosei held the hidden blade in his hands. For those gamers who played the game, it is one of the most best weapons for assassination as you can hide it under your sleeve and use it for sneak attacks. And for him who is usually more expert in sneaking, this is one of the best weapon made. Shoko's brother might be a really good weapon maker. He wanted to wear two but since only one is available, he only did so.

"How much is it?" Kyosei asked.

"500 Gold points. No more, no less. Its the only one and we are not sure when will my brother get to make another functioning one," Shoko said.

Kyosei thought that it is a bit expensive but this is really useful.

"May I test it?" Kyosei asked.

"Of course. The quality is really good so try," Shoko bowed and allowed Kyosei to test it.

Kyosei wear the bracer holding the hidden blade slowly before trying to make it function. Raising his wrist a bit, a long blade appeared on it, sharp and really durable. Lowering his wrist retracted the blade and this made Kyosei satisfied.

"I'll take it. And also, give me a simple Kukri and do you do repairs here?" Kyosei revealed his chipped blade cleaver.

"We do. Repairs varied depending on the items. For this item, it will cost 100 silver points and a kukri cost 250 silver points," Shoko said confidently.

"Thank you, I will take this as my purchase," Kyosei said and put his sleeves on once more to hide the hidden blade.

He tried it once more and the hidden blade did not really made trouble on his sleeve. This made Kyosei feel good. After a few minutes, Kota appeared and handed him the Kukri he requested. The Kukri's curved shape made it a bit easy to handle. Its edge is sharp that Kyosei can feel that he can bash any skulls without giving too much pressure on his hands. He put the sheath on his waist and put the kukri inside. He is ready to go.


Day 2: 12:09 P.M

Osaka Streets: ???

Time before the Night Rage: 6 hours and 51 minutes left


Kyosei is back in the surface once again. He didn't have anyone to follow him and he never wanted to have one. Working alone made him more comfortable.

"Let's get started," Kyosei stretched before cracking his knuckles.


The streets are empty, only littered items and broken cars are scattered around. Not a single human or undead are seen in the area. Two hooded guys are in the second floor of a house which is facing the street in a vantage point. The other one is laying down in a platform made specifically for snipers. He is holding a Carbine with him and scopes the streets once in a while. The other one was holding a phone and currently playing.

"Man, this is so boring, I don't see any people passing by. How can we make our game enjoyable?" The hooded man in the window sighed.

"What can we do, we can defy the orders of grandmaster," The other hooded man said as he continue playing the phone.

"I just wanted to kill a few humans since this is the apocalypse but I guess its impossible since we need to catch a human alive," The hooded man in the gun said.


"You are also bored right? I never expected this to be so boring. And I thought I can play with others a lot, especially women," The hooded guy sighed.


"Hey you still there?" The hooded guy looked behind him only to feel a blunt pain in his face causing him to faint.


Kyosei flicks his hands and drag the guy in the hood who is holding the Carbine in the window. The other guy was dead already after he pierces its throat using the hidden blade. Using the rope that is already in the table, Kyosei ties up the unconscious guy and grabs a pail of water in the sink of the kitchen and toss the content on the hooded guy's face.


"Buhaaaa!!" The hooded guy opened his eyes and was startled to see a kid in bonnet staring at him with cold eyes. He tried to move, only to realize his situation.

"Its futile. Unless I cut the rope off, you won't get to escape it," Kyosei coldly look at him as he pull out his Kukri.

"What do you want? What happened to Shu?" the hooded guy panicked.

"Oh, the guy? I killed him," Kyosei pointed to the guy nearby that is slumping, sitting on his own puddle of blood.

"What do you want?" The hooded guy nervously looked at Kyosei who is currently looking down on him.

"Tell me your base," Kyosei said as he returned the kukri back on its sheath.

"Just kill me! I won't tell you about it!" The hooded guy said as he look away at him.

"Oh, you will," Kyosei pull himself closer and in just a split second, the left eye of the hooded man got stabbed by Kyosei.


"There are more better ways to inflict pain. I can do all 100 ways to torture a person and I tell you that you will be begging to die than to suffer," Kyosei grinned.

"" The hooded guy said in response.


After 10 minutes of screams and cries, Kyosei gained the location.

"He didn't even reach the tenth torture," Kyosei mumbled as he disposed the two guys. He claps his hand and muttered a prayer before he burned the house as he already coated the house with gasoline.

Kyosei gained also a Carbine and Five boxes of ammunition. Its a good haul and this weapon is good at sniping in long distance. Kyosei pocketed the keys he got on the sniper. Apparently, the guy he tortured is one of the higher ups of the group and is only having fun for a while but he fell victim to Kyosei's instead. He also retrieved a gold ring and a ruby necklace on the guys he killed.

Kyosei no longer feel anything on killing any people as long as they are deserving to die. Killing will be part of his life now and he can't evade this situation.

Its much better if he get used to it.

After doing the deed, Kyosei looked around the streets looking at the vehicle of the two guys. He didn't have any trouble finding it since it is parked not too far from where he is standing. It is a minivan and disguised as an Ice cream Mini Van. Using the key that he obtained earlier, he opened the back of the mini van, revealing different tools for torture. There are ropes, rakes, hoe, shovels, chainsaws, hand drills, and a few boxes of bullets for the carbine.

"Good loot," Kyosei nodded before closing the mini van back door.

He opened his phone and accessed the offline map. According to the hooded guy, the base was located on a huge mansion located just near a shrine. He didn't specifically said the name of the area but Kyosei didn't care as he already got a good clue where it is. It is not that far from the BANG Gunstore. But Kyosei gritted his teeth. This worshippers of the dead might be filled with psychopaths and not only people who praises the dead.