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66 Gun store of the Dead

 Day 2: 11:21 A.M

Osaka Streets: Residential Area

Time before the Night Rage: 7 hours and 39 minutes left


The two survivors were both college students in Asuzawa Academy. The outbreak was a big impact to them. Good thing for them that they manage to escape the school grounds before the undead destroys the population of the academy. They were in a group during the process of escaping but due to the appearance of the Cult that worships the dead, they were all separated. They were able to escape but they tailed them back and gained additional info to the cult. They catch undead, put it inside their dumptruck by gagging and tied them up to avoid problems. They also catch a few survivors including their friends. They have no means of transportation and they can't tail them any further.

Since they have no longer any means to follow them, the two decided to escape and avoid the eyes of the cult while evading the dead. They managed to hole up inside the abandoned house they randomly entered and spent the night in there. However, they have trouble sleeping due to the mosquitoes and severe danger that the undead posed to them. Luckily, they managed to survive the howl at midnight and the Night Rage without dying.

After fighting for a few hours, their wooden baseball bats break and due to this, they are forced to stay holed up in houses and escape before the dead will notice them.

Kyosei and the rest are resting on the side of the road. Kyosei, Souichi, Nejima and Steven are on guard while eating while the others are also eating. Kyosei holds his phone up and look at the app that procures an offline map on Osaka. They are in a small residential area and just nearby is a small establishment that has a gun symbol on the map. According to the two survivors, the gunstore is nearby and not yet been looted due to its secluded area. He knows that the bullets left in their supplies won't last till Night Rage and might be the cause of their own downfall. Also, Kyosei needs to also be vigilant against the cult. In just the second day of the outbreak, a group of of crazies already bare their fangs in this apocalyptic world.

Kyosei beckons Nanami as she is the only one he can discuss this things.

"Sup?" Nanami took a seat on the nearby bench.

"You can access the offline map right? There should be mansions with great fortifications around here. We need to find that place before it gets too dark to reach it. The trouble in Night Rage seems to be going more deadly than yesterday," Kyosei started to discuss his preferences on the mansions. Nanami scratched her head but opens her laptop.

"I see, but those kinds of preferences like metal gates are hard to find since here in Osaka, most of the mansions here are well guarded and are not yet abandoned by their owners. It might take a while to find the best mansion you are talking," Nanami explained.

"I don't mind, as long as we can find the best place to hit the sack at night," Kyosei nodded. He understood how hard to find the mansion he asked to find.

The mansion should be with CCTV cameras or motion detector cameras to sense the horde. Large mansion that can be further reinforced and easy to defend. A metal gate that is not easy for the undead to break and high fences that can be easily guarded. And last but not the least, a veranda or a rooftop to get a good vantage point around the surroundings. Having a vantage point is one of the necessary things to have since he experienced the deadly Night Rage. This preferences might be too hard to find and really too extravagant, it is his reasons that he wanted to take it easy in terms of Night Rage besieged.

During their time in the clocktower, the battle is too hard especially due to the Juggernaut and the Hurlers. They are not prepared. Kyosei did his calculations to minimize the chances of repeating the events in the clocktower where their own defense has been breached. Furthermore, he can't really get his mind calm down. He noticed earlier that most of the mutated creatures they encountered last night like the hurlers, juggernaut and Mosquitoes are not appearing during daytime. They have not seen mosquitoes except for their spawns. In that case, there should be some hurlers right? But there is no sighting of one. Anyone can distinguish the hurlers to the normal ones due to their large body that is similar to bouncers in the clubs. Its morning and only the normal ones are present and not a single mutated appeared. Is it possible that only during the Night Rage that those mutated appears frequently? Kyosei took a mental note with that. He needs to confirm it later at night.

After a few minutes of taking a break and without any signs of danger, Kyosei and the group decided to move. He approached on the two new survivors in their group.

"Lead the way, we need to reach the gunstore that you are talking about before one o'clock in the afternoon. We can't dawdle too much here," Kyosei said.

