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65 Survivors of the Dead

 Day 2: 11:03 A.M

Osaka Streets: Residential Area

Time before the Night Rage: 7 hours and 57 minutes left


The gunshots stopped after a few minutes passed by. A 20 year old guy is holding his girlfriend who is also a 20 year old gal. They have been hiding after hearing the gunshots outside.

The boy has a normal body build but he can be said to be attractive and handsome. He rarely have pimples in his face and his shaggy hair makes him more attractive. The girl is a bit shorter than the boy but she looks really attractive to the boys. She has fair skin, attractive eyes, and has a silky, brown hair. She wears a small makeup but maybe it is due to the haggard surroundings that her makeup is slowly fading.

"Are you sure that those are not members of those 'GUYS'?" the boy asked the girl.

"Yeah, they look so young and most of them are wearing school uniforms. They don't resemble those barbarians, also, they are killing the freaks instead of capturing them," the girl explained.

"You have a point but I am still worried. They looks so veteran in gunfights," the boy said.

"Lets just go, we will just hope that they are good guys," the girl reassured the boy.

"I hope so," he sighed.

After making sure that it is safe to reveal themselves, they opened the door and shouted.

"Don't shoot!"


Day 2: 11:03 A.M

Osaka Streets: Residential Area

Time before the Night Rage: 7 hours and 57 minutes left


Kyosei is very vigilant and before the two people move inside the abandoned house, Kyosei already noticed them. He is just waiting if they are dangerous and armed or they are harmless. The two revealed themselves and the guy who revealed himself shouted "Don't shoot" to them. They might be afraid to go out during the gunfight or they have something that made them hold back. They appear to be weaponless. On top of that, they have wounds and gashes on their bodies. They appear to be older than them though Ms. Haruna is much older since she is 25 years old.

"Who are you? State your business," Kyosei said, adding some threatening tone in his voice.

"Okay, just don't shoot," the boy said, clearly, he is trembling in fear. The two slowly approached them.

"Raise your hands where I can see them, if I see something suspicious like attacking us for no reason, I won't hesitate to shoot you two," Kyosei said.

The two smiled, thinking that they are bluffing but then the two gulped their saliva. They immediately noticed that no one is laughing that made it like they are joking. Basically, they are actually serious and almost everyone of them are carrying guns. They slowly raised their hands in the air, afraid that the guy wearing a bonnet will shoot them for real.

"Kyosei, don't act so harshly, they might need some help," Miyuki whispered to Kyosei.

Kyosei harrumphed and still continue aiming his gun to them.

"State your business. The time is running," Kyosei said in a cold voice.

"Alright, I'm Kota Gatou and this is my girlfriend, Shoko Satomi. We were ordinary college students when the outbreak started. We managed to survive that freaky night but we were almost caught by a cult that worships the dead. Our friend-" the boy named Kota wanted to continue speaking but Kyosei interrupted him.

"Huh? A cult? Worshippers of the dead?" Kyosei creased his eyebrows.

"Yeah, its a cult. They are said to be zombie fanatics that slowly turned into some sort of cult. And when the outbreak started, they also turned hostile, started capturing both humans and those freaks. We have no idea what they are doing but when they successfully captured those freaks, they started doing some chants and started bowing to the cage while they beat up those people they captured," Kota explained.

"How can you make sure that you are not someone who is affiliated by that cult?" Kyosei aims the gun to him more.

"Wait! Its not us! We don't care if you steal anything from us, just don't kill us! We swear! We are not affiliated by those cult!" the girl named Shoko shivered.

Miyuki tapped Kyosei.

"Stop, they are telling the truth. I can tell from their body language. Their expression also is filled with fear and anxiousness," Miyuki said.

Kyosei is still not convinced and didn't lower his guard down but still continued to interrogate them.

"State your business. We don't have a whole day to entertain you two," Kyosei said.

Kota sighed and looked at Shoko before nodding.

"Okay, we want ask you two to let us in on your group, we are weaponless and we barely escaped the cult. Don't worry, we have abilities that might be useful to you. We even have the info of a gunstore that is yet to be looted, and we can help you to identify those cults so that you are not victimized by those people, will those suffice?" Kota shivered while explaining.

Kyosei paused for a while. He still can't trust them fully yet but the gunstore that he just said sounds good. Also, it will be a good idea to say that someone from their group can identify those cult that is now also one of the danger in the city. He can still let them in but he will not be that trusting to them either. Betrayal is always present in this world. Offending different people will result to bad outcome. He sighed and look at the two in a serious look.

"Alright, but that doesn't mean that we are trusting you two. Move in a bad way and a bullet will bury inside your head or I might bash your head to the wall instead. Your choice."

Kota and Shoko shivered. A teenager younger than them is threatening them. However, it is not a problem since if they are in their own situation, they might be also

the same and will also threaten anyone.

Kyosei beckons Nanami over.

"Can you still connect to the internet?" Kyosei asked.

Nanami shook her head.

"No, the internet connection of the school is now out of bounds and if I try to hack on the internet connections, its not really worth it. Most of the connections are not that strong to connect as fast as the connection at school," Nanami said.

"What are you planning to do?" Miyuki asked.

"I wanted to search on the internet about the relevance of the Cult that these two babbled about. I can't trust them yet," Kyosei said.

Miyuki frowns hearing this.

"Kyosei, we should at least help them. Maybe they can give us new info," Miyuki said in persuasive manner.

Kyosei paused before talking again.

"Right, you just said that there is a gunstore nearby. Bring us in there. We need to replenish the ammunition and we need new weapons. I guess you can do that?" Kyosei lowers his Colt 45 and looks at them.

"S-sure! Its a bit far from this area but we can reach the gunstore for at least 10 minutes walk here straight up north," Kota said.

"One last question though," Kyosei stopped them.

"What is it?"this time, it is Shoko who asked.

"I've been wondering were the hell are your weapons. It might be impossible to arrive this far without weapons," Kyosei said to them.

"Oh, I've been wondering that too," Nanami said with a confused look.

"Ah, that. We owned guns earlier but we don't have the bullets left so we ditched them on the way here. Also it is a bit hard to move carrying that so we didn't actually bring any and just goes on sneaking," Kota said.

Kyosei quickly understood. These two are also good at their feet for covering the sounds of their footsteps. These guys are good at concealment. It is quite true that the guns are useless without the ammunition.

"You two didn't use any melee weapons?" Miyuki asked.

"No, mine broke off when we were attacked while Kota's weapons varied as he improvises his weapons," Shoko explained.

Kyosei pondered. This guys are no ordinary guys. They have skills. They will be handy if properly used. Kyosei nodded, if they don't betray them, he is going to accept them in the group.