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62 The Dead City Prologue of Arc 2

 Day 2: 10:00 A.M

Osaka Streets: Bus

Time before the Night Rage: 9 hours left


The bus is still running in the streets. The outbreak really made real damage to the city in just a single night. Cars are all scattered around the streets, different mangled bodies are scattered around and a few cars are still flaming after crashing. It made a very depressing scene. The others are also looking outside with a frown.

"What will happen to us now?" Sena spoke to break the silence lingering the group.

Souichi approached and tap her shoulders to calm his girlfriend down. Sena hugs Souichi since she misses her own family. The twins hugged each other, Nathalie and Steven comforted each other, Nejima became Nanami's pillow, Cindy calmed Ms. Haruna after crying. Chie is absorbed in her research to feel much and Miyuki is staring at Kyosei with sadness. She holds the Balisong that Leo has given to him to entrust it to Kyosei.

The bus was in the middle of the highway but for some reason, the bus is slowing down until it reach to a full stop.

"Huh? Kyosei, what is going on?" Miyuki noticed that Kyosei is frantically trying to start the bus once more to no avail.

"We are out of gas..." Kyosei said frowning.

"Gas..." Miyuki was stunned. The bus is out of gas?

"We need to abandon the vehicle..." Kyosei said with a frown.

"Its understandable since the bus has been running around, wasting gas earlier to distract the Creature," Ren said with a serious tone.

Everyone nodded. The bus will really ran out of juice before they can reach somewhere. Due to this, they decided to abandon the bus.

"Where are we anyway?" Nejima looked around but cannot think where they are.

"We are a bit far from the gas station but we are near the residential area. We can pillage a few items from the abandoned houses around. The city is too hard to find good supplies and we need to camp find a good place to camp out before the sun sets at six," Kyosei said as he is quite familiar in the area.

Everyone nodded. Right now, Kyosei is the most suitable person in command in the group. Most of all, he is good in judgement and has a mature way of thinking. Also, his experience in battle makes him a very strong person in battle.

"Let's go," Kyosei holds the SMG and walks off to the side of the streets.

The street is quite silent and not a single undead is around.

"Strange, no infected is within the vicinity," Nanami said as she hacked the nearby security cameras.

"I'm feeling about this," Souichi said.

Everyone proceeds cautiously. Apparently, they will be having a hard time if a horde arrives as they are sure they will be overwhelmed. Kyosei continues being a vigilant stance everywhere. A single shuffling sound will make Kyosei turn and aim the SMG on the source of the sound.


Day 2: 10:12 A.M.

Osaka Streets: Residential Area

Time before the Night Rage: 8 hours and 48 minutes left


The group arrived the residential area that Kyosei mentioned earlier. The houses are similar to those houses with two storeys, only a bit more fancier. Most of the houses have garages and has cars on it. However, it is now much messy with the addition of the undead walking in the streets.

"I spotted five undead up north and nine on the other side. I suggest that we pass every house to avoid detection. The undead in the morning is less vigilant than they were during Night Rage so its not a problem much. We can loot the houses on the way too, its like killing two birds with one stone," Kyosei said.

"Yeah, let's do that," Souichi said.

Everyone did not object. What Kyosei said is really good, since they can't afford to keep on fighting and wasting resources, sneaking is the only way for anyone to do it. They hate fighting so the strategy is accepted immediately. Moreover, they can loot the house on the way.

Kyosei crouched down and proceeds with caution. He didn't hold the SMG and instead pulls out the cleaver.

"I with sneak in first and once everything is clear, you all can go in," Kyosei said.

"Do you plan on destroying the undead inside?" Chie asked.

"Yeah, if there are any so that the safety of our group won't be pummeled down," Kyosei explained.

The group nodded. Holding the cleaver, Kyosei climbs in the glassless window pane to reach inside...

The house has two undead currently eating their 'breakfast'. They are busy with their food that they didn't notice Kyosei's approach. Raising the cleaver, Kyosei successfully strikes down the dead in its head while kicking the other one.

"Uuuuhhh..." The undead stumbled down and moaned. Kyosei strikes his cleaver once again, ending its life.

Kyosei was about to climb upstairs when he noticed the aquarium. It has no fish in particular and instead, it is all dead, with its stomach blasted open. Its like something has destroyed its stomach and ate all of its intestines. That is when Kyosei saw the big wriggling spawns of something like a tadpole that is much bigger. He personally saw these creatures destroy the last fish's life and emerging out of its stomach.

"What on earth are these creatures?!" Kyosei fucked up..

The creatures are similar to blobs with tentacles but they have the characteristics of a tadpole. They have tails long enough and for some reason, they are so hostile. It seems that these creatures sensed Kyosei nearby that it started banging the aquarium with force. Kyosei observed it for a while. This little cretins are something that the outbreak might have mutated. He is not surprised that there are smaller creatures like this. Usually, he will be tterrifie but now he is quite immune to it. He focused on the creatures and noticed that they have some sort of razor sharp fangs on its head. Soon, Kyosei know what creature it is.

"It can't be.."