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53 The Deadly Morning

 Day 2: 6:00 A.M

Kirishima High School

Night Rage officially ended


The clock strikes to six in the morning and the bell in the clocktower rang throughout the school. The undead's pupils which are having some root like appearance slowly turned into white. And due to this, the dead's speed suddenly decrease drastically. They suddenly turned into walking dead and no longer shows a hostile expression. They returned to their initial state where they don't run anymore and only walk. However, their amount is still too many which still poses danger to anyone.

As observed in the surveillance camera, they no longer pose much threat to Kyosei.

"The dead are back to normal!" Everyone was enthralled. Knowing their nature is a big change. They can now slowly cope up with the demand due to this drastic change.

Seeing this, Kyosei prepared his gear. It will be hard soon so preparations are now on. Going to the tunnel, Yao Lei allowed him to use the elevator to return to the surface. He knows how to drive a car and so this is the best setup. A task in hand is here and he Kyosei can't afford to fail it.

As he was about to ride the elevator, everyone send him off and everyone looks so optimistic. As usual, Kyosei rebuked their expectations.

"Don't expect anything. I have no high chance to succeed," Kyosei said as he look at them with a cold face.

Everyone is speechless. But then, they recovered on his expression. It might be weird if he smiled at them instead.


Day 2: 6:05 A.M

Kirishima High School - Secret Elevator

Time remaining before Night Rage: 13 hours and 55 minutes left


The elevator is not that rickety anymore but it still produces sound. Kyosei pulls out his cleaver and prepared his brass knuckles. According to Souichi who led the others towards the elevator during their separation in the clocktower, the dead are chasing them so if he is going to use the elevator, he needs to be vigilant as the dead might be cramped up in the main entrance above.

And as he arrived, it was already expected the crumpled undead outside, wandering. Kyosei has only one percent chance on escaping alive in that crowd. Luckily, the elevator has an emergency hatch used for escaping the elevator in case of trouble. He uses it and he found out that he can access the vent which is enough to squeeze in by a person. This is a hatch designed by Yao Lei to prepare escaping in case that it is needed and it really is needed. The vent will end up near the hidden room in the clocktower and it is really hard to get by. Since the clocktower is already wrecked by the Juggernaut and the dead is almost impossible to arrive there, Kyosei decided to use the vent.

The vent is a bit tight but enough for a person to crawl in. The air is dusty and Kyosei has to put on his handkerchief as an alternative mask. He started crawling the narrow vent. Its really hard but somehow, Kyosei didn't mind. This crawl will be hard and long but Kyosei can persevere.

After a few minutes of crawling and crawling, Kyosei arrived in the tunnel exit vent. Kyosei look at the vent to look for danger and seeing that there are no danger, Kyosei nodded and kick the grater covering the vent and jump down.


Day 2: 6:25 A.M

Kirishima High School - Clocktower Secret Room

Time before the Night Rage: 13 hours and 35 minutes left


Kyosei look around the once a good room, is now wrecked and destroyed to pieces. After the rampage of the Juggernaut, the room is no longer the same. The items are scattered in the ground, the bed is wrecked, the shelves are in pieces and rubble are scattered in the floor. Moreover, the huge hole that the Juggernaut made yesterday is still present. Kyosei also noticed the dead bodies of the others. Apparently, the lackeys he tied up are all dried up and looks like they didn't suffer at all. They are smashed and even though they are smashed, they didn't have any signs of blood being spilled in the ground. The mosquitoes are really bloodthirsty.

After checking any goodies to find, he stumbled on the safe in the wall. He didn't notice it since it was. hidden in the back of the shelf and since the shelf that used to cover it is now broken to pieces, it was now revealed. What surprised him is that, the shelf is not yet open and it looks like it contained something valuable.

The safe is locked with turnable digit lock which produces a sound of clicking once you get the right number. Kyosei is familiar with this type of lock and he decided to open this. Its possible he will get something interesting. He leaned on the safe and hold the turnable digit lock to properly hear the click. He didn't rush and in a few minutes of trying to listen, he finally find the combination which is 0-8-2-0-0-0. As the safe clicked open, a box of ammunition for the SMG appeared. Kyosei was stunned. An SMG ammunition? What is this doing here in school? Kyosei opened the safe and saw a few variety of weapons, more precisely, high calibered guns...


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