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56 Key of the Dead

 Day 2: 7:29 A.M

Kirishima High School - Faculty Room

Time Before the Night Rage: 12 hours and 31 minutes left


Kyosei and the twins took a bit more time reaching the faculty. The hallways are full of undead and it is quite hard for them to maneuver the hallways without being noticed so Kyosei did a lot of work, disposing the enemies again and again without being noticed. Kyosei didn't mind doing this but for some reason, he grew tired doing it repeatedly. If he is in the game right now, he might have received the achievement of Melon Breaker as he was destroying heads of the dead like he was smashing melons with a stick. If he work like this, he would leave the two in a safe place where they can defend and they won't be in disadvantage as he will work on destroying the dead in the hallway.

Right now, they are in the faculty room. A few body parts from some teachers are scattered in the ground. Kyosei saw a hand with a wedding ring with a small diamond on it. He remembered this ring belonged to Mrs. Morita, a history teacher. This woman is married to wealthy businessman and it was once a gossip that her wedding ring is made from 24 carats of gold with a diamond as its precious stone.

Kyosei pulls off the ring from the lifeless hand just like how he did on the ring he got before he was about to get to Kirishima High School. Apparently, they have same pattern. Kyosei didn't care whose item it is in the past as he is now its owner. Of course, he has no practical use on it but he knew that money will no longer be precious in the apocalypse and resources are more necessary. Moreover, this kind of things are more likely to become similar to currency soon. Kyosei decided to put it inside his pocket and continued his search. The twins also helped and cleared the stacks of papers that are scattered about on the floor and desks of the teachers.

"It seems that the chaos cause by the infected originated here," Ren said as she examined the few blood droplets in the floor.

The faculty is situated near the main entrance of the building for accessible convenience to monitor students that goes on cutting classes. However, this arrangement didn't work on Kyosei as he can go on stealth mode to sneak out and he can go away from school.

There are several documents and some belongings that are scattered on the floor and on the table. There are some smartphones and a few laptops. Some are broken as if somebody stomped on it and some seems to have fallen to the ground causing it to break.

Kyosei grabbed a few documents and saw that most of them are reports on students and some are their lesson plans. The stacks of papers are very messy and causes more trouble for the three to look a for the key.

If students have lockers, the teachers also have one and special quarters for teachers to relax and sleep if they have no class to attend to. Kyosei opened the lockers for the key but instead found a few amount of canned food, cup noodles and bread are stuffed in the lockers. Perhaps they are used by teachers who are too busy to cook on their own and decided to eat something instant.

Kyosei gathered all of them in a bag and collected them. Rin and Ren are still looking for a good item and also the key but they have no luck at all.

"There are no signs of the key here," Kyosei said as he scratch his head.

"Yeah, the key holding the keys are no longer found," Rin said in a disappointed tone.

"So are we going to look for a good way to make the bus drive?" Kyosei asked.

"It is quite possible to make it run without the key but for some reason it will be much difficult instead to maintain the bus longer." Ren said.

"I see, so we need to find the one who holds the key here at school," Kyosei muttered.

"Yeah, but there are many infected here and it will be more likely that we won't find the right undead that holds the key," Ren contemplated.

Kyosei is not giving up. He then noticed a few drawers near the lockers and there is a drawer with a sign of "Spare keys" on it. He didn't notice it at first since he is focused on the lockers and the twins are looking in the desks of the teachers.

"I see something," Kyosei pointed the drawer and immediately started his search.

The drawer is locked but for Kyosei who is an expert on picking locks, this lock is just a breeze that he didn't get any difficulty opening the drawer. As he open the drawer, different keys are revealed before his eyes. The keys are also labeled for the reason that they are spare keys. Once the real key is gone, the spare key will be the one to replace the original. Kyosei did not need to search for very long. In just a few searching through various keys, he found the spare key for the school bus.

The school bus is big since it is a bus. This school bus are not those school buses that are colored yellow and black stripes. Its just a bit peculiar since the bus is much bigger than normal school buses, you can say it is a transport bus instead. It is colored black in the bottom and white in the upper part. This bus is only used during field trips and other activities that needed to go to other places far from Osaka. Kyosei saw this bus once but he has not yet ridden this bus since he never participated in any field trips and recreational events as he just label it as bothersome and annoying.

Kyosei pick up the spare key of the bus and shows it to Rin and Ren.

"Found it," Kyosei waved.

"Let's go! I heard a few growls coming from outside. We can't stay here any longer," Rin said.

Kyosei pulled up the SMG and reloaded it. He is not stingy in bullets since the SMG has a few boxes of ammunitions.

"Okay, Rin, Open the door slowly on the side. Do not directly open it as it may reveal an undead. Go!" Kyosei ordered Rin.

Ren is currently holding the bag that is loaded with a few items and food that is looted and only Rin is not carrying anything. Rin did not mind and nodded. They need to help Kyosei if they want to live.

Rin slowly opened the door and as expected, an undead is already in the door. Rin quickly back off and Kyosei aimed and opened fire.


The sound of the SMG as the bullets fly. The bodies of the undead that tried to attack died and got destroyed like it is minced to pieces. Kyosei marveled by the power of the guns. He nodded as he is thinking on how to earn a few more guns. Guns are the most useful things in an apocalypse and Kyosei agreed on it. However, Kyosei is more on melee rather than guns but there is no harm on using one.

Seeing that the dead that are blocking their progress are smashed to pieces, Kyosei moves out.

"We can't stay here. Let's go to the parking lot!"

The twins nodded. They have no idea how many undead are blocking their progress to go out the school...


Day 2: 7:30 A.M

Kirishima High School - Underground Bunker

Time before the Night Rage: 12 hours and 30 minutes left


Nanami is monitoring every movement of Kyosei and the dead as usual. As she sips on her coffee, she suddenly spits out the coffee in her mouth as she saw a creature in the school.

"Everyone..." Nanami looks at the creature on the screen in horror.

The others immediately arrived and as they looked at the horrified expression of Nanami, they also looked at the screen and just like Nanami, they are stunned. This creature basically is much more horrifying than the Juggernaut...