"Sure. Your weapons are a bit weaker and the possibilities of encountering the cult is a bit high. So if you are in need of weapons, we sure need to go. Also, your melees are a bit battered and most of them are not appropriate for your team. There is a nearby DIY and Construction tool shop nearby the gunshop. It can be sure to raise the attack power of your group," Kota said.

"I see, in that case, we need to hurry," Kyosei said and move out.

Kota and Shoko did not complain and also move along. The group move once more. Since they abandoned the plan to pillage every house, they swiftly covered ground but they have limited supplies. Kyosei is the one handling the undead ahead of them. Kyosei can hide on nearby surroundings and deal the dead without any problems. Kota and Shoko find it amazing and even Kyosei's companions cannot hide their amazement on Kyosei's movements.

"Oh yeah, you guys have not introduced yourselves to us," Kota said to Miyuki since Kyosei is busy on disposing the undead ahead of them.

"Sorry for that. The guy leading us temporarily is Kyosei Ichinose. He is always moody and do not trust others. I hope that you two are not offended," Miyuki bowed down to them.

Kota smiled and shook his head. Shoko tapped Miyuki's shoulders.

"Its alright. We understand what Kyosei is worried about and if it were us on his standing, we might also do the same," Shoko said.

Miyuki sighed. She began introducing everyone to them and they responded naturally to them. Kyosei was more focused on the road than everyone but he is not just doing it without purpose. He did it to reduce surprise attacks. In the streets where every little corner of the areas are danger zones and there might be an ambush waiting for them. He might be paranoid but its for the sake of the group.


Day 2: 11:44 A.M

Osaka Streets: ???

Time before the Night Rage: 7 hours and 16 minutes left


They arrived on the area where the two said that there is a gun store but for some reason, Kyosei and the rest did not even know where it is located. They are not familiar with the place and has no idea where the hell they are. Kyosei began to be vigilant.

"Are you two planning an ambush?!" Kyosei pull out the revolver and Colt 45 and pointed it to Kota and Shoko.

The two were stunned and the two wore a confused look on their faces.

"W-what are you talking about?!" Kota panicked.

"Where is the gun store? I don't see any buildings similar to a gun store!" Kyosei almost shove the gun to their faces.

Shoko did not panic and smiled. She instead wore a calm expression.

"Please remember that guns and swords are illegal in Japan and your guns are obviously banned here. But for some reason, you all have those. Of course, we didn't care about where you got those but now, don't jump into conclusions yet. Come this way," Shoko walk towards an alley and the rest followed.

Soon, they arrived and saw a dead end and a sort of trap door on the ground.

"This is some sort of illegal store that is able to blend in with the world of Japan. It might look like an ordinary trap door but it is a good place inside," Shoko said while still revealing her sincere smile.

Kyosei has no idea what she is planning as he also look at Kota who is shivering as he is still aiming the gun on him.

Shoko tapped the door three times before saying the word "Bang" on the door.

The door opened without problems, revealing a staircase leading downstairs. Kyosei nodded in realization. They quickly follow suit to Shoko and Kota who descended first and when they arrived at the bottom, the layout of the shop is revealed. Guns and different weapons are now displayed in their eyes. Every lethal weapons like brass knuckles, pocket knives, throwing knives, RPGs, grenade launchers, chainsaws, different weapons that anyone can imagine is here.

"Welcome, we are the owners of the Gun store " BANG". We are pleased to see our new patrons," Shoko and Kota both bowed down to the rest.

Kyosei now understood. They are duped right in the beginning since they can't loot this place but they found a good supplier of weapons in the world of apocalypse.

"I see, the gunstore named BANG. I heard it once in the past but I have no idea where it is. Now I know why they said it is hidden because it is actually hidden," Kyosei relaxed.

"Of course, we also know you, Kyosei Ichinose, or should we say, "Little Devil"? Yes," Shoko grinned.

Kyosei was a bit surprised but didn't let it out and remained indifferent.

"A gun store huh, so you are running a gun store that is why you are confident," Kyosei said.

"Does that mean that your status as both college students a wrong info?" Miyuki doubted.

