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57 If Escaping the Dead is Impossible

 Day 2: 7:34 A.M

Kirishima High School - Old Building Library

Time before the Night Rage: 12 hours and 26 minutes left


Kyosei and the twins arrived on the library. He needs to send them to the underground bunker to avoid complications in the plan. The arrival to the library is much smoother than when they arrived at night, maybe due to the slow undead. Kyosei has no need to even use the SMG to kill the dead and just use either his brass knuckles or the cleaver.

Kyosei pulls out the same book he used to open the secret tunnel.

And as usual, the tunnel opened and reveal itself.

"Follow this tunnel and you will see everyone underground. Don't worry, you can take your breakfast there. We have food prepared in there," Kyosei explained.

The twins thanked Kyosei and go to the tunnel immediately. They knew that if they keep on hanging around Kyosei, they might hinder him instead of helping. Also, they don't want to risk their lives on the dangerous mission of Kyosei. Kyosei is a daredevil so they have no right to judge him.

As the door to the tunnel is closed and returned to normal, Kyosei returned to his original objective. He can't risk another precious time as morning is quite fast and he might just realize that he is in another perilous battle against the dead that are under the effects of Night Rage. Kyosei hastened his movements towards the Parking Lot where the bus is parked.


Day 2: 7:36 A.M

Kirishima High School - Underground Bunker

Time before the Night Rage: 12 hours and 24 minutes left


The twins safely arrived the underground bunker but all they saw are the fellow survivors who wear heavy expressions on their faces.

"What is going on?" Ren was confused.

Nanami noticed them and approaches them.

"...Sorry about that, something happened. I suppose you two should also see this," Nanami said with a frown on her face.

The twins are almost acquainted with most of the people inside except the presidential children and Yao Lei. They quickly followed Nanami to the living room. The two are curiously looking around them as they never expected an underground bunker can also look like a normal house.

When they arrive on the living room, they saw the projector that is connected to project what the laptop is showing in the screen. As they look at the screen, they saw the creature that made their jaws drop.

"What is that?" Rin was shaking. She only saw this kind of creatures on novels and fantasy movies.

"We thought that only during the Night Rage those freaks appear but this is now making us confuse," Nanami said as she zoom the video with the horrifying creature in it.

"Hey! Kyosei is still out there!" Ren suddenly remembered.

"That is what we feared. Kyosei is still not that strong and he is still injured after a fight against a freak. We want to tell him on this but we don't want Kyosei to panic," Nanami said.

"I will go and rescue him," A voice said behind them.

The three discussing how to say it to Kyosei were startled, even the others are also startled.

"Leo-sensei?!" Nanami is alarmed.

"Sir! Your wounds are not yet healed! You can't move around as you, please!" Chie shouted as she protested on Leo's suggestion.

"I need to. I treat Kyosei as my own son and I can't let him carry the burden of protecting us by himself. This is a duty as an adult who cares on his own son," Leo said.

The others immediately understood. After Kyosei's parents died in a car crash, Leo is the one who is taking care of Kyosei though Kyosei always decline. Kyosei might have looked at Leo as a fatherly figure and a respectable adult.

Miyuki clenched her fists.

"I will also go! At least I can help Kyosei on this!" Miyuki said.

"Not you too, Miyuki! Its too dangerous!" Sena groaned.

Then, another one steps up too, well they are two.

"I will also go!" Souichi moved forward.

"Count me in also!" Nejima also stepped forward.

"Brother!? Nejima!? What are you both doing!?" Nanami was startled by their decisions.

"Now, now, its alright. Don't worry about them too much. They already made their own decisions and we can't stop them from doing so," Yao Lei approached them.

"Dean Yao," Leo smiled.

"Teacher Mako, I know you are injured but you are known in the military so I have no doubt on your abilities. I just wanted to say that you need to protect the children whatever it takes," Yao Lei said as he tapped on Leo's shoulders.

Leo nodded. He already steeled his courage enough on this.

"Wait, before you go, you need to be armed, what will you do if you encounter the undead that everyone is afraid on facing? Your heroic rescue will end up as a failure instead, come with me whoever wanted to go with Leo," Yao Lei said as he go somewhere.

Leo, Miyuki, Souichi and Nejima followed him until they reach a dead end. Yao Lei lightly pushed the wall and it was revealed to be a secret room.

"Wow! Another Secret Room?" Nejima was amazed.

"Come inside, but remember to choose only one here as I also need them too," Yao Lei said.

All of them nodded and as they get inside the room...


Day 2: 7:36 A.M

Kirishima High School - Track Field

Time before the Night Rage: 12 hours and 24 minutes left


At the same time, Kyosei is walking in the track field. Kyosei is only carrying the SMG with him. He is not carrying the guns since he also delivered the guns alongside with Rin and Ren. He is not in danger at all as he can just kill them with ease. But for some reason, Kyosei felt a small chill on his skin as the wind blows. The rotten stench of the dead is also wafting in the air which makes anyone to smell it feel a bit morbid.

"Its only the second day but the rotten smell of the dead is so awful already," Kyosei spits out the stick of the lolipop he has been eating.

Just as Kyosei was about to eat another lolipop, Kyosei smells the burnt smell alongside the rotten smell. Kyosei was startled as he is already from the gymnasium but why does the stench and burnt smell is working all the way towards him? Kyosei has no answer since the 'answer' is currently looking for Kyosei's whereabouts...