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59 Struggles against the Dead

 Day 2: 8:00 A.M

Kirishima High School - Bus

Time before the Night Rage: 12 hours left


Kyosei bulldozed the cars that are blocking the roadway without problem as he stepped on the accelerator. Despite bulldozing the tiny cars, the bus didn't have a single dent and instead destroying all, cars or undead

The tires screech as the bus crashes the blockage used to separate the school ground and parking lot. The screeching sound causes the dead to be attracted to the bus.

"Figures!" Kyosei stepped on the accelerator causing the bus to move forward towards the undead.

"I will be having trouble on going low-key!" Kyosei muttered. His plan to acquire the bus is really high profile and will attract unwanted attentions instead.

Kyosei steered the bus hard and even though he is a beginner, it is not that surprising for Kyosei. He tapped his headphones to contact Nanami.

"Kyosei!" Nanami's voice is transmitted.

"Prepare everyone! I am going to arrive near the library soon!" Kyosei said.

"No! Kyosei! There is a creature wreaking havoc near the library! Do not engage it to battle!" Nanami roared in the speaker.

"Huh? What are you talking about? Anyways, I am almost there so prepare everyone! I'm Out!" Kyosei tapped the headphones without having Nanami say anything.

With the speed of the bus, reaching the vicinity of the Old Building quickly is not a problem at all. After his contact with Nanami, he can see on his vision the Old Building on the distance.


Day 2: 8:03 A.M

Kirishima High School - Bus: Old Building Vicinity

Time before the Night Rage: 11 hours and 57 minutes left


Kyosei finally know what Nanami is saying. Not too far from the Old Building, a sort of creature is slowly walking and attacks other undead in the vicinity. Not a single one is spared. Kyosei can see that this creature is much bigger than the Juggernaut that he faced last night.

The creature's face is not distinguishable due to its skin that looks like it has been burned. A few parts of its body is also composed of charred corpses as he can see different parts of the undead it consumed on its tentacle like arms. If Kyosei were to describe it, it is a very big failure as an undead and as a creature. It cannot be called as the undead as it no longer bear the same features of a human and it cannot be also called as a human as it is no longer holding its own consciousness. Moreover, if it is an undead, it is a cannibal one since it also consumes other undead for its own body. Kyosei also noticed that everytime it consumes an undead, it seems to grow bigger and bigger. As time passes by, it looks more like an Ouroboros which is one of the big enemies in the game "God Eater". It also have those rotten tentacles for some reason which makes Kyosei label this monster as a "Behemoth".

Kyosei steered clear on this new enemy since he know that he is no match to it if he fights against it. He almost died against a Juggernaut, what can he even do to beat this creature which is obviously a living tank. The bus moved away from the creature but the undead around that are following the bus are all following the bus which is hard to get rid off.

As Kyosei continue his evasion against the dead, Nanami once again reconnected to his headphones.

"Kyosei! Distract the creature while we prepare!" Nanami shouted.

"Who will protect everyone?" Kyosei asked.

"Leo and the others can fight for a while and will help out! They just needed enough time! I will establish contact to you if we need to board the bus!" Nanami said.

Kyosei gritted his teeth. This is obviously hard and really dangerous. If Kyosei just control his own body instead of a vehicle to dodge the enemy, it might be good but since it is the opposite to it and has low mastery on vehicles, Kyosei will be having a hard time.

The Behemoth slowly turned around like a moving tree towards the bus.

"Holy sh*t!" Kyosei cussed seeing it look towards the bus.

Kyosei stepped on the accelerator and steered away from the sight of the Behemoth. If a Juggernaut is a normal boss, then the behemoth is a raid boss. This creature is basically impossible to beat solo. He will die for sure if it is him against that monster. He is not some immortal and he has no superpowers to help him beat the enemy. But even the impossible task ahead them, Kyosei quite knew when to stop since this world is no longer going to be the same. For now, he just wanted to escape the school and let the others escape the danger as well.

The Behemoth slams its tentacles towards the bus. Kyosei steered the bus hard in the grassy field, barely escaping the tentacles. Kyosei broke a sweat after evading and stepped on the accelator, speeding through. He needs to be quick. The behemoth is no longer killable by normal means...


Day 2: 8:11 A.M

Kirishima High School - Underground Bunker

Time before the Night Rage: 11 hours and 49 minutes left


Since the plan of Leo coincides with Kyosei's arrival, Leo wanted to instead escort the others out the school. Carrying the gun in his arms, Leo is also holding a supply of clothes in a duffel bag with him. Miyuki, Souichi, and Nejima are both armed to fight head on against the dead.

"Faster! We can't keep on waiting here!" Leo shouted.

Yao Lei gave them a few supplies alongside with the gears and helmets with them since he have lots of collection in the storage room. And with that, they leave the underground bunker and take the tunnel out towards the library located in the Old Building since the elevator one is much more difficult to access. With the lead of Leo, Miyuki, Souichi, and Nejima, the others quickly made their way out using the dark tunnel.


Day 2: 8:13 A.M

Kirishima High School - Old Building: Library

Time before the Night Rage: 11 hours and 47 minutes left


The group moves in a quick pace. They can't keep on slowing down as Kyosei is already having a hard time against the creature and he still needs to fetch them. They thought that Kyosei would abandon them but instead, he remained and fight alongside with them.

But they were stopped as they saw a horde of undead wandering in the hallways towards the entrance of the Old Building.

"Holy sh*t! There's a lot of them!" Cindy exclaimed.

"Ready to fire!" Leo shouted and raised his gun up.

Miyuki, Souichi and Nejima also raise their guns. Leo and Yao Lei taught them how to handle the gun to avoid damage on recoil. Proper posture reduces the recoil and self inflicting injuries due to improper handling. And since they are willing to fight back, they learned quickly on the guns. Now, they will use the guns that Kyosei delivered to them. There are several rifles and SMG's alongside with a few grenades which is good. Leo squinted his eyes and as he properly sighted the enemy...



The crisp sound of bullets escaping the muzzle of the gun made lots of noise. Not only that, it also made a very strong impact, killing all the dead that got hit on the head by a bullet. Miyuki pulled out a grenade and bite the pin off before tossing it to the horde.

"Grenade! Take cover!"

Everyone retreated a few steps before a defeaning boom and an earth-shattering explosion occurred. The people who carried the guns keeps on firing while the others are still vigilant. In just a single day, everyone's mindset are no longer on normal ones but on adaptive side on how to cope up against the dead that will be part of their lives from now on.