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61 Escaping the School of the Dead Epilogue of Arc 1

 Day 2: 8:35 A.M

Kirishima High School

Time before the Night Rage: 11 hours and 25 minutes left


The bus is smashing its way towards the school ground, pounding all the dead that blocks their way. Apparently, they managed to escape the grasp of the Behemoth but in exchange, someone performed a sacrifice. The atmosphere inside the bus is so heavy that you can actually hear the pin drop. No one from the group is making any sound nor wanted to start a conversation.

Kyosei is also silent but for the first time in his delinquent life, he released the heavy droplets of tears from his eyes. He gritted his teeth as he bash his way towards the undead trying to block the bus. The person he treated as the second father is also gone. He no longer have the will. His mind is in chaos and his emotions are no longer stable.

Seeing the undead block the roadway once more, his eyebrows knitted together. His rage is in full and his eyes are full of hatred.

"I will kill you all!" Kyosei stepped on the accelerator hard and crashing the dead into meat pastes. Blood and meat splattered on the windshield and even the wipers has a hard time wiping off the blood and flesh on it. The windshield is left with blood red tinge, making it dirtier.

The bus wreak havoc on the school ground, reaching the area near the gate where hordes of the dead are gathered since the gate fell down already. Kyosei didn't care if the undead gathering are many or not. Stepping the accelerator once more, the bus speed up, destroying the dead it passed by. The exterior structure of the bus is already deformed to extent. Kyosei skillfully steered on the less populated area to avoid the bus from toppling down. It will be too much pain for him to balance the bus once again.

When the bus passed by on the gate, they officially escaped the school and the danger for a while. Kyosei is still thinking on the behemoth. Despite leaving the monster, he is sure that the said creature there will be stronger and harder to kill. The humans that survived the initial outbreak are getting fewer and fewer.

But still, Kyosei felt that whenever he engage against it, he can feel that he is powerless against it. They barely escaped the school and what is worse, someone from them has to sacrifice or else, more deaths might be the case. Kyosei recovered quickly on Leo's sacrificial death. He can't loom it over and over again. Due to the circumstances of the events, he learned how to surpress his emotions though the tears are still falling in his eyes. But since he is the one who is leading the group, he can't let his feelings become the main cause why the morale of the survivors fell harshly.

The group is still silent, especially Miyuki, Souichi and Nejima that were together with Leo during the battle. The others can't even say anything on that due to the fact that someone from their own group died just like that. Kyosei continues to drive on the road where not a single soul is around. They are no longer in the school vicinity but the roar of the Behemoth can still be heard in the distance...


The outbreak that suddenly occurred almost obliterated most of the humans left in Japan. Many of the big cities suffered during the Night Rage. The government is almost gone and the SDF and a few military soldiers are struggling. The Osaka's military forces were forced to break and disperse around Osaka. A few survivors started to riot and create disturbances like pillaging, robbery, vandalism of private property and most of the time, murder.

That is only in Osaka and not yet included in other cities. The other continents are also in chaos and the big powers are also struggling. The news spread like wildfire and the cities that are not yet breached by the dead are protesting to the government to seal off their own borders to avoid the breaching of the dead. They also perform riot and chase off any tourists that tries to get in their own borders.

Its only been two days since the Outbreak spreads out on the world and the people are now panicking. The others are trying to prevent the cause of the Outbreak from spreading but the chaos and panic that it caused made the people in disorder. Mistrust and fear are what made the trouble occurring. Other countries are already performing research for a cure while others are allowing the others to be quarantined to avoid further infection.

The panic worsened when the dead's behavior turn to worse during the Night Rage. Most of the initial survivors in the morning are killed and only a few strong people managed to survive the attack. Furthermore, the researchers are stunned due to the mutation of the enemies during Night Rage.

Not only the government are making their own move. The thugs and a few powerful people who managed to survive the first Night Rage are now making their own laws and are starting to create their own safe haven that many are longing for during the outbreak. Many are recruiting and most are looting and pillaging supermarkets, houses, malls, grocery stores and most of all, gunshops. The mentality of the humans matured a lot and due to this event, the dark era is now underway.

Along with that, the struggles of the survivors of Kirishima High School are just beginning. The school is the first step to venture the outside world...


Hey guys, this is the final chapter of the Arc 1: School of the Dead. It has been a while and the struggles of the our characters are only beginning. More enemies and more characters are going to appear in the Next Arc. Thank you very much for the support and how all of you enjoyed my story despite the grammar difficulties. I never expected to reach this far. The extra chapters are still underway but since the internet connection here at home is not cooperative, updating is quite a problem. Also, rising up in the ranks sure is hard due to the intense competition of the other novels, much greater than this one but still, I appreciate the Spirit stones you wasted just for the sake of my novel. I am going to work hard so that the novel will continue. What will happen to the characters? I don't know either even though I am the author. Even so, thank you very much for reaching this far. The story is only beginning so the story won't end just yet.