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64 Riot of the Dead

 Day 2: 10:43 A.M

Osaka Streets: Residential Area

Time before the Night Rage: 8 hours and 17 minutes left


Time passes by when its morning, the progress of the survivors are also progressing. Kyosei gave up using the SMG which Steven identified as a Submachine gun. He give the gun to Steven since Steven is familiar on using guns due to his father often bringing him in shooting ranges. The reason why Kyosei gave up using on the Submachine Gun is that he prefer to go on melee rather than going to shoot in a distance.

Miyuki is still equipped with an Assault Rifle which Steven also identified as an ArmaLite series of assault rifle. She is equipped with sharp scissors as a melee. Souichi is equipped with the same gun that Steven also identified as the AR-15 that is good to be attached with scope. Sena holds the Sawed-off pump shotgun since she likes shotgun a lot. Though it is a bit low in attack compared to the Full pumped Shotgun, she still love it since it can be equipped with 5 shells rather than 2 that the other shotgun does.

Cindy doesn't want to fight so she decided to go with Okabe, Snow and Ms. Haruna who are assigned to bring the items and supplies of the group. Nanami is equipped with the Longbow. Coincidentally, she is a pro in using bows since she once belonged to the Archery Club in the past before she became a hacker. Nathalie equipped the crossbow since she is proficient in using this. Furthermore, she can reuse the bolts that the crossbow fires. She also equipped the Golf club which she is also familiar. Chie, didn't want to partake in battles but she needed to to get samples for her research so she just equipped herself with a modified baseball bat.

Ahead is only a few undead that is not necessarily needed to be killed by guns since they can be killed with melee weapons alone. They are not many in number, they are also far from each other. Kyosei signalled everyone to be the one to strike them instead. Kyosei's cat-like movements are really proficient and really silent that the undead did not notice them yet.

"Wow, Kyosei's way of killing is really different than us. He didn't hesitate on doing so and moves like an expert in the proficiency of using melee weapons, however, I also noticed that Kyosei mainly acts alone," Steven commented.

"Oh? You noticed that too? I thought I am the only one who noticed that. Kyosei seems to be not attached to others. He seems to be not that trusting on his comrades," Nathalie added.

"Really? Isn't that Kyosei is the friend of everyone here?" Steven asked.

"No, I heard from Kyosei that he never trust anyone," Nathalie answered.

Cindy heard everything the brother and sister said, however, she has no way to rebuke their views on Kyosei. She also noticed it but she interpreted it more on Kyosei acting alone is similar to taking all the burdens by himself rather than being shared by the group.

Soon, Kyosei is running back to the group.

"Prepare your weapons! A horde is here!" Kyosei shouted.

Everyone goes into position and raised their guns. Kyosei also goes to position and takes out the Colt 45 out. He can't let himself be trapped in the barrage of bullets.

They didn't wait too much and a horde is seen in the distance. They are normal undead. No undead that have evolved is present in the horde. The group raises their weapons.

"Fire!" Kyosei uses the Colt 45 as his long range weapon. Since it is not continuous unlike the Assault Rifles and other SMGs, Kyosei had to keep on pulling the trigger again and again.

Everyone did their best, the people in charge of the supplies hands the ammunition of every weapons once they are out of ammo.

"I'm out!" Steven shouted. Snow hands out the magazine full of bullets to Steven and exchange it with bullet less magazine.

"Give me a few bolts!" Nathalie shouted and Snow also hands out the bolts.

"Give me additional ammo!" Sena shouted as the shells she loaded on her shotgun are used up. Ms. Haruna hands out ten shells to Sena immediately.

Different voices are echoing in the air as the demand of ammunition rises. Okabe notices that the supply is almost out.

"Guys! There are only a few ammunition left! Please conserve since we need them this Night Rage!" Okabe shouted.

Everyone stopped firing this time. Their bullets are almost running out but there are still a few of them in the streets.

"Use your melees! Don't let them live!" Kyosei rallied them up.

Kyosei put away the Colt 45 and pulls out the cleaver. The others also pulls out their melees.

"Don't let them bite and scratch you!" Chie shouted.

Everyone nodded. Kyosei led the fighters out on the horde.


Everyone did their strategies with the usage of melee. Kyosei is the most damage dealer in all of them. Kyosei can kill a lot just using his cleaver and his fist... or more precisely, his brass knuckles. The next one is Souichi who seems to hold on his own without any help by any individual.

The battle lasted for at least 20 minutes. Everyone are drenched in sweat and a few are covered in blood though they are not that covered much. The undead are all laying in the ground with the bullet cases and blood scattered on the ground. Everyone are panting, catching their breath after the tiresome battle. Okabe, Snow, Cindy, and Ms. Haruna hands them water bottles and everyone happily accepted the water bottles.

The survivors looked around the place. After their battle, they matured once more as the challenges are still not yet finished for these individuals.