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60 The Deadly Blaze of Glory

 Day 2: 8:15 A.M

Kirishima High School - Vicinity of the Old Building: Bus

Time before the Night Rage: 11 hours and 45 minutes left


Kyosei is alarmed on how fast the tentacles of the behemoth attacks him. Dodging the rotten tentacles with force, Kyosei knew that the bus won't last any longer if he keeps on doing it. He already heard the gunshots coming from the Old Building and knew how hard it is for them to reach the bus. The undead are now cramped up due to the sounds of the bus and the behemoth. And since they move very slow, they are gathered in the main entrance of the Old Building.

Kyosei did not focus on the others and instead, he focused on dodging the accursed tentacles. He is sweating profusely. With his mediocre driving skills, jumping up immediately on driving a bus, this is getting Kyosei destroy his stamina and mental fortitude more than he is the one actually evading. He maneuvers the bus once again, not even trying to care if the bus will hit something or not. The most important thing is to evade and buy more time.

"Why am I doing this..." Kyosei muttered as he gritted his teeth.


Day 2: 8:15 A.M

Kirishima High School - Old Building: 1st floor hallway

Time before the Night Rage: 11 hours and 45 minutes left


On the other hand, Leo and the others are moving while continuously firing the mag of their rifles empty on the horde. The bodies are now piled up, lifeless and blocking. But every undead are not going to just give up. They keep on pushing on and despite the intense barrage of bullets raining down their way, a few survive the onslaught and almost passed by them. Luckily, Souichi is quite agile and using the pocket knife that Yao Lei entrusted for him, he strike the undead that are able to pass by on their barrage of bullets. Imitating the style of Kyosei's cleaver strikes, he successfully kills any undead trying to reach them. After striking, Souichi will hold his gun once more and release a barrage of bullets. The others also supported the gunners by giving them the magazines fully loaded with bullets and handing it to them in exchange for an empty magazine which they will fill another round of bullets.

"Push on! Do not stop!" Leo shouted.

The others also gritted their teeth as sweat is sliding their faces. Every undead cannot be spared. It was an intense gunfight that any soldier that will see this scene will think that the gunners are all veterans in handling guns. But in actuality, those are quite the opposite and only a single person is the veterans among them.

Piles of bodies, brain matter, organs, dismembered body parts and blood are all mixed in the floor. The scene is quite bloody that anyone will pale seeing this. The brutality has risen to the highest level and its no longer a normal scale to hold on. Minutes passed by and soon, not a single one of the dead are left standing. The horde is reduced to corpses gathered in the pool of blood.

Everyone heave a sigh of relief, in exchange, their ammunituon supply almost ran out dry. Their faces show the dark and heavy feeling they keep on feeling the entire combat. Not a single one of them speak. Instead, they just move forward, stepping the corpses on their feet carefully. Their mentality fell so low and only one thing is in their mind right now.

'So this is the world of Kyosei's bloody world...'


Day 2: 8:20 A.M

Kirishima High School - Vicinity of the Old Building: Bus

Time before the Night Rage: 11 hours and 40 minutes left


Kyosei finally saw a glimpse of the others emerging from the pile of corpses on the entrance of the Old Building. Kyosei wiped off his sweat since he didn't expect that he will be able to hold out for long enough, dodging the Behemoth's attack. The bus no longer resembles to its former glory and all that is left are a dirty, bloody exterior with a few window glasses panes broken to pieces.

The Behemoth is quite slow in movement but the damage it inflicts are totally off the charts. Compared to the Juggernaut, this is not something that a normal human like him to handle.

Stepping on the accelerator hard, the bus pushes out, passing the massive body of the Behemoth. The tentacles of the Behemoth is also attacking but since it is slow, the impact instead landed on the last position of the bus. But even the distance of the bus and the impact, the ground waves are strong and even the wind it released is quite strong. The bus almost goes out of balance due to this.

"Sh*t! No!" Kyosei shouted, gripping the steering wheel hard and steps on the brake lightly to make the bus stop a bit before stepping on the accelerator once more while turning the steering wheel to avoid falling over.

Luckily, Kyosei managed to make it still, without making it fall on the ground. He managed to arrive the near entrance.

"Go! Go! Get inside!" Kyosei shouted, sweat falling on his face as he opened the automatic door of the bus.

The others quickly rushes inside the bus as the door opened. Leo, Miyuki, Souichi, and Nejima both helped the others get in first. At last, only them are left outside and when it is time for them to get inside, a tentacle landed on the ground, blocking the bus door and the four are quite startled.

"What?!" Kyosei was startled. According to his calculations, the tentacle shouldn't have reached that far yet.

Leo, Miyuki, Souichi and Nejima fired out their clips empty on the tentacle blocking but not a single bullet penetrated the tentacle. Its just like the bullet slug is transformed into rubber bullets, no longer have its former strength. Everyone gasped. Kyosei was calm but deep inside, he is panicking.

He pulls out a grenade in his waist bag and bite the pin off before throwing the flammable thing into the tentacles.


Even the strong power of the grenade, the tentacle has little effect. However, it shows an effect that the bullets didn't give. Leo quickly noticed the impact of the grenade but due to its fast regenerative power of the tentacle that the Behemoth used, the wound quickly returned back to normal. Its a bit fast and if they have to pass the tentacle, someone has to be a sacrifice. He closed his eyes and nodded. He made his own resolve.

"Miyuki, Souichi, Nejima, give me all of the grenades you have in your arsenal!" Leo commanded.

Everyone was startled.

"Huh? But..." Miyuki was about to say something but Leo got angry.

"Hurry!" Leo put his hands out.

The three has no choice and put the grenades they have with. Leo handed the gun in his shoulder to Souichi.

"Once an explosion occurs, you three run past through it, understand?!" Leo was gritting his teeth.

The three nodded though they are bewildered. Leo pulls out a pocket knife known as a Balisong and handed it to Miyuki.

"Hand this to Kyosei. If he manage to made contact with my family, tell him to give this to my wife," Leo said.

Miyuki accepted it and was startled when Leo run towards the tentacle, holding two grenades on his hands and wearing the others on his body.

"F*ck you! I will not go down without a fight!" Leo pulls the pin of the two grenades by biting them off. He quickly hugs the tentacles with all his might after putting the grenades in his breast pocket alongside the grenades. Memories of his family passed by and also how he interacted to his students especially Kyosei who he think as his own son as he remembered his own son to Kyosei. Tears falling both in his eyes before he see a blinding light on his chest.

Souichi then realize what Leo was about to do.

"No!" Souichi wanted to run but its too late..

As soon as Leo arrived on the tentacle, Leo hugged the tentacle using his body and as a split second passed by, a huge explosion occurred.


Miyuki and Nejima were stunned and was not able to react immediately. Souichi shook his head and pull the two.

"Get your *sses going! We can't waste what Mr. Leo has given chance to us!" Souichi said and sprinted towards the regenerating tentacle.

The three sprinted and saw the tentacle is covered with its own tissues with an obvious blood and several pieces of meat are scattered on it. Souichi closed his eyes as he sprinted towards the hole, successfully passing the tentacle and rides the bus. The two barely passed by before the tentacle returned to its normal form. The three gets inside the bus and Kyosei immediately stepped on the accelerator when Souichi tapped his shoulders. He knew what happened. A life is gone.

The group is now faced with a loss of someone. A fatherly figure and one of the core teachers in their group. His act of Blaze of Glory ended up his own life but gives another chance to the others. The path of the human survival is now in the bleakside. What is left for the remaining survivors is to tread forward, leaving trails of blood...