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58 Bus of the Dead

 Day 2: 7:43 A.M

Kirishima High School - Parking Lot

Time before the Night Rage: 12 hours and 17 minutes left


This time around, Kyosei has no problem arriving the parking lot that is located while on the side of the new building. It is really spacious and really accessible. The parking lot is not that a problem as only the teachers with cars can have their cars parked there.

Looking at the cars, Kyosei tried peeking on the tinted glasses of the cars but nothing is gained as he can barely see. He can't even break the windows as it might allow the dead to call a hordes trapping him there. Kyosei gave up on his idea of breaking the windows and besides, his time is not that open for being sidetracked in his task.

Looking around, he only saw a few undead around the parking lot and he can't even see them as a threat at all. As Kyosei kills the undead, he look around more to see any problem. Kyosei has a bit of experience driving but a bus is just not on his repertoire to drive. But since he can drive a car, he will manage.

Kyosei opened the bus door and enters inside, raising his cleaver, ready to strike whatever danger tried to attack him. Luckily, nothing attacks him and Kyosei double-checked it and confirms that no danger is lurking inside. He quickly checked everything in the panel to see if the breaks and gas are working. He is quite familiar on this since he needed to sabotage a car and he needed to learn the basics. Seeing everything is alright and no more problems, Kyosei put the key inside the keyhole. He is quite sure that the bus is always full tank since it is rarely used and also to avoid going to gasoline stations whenever it is used so before it will be parked, it needs to be full tanked.

Kyosei turned the key to ignition and crank it up. Its a bit different from the normal car but he will manage. Kyosei stepped on the gas, and maneuvered the bus out of the parking lot.


Day 2: 7:50 A.M

Kirishima High School - Underground bunker

Time before the Night Rage: 12 hours and 10 minutes left


"Kyosei managed to acquire the bus!" Nanami reported.

The group gathered around to look at Kyosei's actions.

"Hmm, I didn't expect that Kyosei knows how to operate a bus. Buses are quite different than cars!" Sena exclaimed.

This time around, Leo and the volunteers returned carrying different weapons and they are fully armored with bulletproof vests.

"Wow, are you all going to war?" Okabe grinned seeing them on get up.

"Well, the apocalypse is already a war so we need to prepare to a battle!" Nejima proudly puffed up his chest.

Souichi smacked him on the head.

"...Idiot. Be serious, our survival is at stake. Its not a joking matter," Souichi said in a serious face.

Nanami approached Souichi.

"Brother, are you really serious about this?" Nanami asked.

"We can't let Kyosei do this for our sake. He is out there on the danger while we are just waiting here for good news. Its like we are leeching his good fortune. We also need to work and since this world is needed to be on survival mode now, we also needed to adapt," Souichi explained as he cocks the shotgun on his hands in which Kyosei delivered to them.

Miyuki stayed silent but in her face, she is resolute on her decision and it will be hard for anyone to change her mind. Leo is also silent but he is calm. He has the aura of a seasoned army man while holding the Bushmaster Rifle on his hands.

Nanami sighed and she looks back on the surveillance camera. She monitored the creature doing some peculiar behavior.

"Huh?" Nanami was bewildered and focused her attention to it. Even the others noticed it and also paid attention to the said creature.

The collosal creature punches on the horde of the undead and for some reason, the undead around seems to disappear like something destroyed it completely.

"Did it just devoured the others!?" Chie exclaimed.

The others break into sweat. This enemy really is quite formidable! Furthermore, they saw it increase its size. It is now towering and it is much taller than a girrafe now. Moreover, it has massive body that the Juggernaut will not even compare to it. However, it is slow in movement so its move sets on chasing Kyosei's tracks is too low.

"Can we really kill that?" Nejima trembled.

"I don't know, according to Kyosei, even he had a hard time beating up the Juggernaut right? What is more, he is soon going to face against that monster!" Cindy said as she looked at the horrifying monster.

"My goodness, it is growing again!" Nanami exclaimed.

The others quickly turned around and looked at the screen. This time, the "devour" process is quite clear and it much more like the creature just absorbed the other undead to its body.

"We are royally screwed," Souichi said, knowing the power of the new adversary.

"This might be a boss..." Nejima muttered.

And the living room fell silent...


Hey guys! Long time no update right? Its due to my internet connection here at home, sorry about that. Anyway, who wants to see Akari Ichinose? The female alternate protagonist of my story. Anyways, I am planning to publish her story as "Outbreak Chronicles: Dead Pandemic Blood Red" which has the same storyline but a few different factors and outcomes than Kyosei's story! I dunno if anyone is interested, anyone? If you all want to read her story, just comment! Who knows, maybe a crossover between them will occur?