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63 Spawn of the Dead

 Day 2: 10:15 A.M

Osaka Streets: Residential Area

Time before the Night Rage: 8 hours and 45 minutes left


The spawn of the Mosquitoes. Yes, it is the spawn of the Mosquitoes that appear during the Night Rage. For some reason, they appeared here on the aquarium and preyed the fishes living on the aquarium. It is similar to a tadpole but it is really a spawn of the Mosquitoes. The way it wriggles on the water makes it more obvious. Also, it still bares its former form. It is now much more bigger than the normal spawns. Kyosei also spotted a few pink circles attached on the wall of the aquarium. Kyosei deduced that it is the eggs of the Mosquitoes that are yet to hatch.

This is a big chance to eliminate the Mosquitoes in Night Rage. Kyosei raised the SMG and pulling the trigger, he shoot the aquarium with a barrage of bullets. Kyosei did not stop releasing barrage of bullets in it's container and not even the eggs are left.


The bullets are emptied in the broken aquarium and in just a few seconds, not a single creature is left moving and the shards of broken glass are scattered on the floor. Souichi, Miyuki and Chie rushes in after hearing the gunshots.

"What is going on?" Miyuki was alarmed.

"I discovered some spawns of the Mosquitoes. They are somehow, hostile and will attack on sight. I decided to destroy them, before they mature during the Night Rage," Kyosei answered while reloading the SMG.

The three remembered those enemies during the Night Rage. They are the first creatures besides the undead to give threat to them. They are proved to be very dangerous seeing how they drain blood from their victims. Also, they are always attacking in. groups and they always blend in the darkness which is getting more troublesome the longer it goes. Luckily, they survived the assault of the insects that night.

Chie approached the aquarium with curiosity after wearing her thick gloves that not a single metal can pierce which is very useful for picking dangerous creatures and items that may harm the user. She pick up the lifeless body of the spawn that has been killed after a bullet passed by on its thorax. Its blood is blue and its flesh is color green. After picking it up, she pulls out a small bottle and placed the dead specimen inside and seal it with a cap. Same with the egg that has been destroyed. However, since it is in gelatinous state, Chie didn't pick it using her hands and used a small tong that picks the gelatinous substance in the broken aquarium and placed the specimen in another bottle and sealed it.

"I will further study this specimens. It might give us a clue on whatever makes the infection. Also, I think destroying the spawns are appropriate to avoid the large numbers of the Mosquitoes. They are annoying as heck," Chie said.

"Okay, please explain the circumstances to everyone and help destroy the spawns. This will lower the danger of Night Rage tremendously," Kyosei said.

Kyosei still didn't know if the spawn of the Mosquitoes are fast maturing type of creatures, but it is quite possible that the spawns are those type as they are appearing in large numbers during the Night Rage. It is much better to strike the iron while its hot. A preemptive attack is much better to avoid more casualty. Just thinking Leo's fate, he gritted his teeth.

"Once we find a base, we will held Leo's funeral," Kyosei said.

Miyuki, Chie and Souichi did not complain. Someone who is willing to sacrifice himself just for the sake of his students, is a true teacher to his students.

Chie, Miyuki and Souichi quickly looked around the corners of the house and as expected, they saw a few spawns and eggs in the corners of the house. The only difference is that, the spawns that hatched in the water are swift while those spawns that hatched in the land are slow and moves like a caterpillar. Kyosei did not partake on the extermination job and instead decided to go on scavenging.

Food is scarce and the most valuable resource they needed. With a large group like this, food is sure to diminish faster. Despite the donation of Yao Lei to their group, the food he gave to them is barely enough to last for a week. Its not something to last for many days. They also have the problem of spoilage, but the good thing is that their food are more on canned goods.

Kyosei begins his scavenging job and just opening the fridge, he found a few canned goods and some instant noodles. He also found a few leftover lasagna and a few tacos with spicy flavor. Its not yet spoiled and still good to be eaten so Kyosei grabbed a container and put the food inside. This will do for lunch.

Kyosei also put the fruits and vegetables in the plastic bag without signs of spoilage. This will be good for nutritional goodies. Kyosei also take the frozen meat. Before he put it in the container, he grabbed the newspaper in the kitchen table and grabbed the tablesalt. He rubbed the tablesalt to the meat and after doing so, he wrapped it with the newspaper. That way, the meat will not spoil faster since they don't have refrigerator.

After gathering the food with him, he look around the kitchen tools. He found a cleaver and a few sharpened kitchen knife. He also found a rectangular whetstone which will be necessary to sharpen again some of the dull blades. The cleaver is not that better than his current cleaver but it will be fine as a backup tool in case the chipped cleaver will break apart further. He also found some golf clubs. They are good weapons but are much heavier than the baseball bats. They are only good in one on one battle with the undead rather than for crowd control. Placing the golf clubs in its bag, he also carried it with him. A lot of the people in the group are weaponless so this will be good to add a few people who can now defend the group. There are three golf clubs in all and all of them are in good condition.

Looting the kitchen already yields a lot. Kyosei was about to look in the living room when Souichi's voice range out.

"Hey! A little help here!" Souichi's voice came upstairs.

Kyosei dropped his items in the table and equipped his cleaver and SMG. Miyuki and Chie also followed suit and rushed upstairs. When they reached upstairs, a whole bunch of orange eggs with the size of a marble are sticking on the wall. What is more frightening, the orange spawns are crawling all around the walls.

"What the f*ck?!" Kyosei did not expect this. The house became a nesting ground of the Mosquitoes.

"Destroy!" Miyuki raised the Assault Rifle and destroy the eggs that are still not hatched.

Chie swings the baseball bat back and forth around the eggs and also began smashing on the crawling spawns. Souichi is stepping on some and smashes them with a few heavy objects to kill.

After their attacks, the whole room became sticky with blue, slimy, blood and a few residues of flesh from the spawns.

"They reproduce so quickly," Chie said as she catches her breath.

Kyosei opened his phone and open the map app that Nanami installed in his phone and added a mark named "infestation" and marked it on the house they are in. He also put a large X on the building they have. Apparently, all of the items in the second floor are no longer usable and the few items are covered with unknown blood that might be infectious. After wiping the weapons that are covered in slime and reloading the guns, Kyosei vacated the house and decided to abandon the idea of going house to house.

He meets up with the others and they are wondering what is going on.

"What happened?" Steven is the first to ask. He didn't talk too much due to his injury.

"We found spawns," Kyosei answered.

"Spawns? What is that?" Nathalie wondered.

"The offsprings of the Mutated Mosquitoes. You didn't see it last night but if our theory is correct, they will appear once again in the Night Rage and will mess with our night again," Chie explained.

The others who experienced the terror of the Mosquitoes shiver while the others who didn't wondered.

"For now, we will abandon our first plan, we will instead go to full throttle," Kyosei said.

"Full throttle?" Everyone wondered.

"Rush in the streets, bash anyone that blocks our way," Kyosei revealed his serious face.