"No, they are really college students but they are also the owners of the gunshop. I didn't get to search their info since I have no internet connection but when I found one, I immediately connect the laptop to its network and search their infos," Nanami revealed.

"Thank you, Nanami-chan. What a nice info broker we have here," Shoko once again smiled.

"So? What now? We don't have money to pay. We can't possibly loot this place since the owners are here," Kyosei said.

"We don't accept money and we only accept precious jewels and materials," Kota who seemed nervous before also relaxed.

Kyosei pull out something on his pocket and shows it to them.

"Like this?" Kyosei pulled out the ring with a diamond embedded on it. Kota and Shoko were amazed by this and snatched the ring on Kyosei's hands.

"Amazing, the diamond embedded on it is in a very high quality! If the market is still here and you sold this one, it will fetch lots of money!" Kota said as he appraised the ring.

"This one will suffice. But if you want to exchange it, we will need to register your group as one so that we can exchange transactions," Shoko said.

"I see, let's go," Kyosei said and they immediately go to the counter.

"Please, feel at home everyone, sit on wherever you like," Kota said to the others and quickly settled on the sofas.

Kyosei looked around the area. The store has the atmosphere of a bar rather than a gunstore. They also served spirits here like vodka and wine.The lights are dim and only a few places are illuminated by dim, yellow lights. Shoko pulls out a paper parchment and Kyosei knows that it is a registration paper. Kyosei filled up the blanks needed to be answered and after doing so, he give it back to Shoko.

"Thank you for registering. As per your item that you brought to us, we will convert it to points," Shoko said.

"Points?" Miyuki was curious as she also followed Kyosei into filling up the parchment.

"Here, we convert every customers contribution to the shop as contribution points. We are already like this in the past and we never accepted money at all since we are illegal and money is trackable. We instead use materials as a collateral for money. For example, the diamond ring you have given to us are converted into 100,000 Gold Points," Shoko explained.

Kota arrived, bringing a Colt 45 similar to Kyosei's gun.

"We present the gun you used earlier, the Colt 45. This is a 100 silver points item in our shop. I will explain the points in our shop. The points are divided into three parts, the copper points, silver points and gold points. A hundred copper points are counted as one silver and same to the silver which will also count as one gold," Kota explained.

"If we don't have anything to exchange and we are in dire need of items, what should we do?" Kyosei asked.

"In that case, we introduce our quest system," Shoko said with a smile.

"Let me explain, we just implemented this yesterday. Customers who manage to finish our tasks are awarded with points depending on how hard the task is," Kota explained.

"I see, so the cult you are talking earlier is also part of the task?" Kyosei asked.

Kota and Shoko grinned.

"As expected on our dear patron. Can get the situation past. The cult is differentiated from the other quest. This quest is in the extermination tasks. The cult quest is an A class difficulty quest. Successfully completing this task will yield 200,000 gold points," Shoko said.

Kyosei looked at the other who are listening. They seemed to be nervous.

"Give me the details," Kyosei said in a serious mode.

"We will reward you 200,000 Gold points in exchange of exterminating the cult itself. Our reason is that, our other patrons are no longer coming here due to their interference. We gathered Intel yesterday and we gained valuable info that we told earlier. And since you are the dangerous "Little Devil", I am sure you can do it," Shoko grinned.

"As you can see, I heard your notorious reputation of destroying gangs and bases of mafias. Maybe you should also use your notoriety to destroy a threat to your group and the threat to our business. Its a win- win situation," Kota nodded.

Kyosei was silent for a bit before he stands up and maximizes the volume of his headphones.

"Give that to me," Kyosei said, as he pulls out a lollipop on his pocket before sucking it.


Hello guys, since we only reached the rank below 400, only one extra chapter for the week. Thank you for the support and patronage. I will still update and do my job. Here is the extra chapter for the day! Keep reading guys! The Outbreak Chronicles: Dead Pandemic Blood Red is still in the writing phase so just wait for a while for those who are excited to read the female protagonist, Akari Ichinose. Don't worry guys, the story of the two are a bit different with a few relevant characters and most of the events here never occurred in the male perspective or just not told in the male perspective.