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54 The Crowd of the Dead

 Day 2: 6:49 A.M

Kirishima High School - Clocktower Secret Room

Time before the Night Rage: 13 hours and 11 minutes left


Kyosei was almost shaken. He now know why the safe is more bigger than the other safes, its because it is housing high caliber firearms.

"How did these weapons get here?!" Kyosei never expected this.

The weapons are mostly SMG, Assault Rifles and also shotguns. There is also a crossbow and compound bow available. Moreover, there are a few smoke grenade and actual grenades in the shelf which makes Kyosei feel good. Kyosei has no idea what weapons are these and he only knew that those guns are high calibre weapons. Quickly, Kyosei grab another duffel bag that is lying around the floor. He stuffed all of the gun and ammunition. Kyosei was amazed and at the same time, confused. Just how the hell did the guns reach the school grounds without being caught by the authorities. He might be afraid at first but now, this will be really beneficial.

He checked all of the guns and find it good and functional. Kyosei felt slow but Kyosei did not mind. The SMG he found has a strap that can be used to shoulder the gun with him. Kyosei is a bit knowledgeable how to use it since he have seen it many times in games and he have tried an airsoft gun similar to the SMG he is holding. The gun is not that different in reality so he didn't find any difficulty. He also checked if it is jammed and reloaded the gun to full mag. After making sure of it, he wear the gun and carry the duffel bag of guns. Its time to dance..


Day 2: 6:55 A.M

Kirishima High School - East Wing: 4th Floor Hallway

Time before the Night Rage: 13 hours and 5 minutes left


The hallway is not that crowded and only a few undead are walking. It is quite clear that the hallway will never be the same as the body parts and blood are littered on the floor. Any sane person will puke on looking this scene but Kyosei is not so he might be considered insane.

Kyosei proceed like usual and if the dead tries to attack him, he will just swing the cleaver and striking its head fast. As expected, the undead are quite slow compared to the Night Rage. In just a few swings and dodging, he is not having trouble and made his way towards the stairs. In just a night, the undead that are crowding the stairs are no longer occupying the stairs, making it easier to leave the 4th Floor.


Day 2: 7:00 A.M

Kirishima High School - East Wing - 3rd Floor Hallway

Time before the Night Rage: 13 hours left


Similar to the 4th floor, the 3rd Floor is not that dangerous either. He flicks his cleaver just like the usual to get rid of the blood that is smearing the chipped blade of the cleaver. Its too sticky as the time goes by and Kyosei has a habit of flicking the blood off from it. With a few attacks and punches, Kyosei cleared the way without breaking a sweat. But then, he stopped. A crowd of undead are blocking his way towards the 2nd floor as they are occupied near the stairs.

"Tch, and I thought that I will have an easy way arriving the parking lot. I didn't expect a horde here," Kyosei mumbled.

Kyosei raised his SMG. Its time to dance for a blood fest. Turning the safety lever off and cranking it up, Kyosei raised its muzzle and when the dead noticed him, Kyosei pulled the trigger, and the blood rained down along with the brain matter. The crisp sound of the gun is like a music to Kyosei's ears despite the music that rings on his headphones.

In just few moments, the dead are occupying the stairs are gone. Only a few dead bodies, so mutilated that you can't recognize anyone anymore. The blood splattered on the floor and walls are also accompanied with brain matter and flesh. Kyosei needs to walk slowly by stepping the dead bodies in the stairs to avoid slipping down. Kyosei also reloaded the SMG for another gunfight. He knows that this is not the end of battle yet. Before he can arrive on the 2nd Floor, Nanami's voice resounded on his headphones.

"Kyosei! I spotted two survivors! Its the twin sisters!" Nanami said.

Kyosei remembered the twin sisters. They are Ren and Rin Teshino and they are also Kyosei's former 'friends' he cut ties with. They are good individuals and are also intellectual. He didn't expect that they are still alive.

"What is the situation?" Kyosei asked.

"The twin sisters are holed up inside the Male Comfort Room and are trying to hold off the undead that are crowded in the 2nd Floor Hallway. There is a little more time before they will be breached," Nanami reported.

Kyosei quickly understood why a horde is in the stairs. The Twin Sisters are their target.

"Understood, I will do what I can," Kyosei said and hastily rushed on. The dead bodies makes the stairs hard to scale so it takes two minutes to reach the 2nd floor.


Day 2: 7:13 A.M

Kirishima High School - East Wing: 2nd floor Hallway

Time before the Night Rage: 12 hours and 47 minutes left


Kyosei hold his SMG high. The undead are all crowding to reach the Comfort Room. He can't count how many are there but he is quite sure that all of the undead there are former students of Kirishima High School. He is tired of surprise attacks against mindless creatures so Kyosei decided to taunt them.

"Hey, mindless sh*ts! Why are you chasing the twins? Come over here! I am tasty!" Kyosei said as he still ready his SMG on them.

His taunt is quite effective as the dead turn their attention to Kyosei. Soon as they turned around, Kyosei pulled the trigger and the recoil is quite strong. When the bullets run dry, Kyosei will reload once again and repeat. Shoot, Reload, Repeat. Just like that. And since the dead are attracted to sounds, Kyosei managed to now their numbers slowly and the bodies are slowly getting many and many until Kyosei finished all of the dead left to crowd the comfort room.