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55 Twins of the Dead

 Day 2: 7:15 A.M

Kirishima High School - East Wing: 2nd Floor, Male Comfort Room

Time before the Night Rage: 12 hours and 45 minutes left


Rin and Ren are trying to hold off the door. The dead are trying to eat them. That night, they are staying inside the janitor room and when they find it is morning, they wanted to find a way to reach the cafeteria and scavenge for food. But who would have thought that the dead are all occupying the hallways.

"Sister! I don't want to die!" Rin said as she is shivering while pushing the door with all her strength.

"Me either! We can't die here! I still wanted to see our parents!" Ren also pushed the door.

Despite that, the dead are almost on going to burst inside the door. Rin and Ren are both crying and as they are about to give up, they heard a few popping sounds and a strong sound of gunfire.

"What was that?!" Ren was startled.

They discovered that the door pressure is getting lighter and lighter every second that pass by. Soon, the pressure is no longer present in the door and they are free to take their hands from the door. They sighed in relief. The sound of some gunfire still continues on and did not stop for a while. Soon, the gunfire that are ringing for a while stopped.

Rin is still shivering but Ren is brave enough to peek outside. What she saw is stomach churning scene. Bodies and guts are scattered in the hallway. Blood is spilled in the floor.

"What... happened?" Ren was speechless.

Rin also peek outside and saw the exact scene the Ren saw. This made Rin puke and vomit in the toilet bowl. Ren still observed outside and saw a youth carrying a heavy duffel bag and is armed. He was holding an SMG and the muzzle is still smoking. She then find the boy quite familiar. Nobody in the school wear a peculiar headphones and a bonnet at the same time.


The stern look of Kyosei is still plastered in his face. As he saw Ren, he lowers his gun. He can differentiate between Rin and Ren. Ren has a bit of wavy orange hair with a ribbon clip on her hair and has a green eyes while Rin has a straight hair and has no ribbon clip in her hair, also she has brown eyes.

"Are you two bitten?" Kyosei asked as he checked them if they have wounds.

"No wounds so far," Ren answered.

Rin look at Kyosei as she wiped off the vomit in her mouth using a towel. She looks tired.

"I never expected that you two survived the Night Rage without hassle," Kyosei said.

"Night Rage?" The twins are puzzled.

"The phenomenon where the dead are changing behaviors from slow witted creatures into savage, feral creatures at night. Don't tell me you have not experienced it?" Kyosei asked.

"Last night, we are just sleeping in he janitor's room and nothing happened the entire night," Rin answered.

"What is happening? Can you explain it to me?" Ren chimed in.

"I will explain in the way. The dead might Ber attracted to the sounds of the gun earlier, we can't stay here further," Kyosei said.

The two nodded. Kyosei told the two girls about his task to fetch a vehicle and find its key. He also explained the outbreak with information he knew so far. Rin and Ren understood and they were shocked when Kyosei told them that Kyoto has fallen. Their parents are living in Kyoto and if the news told them that the City of Kyoto is destroyed, their parents might be also dead.

Kyosei advised them to not jump into assumptions yet as they have not yet seen the survivors of Kyoto which might still be alive in the city. Rin and Ren calmed down after that and followed Kyosei down to 1st floor where the faculty is located.

"Earlier, we heard that someone is planning to use the school bus at school and they are about to fetch the keys.I don't know if it was taken," Ren said to Kyosei..

Kyosei pondered what to do. If what Ren said is true, then the key is no longer present in the faculty room and they need to search the dead that might be carrying the key needed for the vehicle.